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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


old floor

new floor
its click & lock laminate that looks like tile

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

keeping it real

i'm just gonna be truthful with you all. I've been down lately. the new floor is great and i have the best husband in the world.. but the rest of my life could be better. it's just not what i want it to be right now. is it because my 40th birthday is approaching? is it my "work"? the kids?

Doug certainly isnt being the best he can be, i will tell you that! hes negative, grouchy, not helpful, messy...already lost his job at the auto repair shop because he went to the beach with friends, was scheduled to work at 3pm, his boss called telling him he wanted him to come in early(like 11am)doug explained he was an hour away and not in his own car, so the guy fired him after he spent 650.00 on tools. then, before doug could get there to retrieve his toolbox full of tools, the co workers had vandalized the expensive toolbox in an attempt to steal all his tools! luckily, they weren't successful! what kind of boss lets that kind of crap go on in his establishment? the guy thought it was FUNNY. asshole. jerk. anyway, Doug cant catch a break, but he isnt being a nice guy right now either. its girlfriend stuff, work stuff, living arrangement stuff....hes very high strung. hes taking Kayleigh to her prom on Saturday, maybe that will be a positive thing. hoping for good weather! hes wearing his military uniform. shes wearing white i guess.

ben, kristin & doug are all still job hunting. ben moved back in with his parents, i had to send him home. i just dont have room for him here now that kris is home. i am sad and missing him very much. hes friendly, helpful and pleasant. he plays with the little ones. he loves to cook. hes lazy too, but .. we get along really well. i miss him. did i already say that?

the cat was bitten by some animal and wont put any weight on her foot. $120.00 at the vet today for exam, meds and rabies shot. UGH. damn animals!

i'm rambling and saying nothing LOL

just wishing we could make this place bigger, enjoy more time TOGETHER and make things work for everyone here. this economy sucks and my kids need jobs. kris needs to save money to study abroad next year(its mandatory). doug needs to find & afford housing. jackson needs to stop rummaging through other people's things, but thats a story for another day!

i am tired, maybe i can explain better tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


my new kitchen floor is absolutely FABULOUS! we put it in early because Yogi didn't have to roof houses this weekend. i will take some pics and post them soon. its BEAUTIFUL. it took from 8-6 to install, all 3 of us were so TIRED afterwards. jackson had a baseball game in the early morning too, so it was lots of rushing around. the kids were very good for me at the ball game, we were at the field with the park nextdoor. shawn was not very cooperative the rest of the day though, it wasnt easy for me to help with the floor, i mostly handled clean up and moving furniture and appliances, organizing.. that kind of stuff. shawn was so cranky all day and still has a nasty cold.

jack's team is 8 & 1 this year! he has never been on such a great team before, its so fun to win!

the new floor is slippery, kids keep falling. oops! i will get a few throw rugs/runners today at Target i guess.

Kyra, my foster dog, is wonderful in so many ways but is driving me nuts. shes 12 and is losing control of her bladder in the evenings. she is spotting urine all over the carpets and my new floor. UGH. she also is very senile and is so confused at night time.... ive never had an elderly dog before, she seems so healthy and is so happy and active. do i let this continue? do i have her put down? anybody?

shawn is such a cranky butt!
will post pics when i can. have a great sunday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


kristin & doug 1st day of school 1997. 1st & 3rd grade.
true love

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

planted another tree

threw in a pic of Daddy while he was forced to rest. i think he had ice down his pants in this photo LOL

We Are The United States Armed Services, and we just don't care!

dear doug
whatever the hell your name is,

my name is ... eh, who cares what my name is, right? anyway, i received your letter today. it was written with a whole bunch of big, 3 syllable words so i didn't understand much of it, but i think it was a written request to have all your uniform name patches, official paperwork, certifications and diplomas re printed with the proper spelling and order of your names. first of all, 4 names is waaaaay too mega hard for me to write over and over again in the exact same way. I'd have to stop watching Jerry Springer Twilight and staring at Private Como, who is doing his workout over there in the corner. he is HOTTTTTT.
ok, so, i see here that on your 4 most important documents you are listed as:
PFC Bellamy Crawford, Lyle Douglas
PFC Crawford, D. Bellamy
PFC Douglas, Bellamy Craw D.
PFC Crawford Bellamy, Daniel L.
You must realize that listing you as PFC Bellamy Crawford, Douglas L. on allll those papers is a really huge job and I'm new here. they just transfered me over from the mailroom in April.(everything that bi-otch said about me is a lie, by the way!)
So, what I'm trying to say is, request DENIED, soldier boy. I have waaaay more important things to do, like paint my nails, which are now brittle and destroyed, thanks to this dump, incase you were wondering, and .. well....being in the Army is HARD! My STUPID Dad told me this would be a great way to earn money for cosmetology & modeling school but all i've gotten so far is knocked up. no idea how, either... i never let any of those guys kiss me on the lips!
In with it, Daniel. You're on your own. Hope this doesn't mess up your bonus... much. snicker. snort.
piss up a rope warmest regards , Camille Duart
Records Department of the United States Army
Fort Jackson , SC

