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Sunday, August 31, 2008

pity party

been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to title this blog entry. no ideas. not much to blog about, really. Yogi was home today, that was nice. i washed my truck, weeded the garden, cleaned the deck... nothing special...then my parents surprised us with a brand new gas grill! they bought it for their lakehouse in July, decided it was too big and gave it to us today. ours was old, small and not the safest thing in the world, i guess my father was losing sleep over that. the one they brought is big and really nice. we are having a little Welcome Home get together for doug and his friend Ben(he will be home from basic training on friday night)so the grill will be so awesome to have. Mom is feeling alot better and they had wanted to come over and see the kids for a while, kendyl is so close to my Mom. dad doesnt come over often, so we had a good time, they stayed for like an hour, i was surprised. mom tires easily. we cooked on the grill while they were here. talk about over eager. mom says my kids swear too much. gee, theres a news flash@@
i miss kristin now! shes so busy at school, being a residents assistant and all. she called today and emails alot. shes happy. she said all the freshmen on her floor seem like good kids-shes not so sure about the upper classmen though. turns we over paid for her tuition, so UNH just mailed us 550.00$. that'll pay for her books-yippee!
jackson, overall, had a very, VERY good month. i am waiting for the fall. maybe things will stay good? he seems happy and comfy in his own skin lately. hhmm. he likes his new(male) teacher so far too.
yogi was laid off while i was away. foreman dont usually get laid off, he was real surprised, we think its only for a week, his boss is sure of it, just not enough work for him, but ya ever know how long it may really be. like things werent bad enough for us, financially. HO HUM! it cant get much worse, we are in serious danger of foreclosure as it is. we just keep on keepin' on. he will roof houses full time instead of part time and do some work on a friends kitchen(it burned down)while hes waiting to go back. itll be ok, it always is.

the baby completely destroyed my printer while i was gone. so now i have no camera, no printer. waahhh!
boy, this turned into a freaking pity party!-sorry!
oh-i lost about 8 lbs this month. time to break out that thong bakini, girls! baaaaaaaaaaaaaa! it would look like dental floss.
ok, yogi needs the computer. MEN!
wish i had some pics to share. POUT.


Brenda said...

I'm going to pretend you didn't say any of the bad stuff and say I'm glad Jackson is doing well and CONGRATS on the weight loss. 8 lb is hard work!

Erin said...

YAY on the 8lbs!
WOOT on the GRILL!
I lost 3 lbs in 5 days because I had quit soda... then I went to the store for some for a BBQ and we have so much food and soda im going to blow up again.. cant win!