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Saturday, August 23, 2008

jackson. blogging is therapeutic.

we have not had a good day today. he has never hit kendyl before. he hit her in the side of the head last night because he didnt want her to follow him upstairs. he denied it, of course, but she just sobbed and sobbed asking "why wont he say sorry to me? why did he hit me, mummy?" i remained very calm and later told him how sad she was that he didnt apologize. he just grinned. dink.(sorry, just keeping it real)
then today he decided he needed batteries, so he just goes into MY personal drawer and starts ripping through packages. i calmly told him that it is not ok to take things without asking and that ,contrary to what he believes, he is not entitled to every single item in this house. so he rolled his eyes, dropped the package right where he was and opened another drawer and started rummaging. i asked him to stop. he called me a fat bitch under his breath. at that point i told him he could spend the rest of the day playing alone in his room, since he couldnt join in with the family appropriately. fast forward...
i just asked him to come downstairs to eat dinner and feed the dog. he did that, but filled the dog bowl to the top with water and added about 1/4 cup of food, just to see how i would react(this is a repeated annoying behavior). i told him he'd need to start over, the dog weighs 100 lbs. and jackson knows exactly how much food he is to be fed. when he finally was ready to eat his own dinner, we were finished with ours, since he dawdles so much and does everything in haitian pace(slow & stop pace), so he was eating alone while my husband washed his hands for dinner after arriving home late. jackson decided to start banging very loudly on the table to make the dog go crazy barking(knocking at the door is the only noise he EVER barks at and it scares the hell out of the little ones and jack knows it) i asked him to stop, but remained.... detached??? he continued to knock.
Yogi came out of the washroom at that point and quietly told him that dinner time must be over, since he was pestering, he must not be very hungry afterall. bowl went to sink. boy left room pissed way off. self sabotage. gotta love it.
i give up.
can i have cake now?


Christine said...

I have made the rule that bad manners are not allowed at our table. Bad manners get a new plate of food fixed by mom (healthy, and plenty, but nothing special). Bad manners eat on the back porch. Bad manners are only allowed 15 minutes to eat, and then the plate is returned to the kitchen.

Fortunately, bad manners decided to pass up our dinner table about two months ago (well, the REALLY bad manners! ha!).

Kandi said...

There have been many times one or another of our kids have been excused to their room until all are done and then they could come and eat their cold dinner alone.

It is tough when they are in a frame of mind to not respect us. Hang tight and stick your guns.

We will survive!!!


Shea said...

Whew, he really pushed you to the limits, doesn't he? Hang in there, and yes, have two slices of cake!