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

it's all good! yogi update

Yogi's procedure went quickly and without incident. he's been on the couch icing his.. um... nether regions all day and although bored already, he's in good spirits. Kendyl has enjoyed the day, shes had a coloring partner, someone to play memory with and daddy has read her about 15 books. she's in heaven! Shawn is confused but was such a good boy.
i had a very busy day with Yogi's thing, picking up jackson early to take him to the dentist, banking, running kendyl back and forth to school and waiting on Yogi hand and foot. I'm glad i stayed busy, it kept me from thinking too much. the finality of it all feels kind of... heavy on me today. .. but i will adjust.
kris will e home for the summer in just 7 days. the 2 boys have not found housing. i am getting antsy.
jackson has 2 cavities. great. first ones since he came home 5.5 years ago. hes so lazy.
Dakotah hurt his ankle, i may have to take him to the vet.
my 40th Birthday is coming up in just 3 weeks. all i want is a new kitchen floor. i dont think its gonna happen though. i will settle for a dinner date.
my throat is still sore. day 21. no idea what is going on, i am going back to the doctor on monday at 10. Darvocet isnt even helping!
My dad turns 60 today! i cannot believe my parents are now officially in their 60s! i called to say happy birthday, they were all eating cake, i didn't want to leave Yogi but doug & jack went over.

my flowers are still alive!
busy weekend ahead with sports, baseball pictures and yardwork. yay.
i am so boring! hugs to all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

our lawnmower woes


for the moment anyway! After Uncle Tim worked on it for 2 days and sent me back & forth to the Tractor Supply mega store in town 4 times for parts... the thing RUNS! the push mower was a simple fix, but the rider had many issues. this picture is a forever captured memory from the moment i heard the news of his amazing feat. i think i will cook him some yummy dinner and dessert. the poor guy is stuck babysitting for us tomorrow morning too, so that I can take Yogi to get The Big Snip.


peace out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I bought a MONKEY!

no, i most certainly did not purchase a primate, i just said that to get you to read this blog post. you fell for it? SUCKERS! Am i really that strange, in your opinion? geesh.

anyway, Mother's Day was very cool. I slept in until NINE O'CLOCK! Kristin made me a beautiful, warm blanket(i need to get a picture of it!)Uncle Tim bought me a bouquet of sunflowers from the 3 youngest kids, Yogi bought me some yellow roses, Doug bought me some yellow & green flowers(no idea what they are LOL... daisies i think) and Yogi baked me a rasberry cheesecake and baked french toast! i am sooo spoiled! ben mowed the front lawn!

it was a very relaxing day. the men did the laundry and dishes and the kids helped out. jackson didn't take part, but that's his usual self. his bahavior was good and that's all i need about right now. he had baseball practice from noon-2, which gave him a break from the suck-up-to-Mom thing. I'm still trying to bounce back from the strep throat/cold/weird fatigue virus i never blogged about(why bore you?), so i rested alot and even took a real nap. the weather was nice too! the day was a real pick-me-up. I hope all 7 of you had a wonderful Mother's Day experience!

what else? oh yah! jack's spring basketball league is soooooo fun! it's a city league at the Boys And Girls Club. there were lots of black and hispanic guys, even some asian guys, hecklers, hip hop dancing cheerleaders during half-time, commentators.... very street ball-esque. talk about WILD and different! it reminded me of that Goldie Hawn movie... um... WILDCATS. ever seen that? i love that movie. he knew he better play aggressively or sit on the bench and did he ever. i have never seen him play so hard or sweat so much. or smile so much. or be so happy. it will be tough to keep up with both sports but it'll be worth it. the new teen center they added on is amazing. it has a FOOSEBALL table! i want one of those. anyway, we had so much fun, i can't wait to go back.

Yogi was laid off at his day job on Friday so he's roofing/remodeling full time. he's happy about it. now he can work one job instead of 2 and be home at night. no idea when he will go back to Boston but they guessed late august. we are insured until late March, so for now, this works. he's so cute and so sweet and i love having him home. i'm so lucky.

On friday Yogi is taking the BIG PLUNGE and having a vasectomy. we are 40 & 46 in June, so even though it took us 10 years to have Kendyl and haven't been pregnant since kendyl, we've decided not to take the chance. we always said that once i turned 40 we would lock up the shop. so we are going to stick to that decision. we are maxed out on space, time, money and attention. I'd still love one more, but this is for the best. we are OLD LOL. so.. it'll be a restful weekend for him. as restful as possible anyway . not sure how to make Shawn realize that Daddy is out of commission this weekend. maybe the ice pack will clue him in LOL. we'll wing it.

my vacuum cleaner broke yesterday while i was CLEANING MY BEDROOM(YUP! I DID!. you don't believe me? Libby doesn't believe me but I DID!) so the stupid thing busted when i sucked up a nail. it cant handle a nail??? its a pricey Kenmore. Tim is trying to fix it right now. he thinks hes McGyver. he kind of is. the nail was there from when Yogi installed a new bedroom door. so it's all his fault right? good. glad you agree. Hoping he can fix it. being without a vacumm cleaner is just not good around here! the dogs alone create more work than... forget it.

all shawns jeans are too short. GO SHAWN!

Kendyl is doing great. a friend gave us a Dora doll house and she is just in heaven.

ben and doug are still looking for cars and apartments. ben is still job hunting. Doug is working full time as a diesel mechanic's apprentice at a local shop and is really happy. SUCCESS!
all in all, a great weekend and early part of the week. the rest of the week is full with sports and Yogi's procedure, along with trying to fix one of our 2 not -working- for -some- strange- reason lawn mowers. one of them (the push mower, which is relatively new)worked fine for Ben on Sunday. what the heck? again, we suffer bad luck with pets and appliances. we also may finally make the time to replace the broken microwave. life is too busy!
love to all!

Friday, May 8, 2009

my cutie

kendyl made me this at school, for Mother's Day. it's a little trinket box. i love it! it had 3 hershey's kisses in it but... she ate them lol

i love her school picture!