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Friday, August 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pics from the chili cook off and more pool pics

poster for Uncle Tim's Chili Contest-he didn't win :( but it was still a good thing.

we waited in line for 45 minutes to get this balloon . WORTH IT. entertained them for an hour in the heat

jackson is at the table in the background. he chose jeans, socks, sneakers and long sleeves in 96* heat. CHOICES. he was miserable and would not speak, eat or drink. 3 hours.

BIG rain & wind storm came through as the judges were handing out awards, and it felt AMAZING!

rolling down the hill


kendyl LOVES her Uncle Bear!

uncle bear's kitchen

Monday, August 24, 2009

my sexy beast

my new puppy???

my sun-bleached blonde(shaved some of it off today) my sexy beast again, worth another look huh? puurrrr

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conversations With Haitian Sensations

Jackson: "In Haiti, sometimes a big fight would break out. the whole town would be in on it. they'd be throwing rocks, starting idea what they were mad about, but i think it was about the chickens"

me: Wow. were you & you Mom scared during the fights?

Jackson: "My MOM? NO WAY! She was in on it! wait... I THINK SHE STARTED IT!"


ahhhh TIH(This Is Haiti)

speaking of Jackson, GOSH he is growing up and becoming a man right before my eyes... he is full of muscle tone(see above!), his voice is deep and .. um.. other things are changing too OY. Am i ready for this? in my eyes, he should be a 6 year old, not a 13 year old.. It's happening soo fast. he's also having SUCH a good month, and aside from his bed wetting and his chronic kleptomania, is acting so "typical 13" mature, social and just plain NORMAL that I am wondering what's going on. Look, i know he needs to see a therapist, really, i do.. it's just that it always seems to make things worse, I cannot afford it and i want instant progress and when i don't see it after 13 visits, i back off. i know, i suck. i fail. stone me. i also havent blogged much at all, in August, for some reason. Maybe it's because everybody i wanna pick on reads my blog now ROFLMAO. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
i have some cool shit i want to blog about but i need to gather my thoughts first. K?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i have not yet posted about jackson coming home from Camp Give My Mother A Frikkin Break, For Pete's sakes!, Miracles And Magic, quite honestly because it was.. well.. just a regular day. he came home exhausted, like he does every year, but worse, and slept for 4 days. oh-his voice changed too. at first, i thought he came home without a voice like he usually does, but the voice he had when he left never returned! He had a grand time and other than the fact that he initiated himself into the "I'm too cool to swim" club of side-of-the-pool hecklers, nobody had a problem with his behavior or attitude. i think he's just become very aware of his cigarrette burns and scars and even without that, is way to worried about what other kids think and doesn't want to show his body. in fact, if it was up to him, he would have brought only jeans and long sleeves to camp. hes weird! His counselor, TJ, checked his bed every morning and washed his bedding and clothing as needed. this year, year FIVE, i wrote the bed wetter note to the nurse who administers the meds instead of .. well.. whoever gets it usually. IT WORKED! except that when his sleeping bag was wet, they took his 200$ sub-zero sleeping bag and returned to him a 40$ Walmart special@@. OOPS? (doubtful). i got it for free but still.. he also came home without his best pair of south pole jeans-said someone stole them. whatever.

so... last night i went into Jack's room to find a decent shirt he can wear to a wedding we are attending this Saturday. found 3 choices of shirts and 25 CD's and DVD's hidden behind some junk in his closet in a place i hadn't searched last month when i found the other 20 DVD's. the stuff belonged to me, my room mate, doug, 2 of doug's friends who lived here, some were stolen from play dates, sleepovers and neighbor kids' parents. i had to make so many calls. i mean, HERBIE HANCOCK??????? WHY? WHY? WHY??????? one of the DVD's was Ben's PORN. NICE! we threw that one out. why steal something you can do absolutely NOTHING with? FOR WHAT????? Tim(the room mate) is very hurt because this is all new to him. he will adjust i guess. he'll have to, cuz it aint ova!

