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Monday, June 29, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Please let the rain end today. My yard is covered in ugly mushrooms. My lawn needs to be mowed & fertilizer/weed killer needs to be spread. I need to vacuum Ritz Bitz crackers(thanks mom!) out of my truck. My dogs smell bad. My kitchen table is adorned in play dough crumbs, slivers of cut up paper & sequins, and my button collection is all over the floor. My clean laundry is beginning to stink like mold and, quite frankly, so is my spouse. My room mate is going stir crazy, pacing the floors and babbling on & on about "going postal", whatever that means, and the cat is peeing in my bedroom closet again. Last night, i had a dream THAT IT WAS SUNNY! yah. FOR A WHOLE DAY! Then i woke up to this. If this weather continues, i could quite possibly be tempted to engage in some heavy retail therapy, which could further damage our formerly stellar credit rating. Don't let this happen. Take action now.

thank you in advance, The Mom

Sunday, June 28, 2009


the winner
hes pretending not to care, its all an act.

Jacky LOVED it!

jack, tim & i went to the rodeo today! it was a blast. ive got nothing else. i wish the pictures were better :( i wanna go take some photography classes.

weird night on Friday....

On Friday it didn't rain. (REALLY! I KNOW, RIGHT???) so I invited Libby over for lunch so we could enjoy the outdoors. She worships the sun. Her kids were away so she came by herself. We ordered pizza and hung out OUTSIDE. REALLY! The day flew by and the night showed up. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I got up. Then the thunder & heat lightening began. HEAVEN. I went outside to enjoy it, but was being attacked by mosquitoes so I came in, opened the windows so I could atleast hear it all, and turned on The David Letterman Show. 2 minutes into his monologue I heard the most unreal crack of lightening I had heard since Haiti and almost fell off the couch. The house shook and the power went out. Dead Silence. I ran outside to check on Libby & Tim, who were sitting on the outdoor swing lighting things on fire melting stuff chatting & enjoying the fire he built. I was afraid they'd been struck! Thank God it was only the transformer directly across the street that had been struck down. Libby and Tim had jumped off the swing screaming and Libby hurt herself in the process and spent the next day the the chiropractor! Nobody admitted to peeing their pants. LIARS! peed their pants though! Thank Goodness!
Tim was in daze after it happened. i finally went out there and said "please come in and help me find all the candles! It's dark!" Shawn slept through the initial strike, but the aftermath woke him up. Yogi handled him. Ken sort of woke up, but I felt my way down the hall to check on her and she settled down and went back to sleep. Jackson got up to pee and merely took note of the commotion. The public service truck arrived on scene about an hour later, spent another hour putting out whatever fire was blazing in there & replacing/repairing the transformer box, then we were up & running! I thought of my friends in Haiti that night. a lot. In Haiti they are lucky to have power at all. Ever. We are very fortunate here. 2 hours and the work was done, the bedroom didn't even get all that warm before they were finished and the AC turned back on. Thanks PSNH! We were up very, very late and we were all dragging the next day, especially the drinkers.
Sorry if that story bored you. My life isn't all that exciting sometimes LOL

Friday, June 26, 2009

this week in pictures

kendyl is in a big girl bed now! its was kristin's. glad i saved it.

kendyl with her best friend, Lexi. they have great dimples~!

my bat collection. i want more!

jackson's trophy collection. he wants more!

Shawn's been wearing these rain boots for 4 days. its an obsession a hobby. it has rained 42 out of the last 54 days, so his timing was perfect.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

not proud of it, but...

I was tired. I was hot. Shawn was whiney. I was trying to cook chicken on the grill and it kept catching on fire. The window shades i had just bought, as it turns out, did not include the hardware@@
Jackson's friend Christian came over to see if Jackson wanted to play. i told Jack he was here and went on my merry way. Christian jumped on the trampoline with the little ones while he waited for Jack to come out. 10 minutes later, he still hadn't. I, again, went in the house and away from my gas grill. He was sitting on the couch playing with his DS game thingy. I said,
"Did you hear me when i told you your friend was here?"
"Did you forget?"
"then why are you in here?"
"i don't wanna play with him"
"Then get your butt out there and tell HIM that!"
he doesn't even attempt to move. i repeat myself. i get pissed at his silent defiance(big issue).
i get louder. i try to stay quieter. he ignores me. my chicken is burning. i walk away... but not before blurting out:
when i'm done, i'm done.
he got onto the trampoline with his friend. 2 minutes later, he called his sister a weener, Chris joined in, Kendyl cried. so Yogi sent Christian home and brought Jackson into the house, where he sat on the couch and played with his DS thingy.
baseball season is over and he doesnt need a ride, so why should he act right? he got what he needed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


