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Monday, August 25, 2008

packed and ready

im excited to get going, but apprehensive. its not the flying part, i like flying.
even though yogi is, quite honestly, THE MAN when it comes to child rearing, he has some appointments he cant get out of and C will have the babies alot more than i thought while im gone. jackson has a long doctor visit in boston on wed. and he has some other things scheduled too. jackson likes C, but now that hes decided her boobs arent that big.. i mean..great of a thing, he doesnt respect, honor & cherish(read:drool over) her quite like he used to. hes moved onto bigger and better things lol(hes over his boob fetish, i mean). he has been quite rude and disrespectful towards her lately. i went over the rules, threatened him with wet noodle beatings...using the tent sleeping thing as a bribe.. i mean INCENTIVE, and im praying he behaves well for her and doesnt make things harder than they need be. lack of ninnies will likely make for a very cranky baby, and she will have all she can handle on her plate!

that being said, i am excited to see my dougalou graduate and read an enitire book cover to cover. i got a great book for my birthday i have hardly looked at. i cannot believe i am going to read a WHOLE ENTIRE book WITH WORDS. (i could be reading instead of blogging every night but...ya know)

shawn was SO mischievous today! first he cut his knee open on the edges of the hardwood steps in the living room. the corners arent mitered well and are very old and jagged. deep cut too. no tears, just bloody. we gate the stairway, so he just climbs them on the outer edges, outside of the railing, and gets into everything he can reach. then he fell head first into the (empty thank GOD) bathtub. then he climbed onto my patio table and sprayed Spray & Wash into his face for 10 minutes or so before he decided to cry a little and i saw what he was doing. the entire tabletop and all 4 chairs are soapy. i had been spraying the spaghetti stains on kendyls white shirt and leaving it out in the sun like my mom taught me to(it works!)anyway, his mouth and eyes were full of stingy soap and he was pretty unphased, overall LOL. we threw him in the tub and got it all out, but he was still rubbing his eyes whe he fell asleep. nothing phases this kid, he amazes me.

mom is still pretty sick, shes so bummed out that she cant go with me.
i just hope i dont come home with bed bugs.

i guess thats it, no good stories really. see y'all on friday some time... have a good week! all 11 of you. HA.

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Brenda said...

Have a GREAT trip!