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Monday, June 30, 2008


they are having a blast. 2 peas in a pod, these two. kendyl is the first person i have ever seen him show genuine, true love to, and it was so wonderful to see. from the day she was born, it showed. she was so innocent and non threatening, he just instantly fell in love with her. he's really getting attached to shawn now, too. so we have hope for the future. anyway, ken is so happy that brubby doesn't have to go to school anymore!from july 8th to aug. 7th he has summer school(if you can even call it that, more like a 2 hour tutoring session, 3 days a week-budget cuts LOL) but atleast that's not all day. with the bus rides he'll be gone about 3 hours a day. kendyl will continue to go to school all summer, 9-1, tue & th. i hate to have her lose her spot. they are running around pretending to be super heroes, and jack is wearing one of those winter hat face masks. shawn is terrified! now he's singing a nursery rhyme.
nursery rhymes by jackson:
humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a big fall
all the kings and all the horses could not put him back together
so they dumped the dead humpty dumpty into the groundand that was it.
pretty basic huh? LOL

i just caught jackson eating chicken that's been sitting on the counter all night. UGH. will it ever sink in? oh, well...better than ABD gum(already been driven over)
"it tastes the same, mom!" he said, with an eye roll my way.
off to register my truck on the last legal day. the line aughtta be fun huh? my license expired too LOL. i need a babysitter for all this standing in line stuff!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


my neighbor, the father of jacksons friend(an only child), who is buddy buddy with jackson in a way that makes me uncomfortable(NOTHING CREEPY, JUST... ANNOYING) decided it would be ok for him to hand jackson $25 the other night. 5$ for every 'A' on his report card. first of all, talk to ME first! secondly, the only 'A' he earned was in gym class, so... joke's on you, sucker!!!! this is the 2nd time we have had issues with neighbors parenting jackson or getting too (what they think is)close to him. the other neighbors moved to Florida in September(BYE!!). now we are being forced into having confrontations with this family. i DESPISE confrontation. i'm a pansy. a ninnie. a doormat of sorts. you know those people who will take a sample on a toothpick from a foreigner at the food court, and then eat at their restaurant just so she won't hurt the sample giver's feelings? THATS ME. anyway, back to my story. these people know alot of jackson's story, although not all of it. It's becoming a complete repeat of the prior family. the stuff they say just makes me nuts.
" i don't get it, he's such a gentleman at OUR house!"
" we'll take him any time, he is so polite, kind, good etc. etc..."
" maybe he just needs more attention." (yah, ok, guess i never thought of that @@)
" maybe you're just too strict" ( "let him be a kid!") yah, i'm such a hardass. i guess i should just let him raise himself . that rap music will save him.
"he'll grow out of it."
what kind of idiot thinks it's ok to hand some neighbor kid 25$ for GRADES? without asking the parents? i mean, is my son gonna come home with a tattoo?????? a piercing? a mowhawk? an arranged marriage? a cult membership?
i wish people would stop trying to save him. leave us alone! these people know NOTHING.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

picture people and skunks

our dog was sprayed by a skunk a few days ago. that has been FUN(except not really!) the whole place smells like a sewer and the dog is grouchy about the whole embarrassment thing. hey, dont play with skunks, ya dummy! the mobile groomer(since hes so special ed. he cant go to a groomer) is coming on monday afternoon. he will love that!(he hee)

i took the youngest 2 to Picture People yesterday. on a "stress" scale from 1-10 it was a 10, but on a "success" scale it was a good 8, so i'll take that. shawn was awful lol and very vocal and MOBILE, but we got through it. kendyl didnt get scared and cry! YAY! she got 4 great shots, even though she was quite lazy and didnt want to take out any props or change the backrounds or anything like you see in the advertising.(to be honest, she STUNK). i mean, these were shawnys 1 year pictures! kristin went with me to help and jumped in for a few sister shots with kendyl. then i spent a whopping $62 and got outta there as fast as i could! i could have spent a FORTUNE, they were BEAUTIFUL. they wore the outfits they wore to Ribfest( a few posts down) if ya want to see what they wore. yogi wants me to go back and order more wallets. he LOVED them all. sucker! i wish i could figure out how to post a few of my favorite shots here. (figured it out! thanks julie!)

anyway, not much to write about, except a weird behavioral thing with jackson thismorning, but i need to think all that through before i post. i need to go over it all. im a goober like that. yogi is roofing all day, but will be home tomorrow. i am so glad!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

ninnies, ninnies, ninnies!!!!