the team won it all! CHAMPIONS! won the final game 16-2. CONGRATS PADRES!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our 2 Oldest, Father's Day dinner

comic relief is always plentiful around here. 3 weeks of rain? who cares? game cancelled? no biggie. can't work under your car? not a bother. haven't played outside more than 3 days this month? big deal. Youve got Kris to cheer you up. during our Father's Day dinner last night she decided to pull her brother out of his funk by belting out her rendition of "Tomorrow" from the Annie musical. there wasn't a dry eye, i tell ya. too cute, she is. Mummy had her camera near by- big surprise huh?
oh- jackson was present for this dinner and the party, but he moves fast, doesn't want his picture taken, doesn't really participate in anything, and leaves the dinner table the second he's finished. ho hum. ya think he's there, then you turn around and hes gone. kind of like a super hero. He acts very withdrawn on Mother's Day and Father's Day. I get it.
Father's Day was very uneventful, due to my surprise party on my shopping day the day before. i felt bad! but i did go shopping for a card for him and got my Dad a new bird bath and brought it over to my Parents house mid day. Yogi said all he wanted for his special day was to "hang with his peeps". he got that. this rain is getting rediculous!


oh, yah. its a tiara. jealous? i knew it.
janice & phil

Kitty, Stephen & kids Natallie & Annah Mai

Simeon knows just what Miss Ali likes!

Kris & Jenny

the toddler set, diving into the goods. when kris plans a party, M&M's and Starburst are beyond mandatory!

pre-party, picking my perennials

Kris & her best college buddy, Klayton. he is the sweetest.

Kris and my favo-babe, Naomi

"Vic Pic" ( we did it!)

Dougalou & Kayleigh

Ben scored by feeding my new addiction-he picked my new favorite scent without even trying! it is AMAZING! (Beach Walk. i want Cottage Breeze next!)

i had LOTS of help!

more vic pix. Kris & Libby-she lied the most, so she aint gettin' her dishes back! but i love my Libby!

Ben-Ben and my niece Jenny toasting marshmallows & making Smores-like there wasnt enough food????


Kris made this on Piknik. cool huh?

Amy R. Lexi & ken-ken

Rich, Jessie, Simeon & Naomi

Shawners making an impish face

yup, they did it, they pulled it off. the husband, the roomy, the daughter & my best friends yanked my chain, lied to me bent the truth, snuck around and otherwise whispered for weeks on end to plan this thing. then they called me away from the end-of-baseball-season pool party at the coaches house with a concocted story about a seriously injured dog to get me to come home. we all had a blast and i know they worked really really hard to get it all done. It was overcast, but never rained, which was the biggest hurdle, but The Big Guy made sure we didnt get rained out, i think. THANKS GUYS!!! MUAH!
oh-i'm trying to upload a video kris took of me arriving at the party, but i think its too long. hoping she can shorten it and upload it for me. i look SO FAT in all these pics i want to CRY but i wont. i will keep trying.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pics from today and last night, all out of order and messy

is this not the cutest face you've ever seen???? i cannot even tell you how smitten we all are with Ms. Naomi, Shawn's fiance.
she's from Arkansas too...

hey guys, "look tough". simeon just turned 6 and came home from the same orphanage as Jackson, at 10 mos. old

re-bonding, hadnt seen each other in 4 mos.


he wanted to bring her home. we had to pry her away from him.

here she is with Mama and Simeon

Ken wants to marry Simeon "and live in a tent" LOL

see him looking at his girl? i hope they get married. they stared at each other all day.

in 5 seconds he was up and almost over

craigy, jack, kyle & jackson at practice, preparing for big play off game we postponed tonight, due to constant rain :(

blurry but i like them. jackson & Dylan