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Thursday, August 14, 2008

a good week!

still no computer, but it's been a very good week overall. jackson came home from camp in a good mood, and has had a good week too. shawn had a great start to the week, but these new eye teeth sure hurt-yesterday and today he was so cranky! husband has been home a little bit this week too, which is so nice. we like each other LOL

the guy nextdoor is hosting his son's wedding on Saturday. 100 people. the guy across the street is having a birthday party for his 26 year old (weird) that same day-50 people. the lady on the corner is having some kind of party too. 60 people. should i charge 20$ a pop for parking on my crappy lawn??????????????? i am not above it. i could rake it in! i promised the guy nextdoor i wouldn't pray for rain(he knows i'm a total weather geek)

took jack out for Nike's tonight. he's thrilled. i bought 3 lightweight shirts for my trip to GA, it's coming up quick. i wonder how much spending money i should plan on.

kris is doing lots of supply shopping for school, she's just about ready to go back.

dog is still sick. he's on another 14 days of a strong medication, but i see no change. he'll need blood work and x rays next, if he doesn't improve. He's also overdue for a few shots and yearly checkup. hes gonna cost me a damn fortune next month, i can feel it. NO MORE PETS. when he's gone, i am DONE. we just cannot afford this crap anymore. sorry, but... geeze.

my "mother's helper", "C", who i adore, pissed her parents off with her spoiled bahavior and is grounded. i am proud of them, they stood their ground(she's an only child, adopted through the foster care system at 10 mos. and had a VERY tough start)but..they are WAY too easy on her and take way too much crap, so i'm thrilled that they didn't back down but i miss her and so do the kids! not sure how long shes imprisoned for......more on that later.

missin' my Louie tonight.

trying to get back on a serious treadmill schedule with myself. NOT EASY! another reason why i want shawners OUT OF MY BEDROOM! i have GOT to get serious. it is getting very out of control at this point. i have never been big like this. it's hard to deal with and my knees hurt all the time now. buying size 14/16 shirts and 18/20 pants SUCKS. my mother is a heart patient, i must get moving! waaa. pity me. i am now officially 100 lbs heavier than i was on the day i graduated highschool, and i was not skinny-just average. inspire me.



Brenda said...

I go to our local Y to exercise. They do have a childcare center for the little ones. My older ones either play in the gym or come in the weight room and work out themselves. My daughter and I went to a Guts and Butts class tonight.

Fawn said...

Hey, we have guts and butts classes at our gym. :)

We live and die by the Body for Life program. Google it.

12 week program. Intense workouts, great eating. You'd have to join a gym though. Requires weight training.

I'll email ya mine and my husband's before and after pics. Not brave enough to post them on a blog. Really, 12 weeks of hard hard work and you'd not believe what you can do for your body.

Email ya tomorrow.

You should totally go on Wife Swap, now that would be funny.

Erin said...

inspire! inspire! inspire!
I got in the pool yesterday! it was GREAT! Didnt even realize I was "exercising"
sounds like a good week ali.. and I am all for charging people to park on the lawn!