ok,'s my dilemma. i am ready, i think, to wean my 11 month old son. yes, i am nursing an adopted baby, but that's another whole post altogether. (it's not as difficult as it sounds). the dilemma? Shawn Alan is about as ready to wean as a 6 week old orangutan. He thinks ninnies should be an hourly event.
hungry? ninnies.
boo boo? ninnies will fix that!
frightened by an airplane flying overhead? ninnies will make you brave.
bored? ninnies to the rescue!
teething? ninnies is a SERIOUS pain blocker!
overtired? ninnies. great pick-me-up. your second wind is just a boobie away!
thirsty? ninnies will wet that whistle!
sad? embarassed? anxious? lonely? ninnies will wash away the angst.
sick? ninnies is a cure for all that ails you.
get the picture? he's a mamary junky. hes jonesin' for the juice. he's strung out on ninnies. he's just gotta have it! what is a poor mommy to do?
he smacks his lips and raises my size 18 shirt in public! do you have any idea what lies beneath a size 18 shirt, bloggers????? WELL, IT AINT PRETTY! he wakes up at all hours of the night for a fix. i haven't slept through the night in 11 mos. and 1 week. i am getting fatter and fatter and fatter, consuming the extra calories and not taking my favorite ephedra pills. it sure is hard to make time for work outs with a constant growth attached to your chest. i miss pineapple!(nursing moms can't have it) & pepperoni. i wanna be a mere 'C' cup again! i want "the girls" all to myself! but... i want him to have what he needs, especially the immunities, the nutrition, the high fat content(hes still underweight and is the size of your average 6-7 month old)... all that. i feel selfish, but i am ready to wean. i am fighting the urge to cut him off cold turkey, wrap him in duct tape and watch him suffer withdrawals. is there a patch for ninnie addiction? i have never weaned before, all my other kids dumped ME! (how RUDE!) so i feel like a first time mom again with all this new stuff.... the non sleeping and the hourly ninnie breaks. i guess i have no chance of going out and finding part time employment huh? can you just see the bosses face when i take hourly bathroom breaks? i really thought that once he was walking(which i knew he would do early, and did he ever!) he would self wean. nadda. nope. not happenin'. when he finally took his first bottle last month i thought he'd begin to wean. uh-uh. bottles are over rated, he says. so i've been scratched, bitten, beaten down, kept awake, made a fool of and un-dressed in public for a year now. was it worth it? of course! but im ready for it to end. i'm pulling out al the stops. and the duct tape.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

doug called!

hes having a BLAST. loves it! yay!

The Rockin' Rib Fest!

We got Outta the house today! we mowed the lawn, weed wacked, did laundry... then went to have some FUN at 5pm. for years we've wanted to go to this gig but never made the time. the weather was great, the kids were very well behaved, especially considering shawn hadnt slept the whole day(what else is new???) and Jackson found a friend from school and had a ball with him. there was so much for the kids to do, jumpy houses and slides, tons of games, crafts like sand art and spin was just awesome. we ran into old friends, current friends, yogi/ricky's brother and was like july 4th on steroids! i am so glad we went and sad that we've missed so many years of it(DUH!). i guess its a huge BEER thing too, but we dont drink anymore. we stayed until 10pm, shawn drifted off at about 920. i knew if i put him in the stroller he'd wake up screaming, so instead of carrying him the full 2 miles back to the truck, the 3 kids and i waited in line for the school bus to drive us to our truck, while daddy pushed the double stroller and all our stuff to meet us up there, since the stroller wouldnt fit on the bus. the line for the bus was full of loud, slurring, interesting(drunkards) people. we learned new, colorful words and kendyl learned how to belch the alphabet. good times! the baby woke up at that point. anyway, the bus finally came and kendyl was SO excited for her first ride on a Big School Bus. we sang the wheels on the bus song as we waited to take off and she just grinned the entire ride....and about halfway to our vehicle he stopped to let people off. as people were exiting the bus, the driver was chatting with folks. all of a sudden, familes in the back of the bus were screaming, "rollin'! rollin'! rollin'!" (in NH we do not pronounce R's of any kind)just then, we crashed into the bus behind us. um... duh? luckily i had a tight hold of shawn alan or he would have been on the floor. kendyl was scared but fine, jackson was hysterically laughing. nobody was hurt but there were some drunken, pititful screams ad threats to sue. at that point, the bus behind us radio'd to tell our driver he was a "tool" and that his bus was leaking and no longer running. needless to say, we stood up, i loudly exclaimed "i am SO blogging this!" (for some reason, the drunks thought that was hilarious!)and exited the bus at that time and walked and walked and walked..... i finally had to hand the baby to jackson and carry kendyl, who was barefooted and exhausted. jack did a great job of helping and i dont know what i would have done if i was alone with the babies! luckily, yogi was walking toward us after the first mile, he knew something must be up, and helped us the rest of the way. we arrived home at 11pm, the baby still woke up 3 times overnight and was up for the day at 6. please shoot me now! my fat body is SORE.
i wanna go back today! hoping to talk hubby into it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

