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Saturday, August 23, 2008

my Daily Routines

maybe i DO have a routine! ive been thinking and this is what ive made up.. er.. i mean come up with LOL(i have read the blogger instructions on how to cross out words 53 times and it still just reads "blah blah blah, yadda yadda blah wookie-2 shoes" to me. oh well. )

* when shawn takes his morning nap, i routinely shower, get dressed, clean up after breakfast, start laundry and read e mail. on non-school days, i also dress kendyl and comb/tie up her hair.

* in good weather, we routinely go outside to play as soon as shawn wakes from morning nap at about 11am. any errands are also run between naps also, whether Ken is at school or not

* we routinely read to kendyl every night

*we routinely listen to music all day

* during baseball season, that is pretty much the only thing we adults watch on TV. what else matters?????

* after the kids have lunch, during Shawn's afternoon nap, i routinely make important phone calls, fold & put away laundry(he is OF NO HELP in this area LOL), unload dishwasher, Kendyl watches her favorite shows while she helps me put away toys(she is so into Super Why right now!), i chill out, eat some lunch, get online, blog, read blogs, sort through snail mail, TRY to clean off kitchen table, AKA "the dumping ground". i ALWAYS atleast decide what i am making for dinner at this time, gather ingredients, make sure i have everything, poll the troops to ask what they want to have..sometimes i start it, if its complicated.

* after the nap, this is typically shawns cranky time of day when you just cannot please him, i take him outside if its nice, he rides his bike, we take a stroller ride(i have a double. yay craiglist!)he jumps on trampoline with kendyl...i try to wear them out LOL. if its lousy outside we play in the living room. but hes fussy no matter what, so dinner time is stressful and is often totally wrecked by his antics. sometimes, Yogi & i eat in shifts. but.. the last 6 days has been so much better! i hope hes coming out of it. (the eye teeth are in and hes been happier)so... for that reason, i really try to get it going while hes alseep. yogi just re heats when he gets home if hes late or works a 2nd job after coming home from Boston.

* i routinely shower and go to bed between 10-1030, yogi tries for 930. he fails LOL. he gets up at 3:45 6 days a week, i get up between 530-630, depending on Shawns antics lol. lately i nurse him when he wakes up screaming bloody murder between 330-430, then he sleeps until 6 or 630, instead of 5-530. i can handle that compromise. OY. when will it end????

* i routinely ignore weeds, lawns, messy, toy cluttered yard, and other outdoor crapola. i just do not care one bit. we are SO not into curb appeal or any landscaping of any kind. it all costs money and wastes water, in our opinion. its just wasteful all around. dont look if ya dont like it. poor poor Anal Retentive Phil. i honestly think he self medicates because of us ROFLMAO.

* i vacuum and clean my truck every Sunday, without fail. i like my vehicle CLEAN. very. i cannot stand those moms who's cars look like they live in there lol. YUCK. clean it up! (yet my yard often looks like a goat exploded LOLOLOL). i dont wash it often enough, but the inside looks like it just came off the showroom floor, go figure! i also wash sheets on Sundays.

look at that! i have some ROUTINE!

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