a camera is missing off of a kitchen counter from a vacant home that Yogi just roofed and sided. the owner thinks my husband or his employees stole it. she does not know us AT ALL. she is a nasty bitch who used to run the place we get our taxes done at. is it possible that Ray(a 33 year old pain killer addict who often pawns stuff to pay his mortgage and was doing so that very week and mentioned it)?) who works for my husband occasionally, took it? yup. yet, he claims he SAW Jackson looking at it and also claims that he HEARD Jackson ask the home owner if she needed to bring it home with her when she left, and that the woman said "no, just leave it right there." well... Ray doesnt know Jack very well because for starters, jack does NOT speak to people he doesnt know and i doubt this exchange ever took place. I think Ray pawned it. Yogi does not. i have dumped Jackson room upside down TWICE and cannot find it. FUN? NOT. he claims he never even saw the camera. but he NEVER EVER comes clean, no matter what. all about control.
and whats with these professionals that think he has a 'low average' IQ? just in the last 24 hours i have made these observations:
he STILL has NO idea when his Birthday is. he truly cannot memorize "9-6-9-6"- a simple birth date we chose for him intentionally!he also has no idea what birth date even means.
after 6 years of training he cant count change or paper money, even if it totals under 5$
has no clue that a personal hand held DVD player needs to be charged before it will work(he's 13!)
he cant measure dog food, even with a sharpie marker line on the measuring cup. can not.
he still thinks that ALL television is LIVE, happening right this minute. for all i know he thinks the people live in our TV!
he cannot tell time AT ALL. i even tried the "Math U See" program my friend Jessie showed me(she home schools)
the list goes on & on OY.

Monday, August 10, 2009

just a before & after

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. almost the entire house looked like this!
4 days solid, 2 gallons of bleach, 2 gallons of SOS house/deck cleaner, 4 cans of bee killer & a butt ton of fresh water & hard work and NOW the whole house looks like this :) painted all the trim too.
WELL WORTH EVERY SECOND. I'm ordering shutters today. sage or wedgewood blue? do i match the front door to the shutters or white trim?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what a week!

this was HUGE to all of us. he actually took HER hand to cross the street!

baby Jake

Yogi's 2 "Baby Mamas"

sorry I've hardly blogged in a week. I really needed to do a lot around here and also had so much swimming around in my head and wanted to wait until some things resolved.. well.. not resolved but, i don't know what the hell i'm talking about. Calls came in, I made decisions about my own future, we made plans about OUR future, Tim & I are doing a lot of work to the outside of the house and we all worked together to spread loam, plant grass, remove shutters, scrub vinyl siding...... work, work, work. but the place needs it! blue or sage shutters? hmmm??? Anyway, the highlight of the week? ya ready for this??? you sure????

SHAWN IS A BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no, not me! Shawn's birth Mom had a baby boy on March 17th! She finally decided to tell me about it this week. It all started with an e mail, apologizing for "not reaching out" or responding to a text i had sent her last month. then she dropped this big news on me! she was embarrassed about being pregnant again when Shawn was only 11 mos. old, so she kept it to herself. She was married 9.5 mos. before the baby came, but they have decided to divorce :(. She has moved from the Airforce base into some off base housing even closer to us! We went to visit her today, and it only took half an hour to get there. I sure never thought in a million years she would live 30 minutes away! She's in a beautiful apartment in a beautiful area, just her and her beautiful son, Jakob Elijah. He & shawn look nothing alike, but they do have their Mama's big grin and crater dimples. Yogi fell hard for the baby and we all had such a good time. she burst into tears when she met shawn, shes still so shocked at his reddish blonde hair and pale skin color, but felt an instant connection to him and says he looks just like his Father. He was shy at first and terrified of the elevator, but warmed up and even let her hold his hand to cross the street at the park on base. We ate lunch at Friendly's, played at the park and spent about 5 hours total with her. She will be deployed in March, and Jake will live with her Mother in AR until she returns . I wish he could stay with us! But I'd have a hard time when he moved back with her! We all decided we'd like to get together once a month, so the boys can be brubbies and she and Shawn can have the relationship they deserve. I'm not sure who said it, but i once read the quote, "Adoption is the only tragedy in existence that one is expected to celebrate." I get it. Placing Shawn was L's decision, but I have always had this sense of guilt over stealing another woman's baby. That's just me, i know others don't feel that way, but.... I have. Yogi has. This is for the best. Yogi affectionately refers to L. as "My Baby Mama". LOLOLOL she thought it was cute. She's a wonderful Mother to Jakob and was great with my kids. She's mellow, sweet, responsible and mature. She stands up for what she believes in and is VERY strong. I am so proud of her. Today made me feel good and I will sleep very well. We often talked about what we would do if we got "The Call" that L. was pregnant again and wanted us to adopt another baby. She was pregnant when we had those conversations lol. Maybe I had a feeling, I don't really know. I'm glad it went this way though, 2 under 2 would be tough do do(again-20 years later)and we just don't have the time, space or the finances to do another adoption. But would we have found a way? YES. we want them to know each other and would have hated to see her 3rd child(her first son turned 6 in July) go to yet a 3rd family! THIS IS BETTER!
happy day :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've decided to take a blog break while Jackson is at sleep away camp. see ya next week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dreams DO Come True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For 40 years I have prayed, wished & patiently waited for this day. It finally came. For the first time in my life I CAN BRUSH MY TEETH IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I will never forget this day, for as long as I live. GOD BLESS COLGATE!*
* you can find Colgate Wisps at Walmart