progress updates

* garbage disposal? still busted. and what a pain in the butt it is to run this kitchen without it. Yogi is working on it right now and is on the phone with our plumber friend. I have hope.
* 2 more days of school. Jackson doesnt want to go on monday or tuesday. too bad.
* the trampoline the neighbors gave us has been huge hit. "spikito" bites are plentiful too! kendyl is having a ball!
* No call from doug yet. waaaa.
* I am now addicted to kathy griffin's reality show "my life on the D list."
* I am hoping to run over my neighbor's yappy dog when they let him out to piss on my lawn tonight. i will update you tomorrow LOL
* every night, jackson whines and moans because i do not let him stay up until 9pm. tonight i told him he could stay up. it is 7:39 right now and he is asleep next to me on the couch. nuff said.
* in our lame attempt to "go green" we have ceased our use of paper plates. so far, it's annoying. to me, "going green" is having a sick stomach or watching the celtics!
* Kendyl's new word is CRAP. yah. neat.
* according to my mother, my father is looking for a car for kristin. hes going to buy it for her, just because "she deserves it". VERY COOL! i havent told her yet.
* the garbage disposal is running! it doesnt sound too healthy, but its running!
* jackson is angry that we are sending him up to bed. so... its my fault hes asleep on the couch at 730? why is it my fault that hes tired? whatever!
* we are hoping to do something fun this weekend.
thats about it for now. i am so boring!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

IT'S WEIRD without dougalou!!!!!

ok, so like i knew id miss him a little but.......I MISS HIM ALOT!!!! and there's nobody here to take out the trash, mow the lawn and feed the dog LOLOLOL. no, i miss him. we are such buddies. i hope he can call us soon. Yogi is working late, the babies are in bed and the red sox are enjoying a night off, so for now, i am forced to watch Highschool Musical with jackson. he is next to me on the couch smashing a coconut with a hammar. 'typical'? um...... no. but ok with me :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days that just didn't meet my expectations. The day itself, the people involved, myself... none of it. I'm not sure if my expectations are necessarily all that high, but i often find myself questioning whether i set too high a standard for myself and the people in my life.

For firsts, Our 11 year old son who is affected by RAD frustrates me to the point of gauging out my own eyes with a spoon. I bite my lip so hard at times, that i feel like i may draw blood. I do my very best to raise him right and foster his self esteem, while, at the same time, trying to stay sane within my own mind. When i, on RARE occasion, vent my frustrations to friends and family, reactions are often peculiar, often infuriating, often perplexing. Going into detail would take me 3 pages, but my favorite reaction, often from a mother of ONE child, is this: "oh, it's the age, that's very TYPICAL BEHAVIOR of an 11 year old boy". really???? that's funny, because I've already raised 2 11 year old boys and neither of them acted in this TYPICAL manner. peeing in a bucket in a closet for 3 months is 'typical'? not speaking one word for 2 days is 'typical'? threatening to kill your mother on a daily basis is 'typical' 11 year old boy behavior? i beg to differ. long story short: i've decided to get some therapy for ME. MYSELF. nevermind him, I need someone to talk to. someone who won't shrug his behavior off as typical, normal, expected, won't judge my reactions to his behavior so much... and won't give me the "oh, that poor baby" speech. why doesn't anybody care about ME or how I feel??? When i am found dead in my bed, maybe someone will take me seriously. TOO BAD I'LL BE DEAD!5 years is too long to expect someone to live like this. too long to expect someone to pretend all is fine, all is well, life is great. i am DONE.
as far as the rest of my day not meeting my expectations, i will let the rest of the list go and move on. today is a new day. I am enjoying my Red Sox, my family, counting my blessings(and there are many).....i still LOVE and feel protective of this child, i just do not like him much at times. things have to improve, and soon. ali.... OUT

i love where i live

could NH be ANY more beautiful? no? didn't think so, just checking :)
I've never locked my car, I've never locked my house, I've never been afraid(or as my kids say "sketched out" LOL) & I've never, ever wanted to move. # 1 for safety this year(again), #2 for "best place to raise a family", as usual. Always in the top 2. TAX FREE. so, ya better start packing! get here quick! your life is calling!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And he's off........

Well, it's finally time for him to go. Doug Lyle is leaving tonight for basic training in the Army National Guard. He joined on his 17th Birthday in December, big rush I guess! He won't return until around August 25th. He says he will miss Kendyl and Dakota(his dog) the most. He's excited, but admits he is really nervous. We are so proud of him, he sure has matured alot in the last couple years. No more zipper head stuff lol. Until a few years ago he was a loner with attitude who flunked out of middle school, but now he is passing and he has a good sized circle of friends who act pretty human, most of the time. Can't ask for much more than that! And he's only totalled ONE car!!!! Anyway, he better not come home pregnant BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

HOO AH! GO DOUG! We sure will miss you!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Daddy At Our House

when i think about how "hands on" my husband is as a father, it blows my mind. i was raised in the 70's. Dads went to work. Moms raised the kids. That was that. my husband rocks kids to sleep, treats boo boos, pushes the stroller, attends school and sporting events, guides their futures... he even tag teams both babies in the bathtub at the same time, combs difficult hair and creates KILLER pony tails! All without complaint. He could be as free as a bird right now. Most guys are at 45, i think. after all, he only has ONE biological child, yet he has been a Daddy to MANY over the better part of 20 years, and will be a full time parent for atleast 20 more. How many guys want to do that? Marriage and family mean EVERYTHING to him. He amazes me with his mellow, kind nature and his positive outlook in the face of any challenge.... he never even breaks a sweat. He works 2 jobs, we suffer constant financial woes and we lack space & recources, yet he still never gives up, never complains... he leaves that to me! I get down, I get antsy, I feel trapped at times(especially in the winter)but not him. He keeps a postitive attitude when i feel like i cannot take another step. He always knows what to say to put it all back into perspective, back into a positive light for me. He is truly the kind of man I've always wanted to be with, always wanted to co-parent with and definately wanted to grow old with, since i was a little girl. I hope i don't take him for granted. I try not to anyway. HE'S THE MAN. Today I got up early with the baby(530 UGH) and cleaned up the kitchen so Daddy could sleep in. he came down at 7am (to him that IS sleeping in, i guess!)and started making pancakes! then he got started cooking a turkey! LOL he wanted turkey for Father's Day so he cooked one! when i fell asleep in the rocking chair while nursing the baby at 830 am, he took on the rest of the kids for almost 2 hours. When we woke up, he took Kendyl grocery shopping-she needed a fresh pineapple lol. I was in the shower when he arrived with the groceries, so he put everything away! (I have great timing!)Then he made all the fixin's for the turkey while I folded a MOUNTAIN of laundry and we ate at noon. Now he's chopping up the fresh pineapple. YUM!!! uh-oh. something is REALLY stuck in the garbage disposal mechanism. It's a face cloth. I cannot fix it. he's so mellow! he's not getting worked up at all! The baby is back to sleep(so cranky today-his schedule got all messed up with the baseball pool party yesterday) so atleast there is some peace and quiet while we take the garbage disposal apart. It's rainy and cool outside anyway :( tonight my parents are coming over and we are having a "Good Luck doug!" carvel cake. Doug leaves on tuesday night. What a busy but Happy Father's Day so far!

i spoke too soon about the peace & quiet, a huge pile of Doug's friends just showed up to wish Yogi a happy Father's day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

he walks!

shawn took 50 steps in a row today before falling, he's well on his way to walking full time. he looks so proud! 10 mos. 3 weeks old.

first time for everything!

kendyl is 3 1/2 years old and this is the very first time she has ever fallen asleep at the table. mid-sentence lol

Friday, June 13, 2008

its been over a year!!!!!!

ok. im sorry. i stopped blogging. why? i have no idea. i felt i was boring. i vow to begin anew and update all you strangers out there. i read, yesterday infact, that anyone who blogs is "narcisistic" ya think??????

since my last blog entry the other teen got her license, the boy that got his license wrecked his sister's car, oldest child went off to college, 17 year old son joined the ARMY and we had a baby. thats it in a nutshell. above are the 2 youngest: kendyl is now 3.5 & shawn alan boone (adopted from Arkansas last summer)is almost 11 mos old. he is TINY at 17 lbs. he is extremely light skinned, but is full african american. kendyl goes to school 2 days a week and loves it. we constantly have colds, but are otherwise all doing well.