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Saturday, October 30, 2010

RAD kids and priviledges


the subject line alone makes my skin crawl. part of me says, "ha! why should they have ANY priviledges? all they do is make us miserable! on purpose even!" but that's immature and babyish thinking, I suppose.
grounding kids indefinately, however, just screws the rest of us, which is clearly unfair. We all need a life! I gave Jack his bike 2 nights ago. told him he had until 5:15(instead of the usual 5pm). he showed up at 5:50. he sure puts the F U in FUN, doesn't he? when i asked him why he was 40 minutes late, he answered, "how should i know what time it is? you won't give me my cell phone!" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! he claims Deklan doesn't have one either. LIAR. I ignored it and moved on. i'll throw him a 5$ watch but he'll still screw it up intentionally to show me HE IS THE BOSS.
the very next day I allowed him to ride his bike to the football game. we drove out to UNH to get Kristin last night. game was still going on when we drove by afterwards at 9:30, so we didn't panic when he wasn't at the house. He supposedly had a ride home with Amanda. He strolled in at 11:30 and had ridden his bike home. black bike. black kid. black jacket, shoes and hat. smart kid. smart, smart kid. claims "Amanda forgot him". sure, she did. Amanda went home when it was done and you wanted to screw around for another couple hours.
he's just not strong enough to handle any priviledges or any rules. can't have one without the other so i guess it's barbies and train sets with the babies for him this winter. i need SOME SLEEP.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Madness

cool huh?
he even smiled for me!

what can i say? i love food!


Yogi with our Pseudo Grandbaby, Amelia. shes Korey lee's baby, born in late August. can you say SMITTEN? he so adores her.

me at the 73 lb mark. week 47.

weird kids

Jackson's idea of "using a can opener". this made me cry.

a side trip on the way to pick up Kristin at UNH this past Friday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the more things change, the more they stay the same...

or, more aptly titled, "this is bullshit".

ya thought the cutesy note on the paper plate changed anything? nah, he's actually lied, stolen and been sneaky more since then, than ever before, it's just that he's clearly more attatched while doing it, is all. In fact, we've noticed this creepy "after euphoria" after he's done something and not gotten caught. it's just as annoying as the "oh, shit. i got caught" silent treatment, just incase you were wondering. just in these last few weeks alone he has:
1. stolen and sprayed 70% of the contents of Kristin's Tommy Girl perfume. yah, it clearly says GIRL on the bottle, but, no bother, it also says TOMMY, so it must be FOR HIM to steal and spray on a daily basis until empty.
2. stolen Kristin's pillow because it "looked soft". the pillow, for the record, was NOT soft, nor lofty in Kristin's opinion and she is completely disgusted with him. I can't lock her bedroom door while she's away at UNH because the cat lives/eats/drinks from a high shelf in there so that the dog doesn't eat cat food (or eat the cat herself). Any ideas, RAD Mama's?
3. been caught fully dressed, shoes and all, at 230 am, standing in Kristin's room, looking at himself in her mirrored closet doors while picking his hair and "seeing how clothes looked on him". can you say HIGH DOSES OF KLONOPIN????(sp)
4. 10 year old neighbor didn't know any better and let the cat out of the bag that he saw jack at the football game Friday night. funny thing- jackson said he was "tired" and crashed at 730. I left for the Y, he snuck out while Yogi read stories to the little ones and attended the football game, then walked right through the door at midnight like nothing was amiss. nobody saw him but Kristin who had no clue he had been out. I would have let him go, but i would have picked him up at 9. I guess midnight sounded better. ass. I knew he was acting strange(pre F -Up euphoria) but i figured he'd stolen another I Pod/cell phone/belt/wad of cash and I JUST COULDN'T CARE at that moment. The next day, before he was caught, he acted bizarre. offering to help, kissing up, playing with the kids, not leaving my side... all that RAD, creepy, "PLEASE CATCH ME!" stuff. I knew he'd done something, but I didn't know what til the neighbor came over and blew it for him. DUH. He still gets caught, even when my husband and I are too sick of this kidtired to be smart or give a flying fart be concerned about what he does. We need to have lives too, to a point, anyway. We have given up on trying to police every.single. thing.he.does.
5. stolen an I Pod. Einstein still won't give up where it came from so I cannot return it. it's an older one, a 2 gig without the power to load porn, atleast. slow clap!
6. stolen jeans. no idea. but they're tiny.
7. stolen cologne. no idea.
8. been wearing a strangers shoes. no idea. but they are 5 sizes too small, so some dwarf in his gym class is missing a nice pair o' kicks, (and maybe some jeans, an I Pod, a cell phone and a "really fly"belt!)i guess.
9. refused to give field trip paperwork to teachers because I noted that I wanted to chaperone. I wanted to go hike Mt. Monadnock, damnit!
10. stopped bathing and wearing clean clothes-again. letting this one go. I LOVE PEERS.
11. started up with the ticking/obsessive repeating again. again-PEERS.
12. borrowed huge knives
13. stolen Kristin's skinny jeans. she found out when, while in class, found Jackson's hall pass(unwashed) in her own pocket! ? "they looked skinny". ok, weirdo. did i mention her disgust?

so.... i wanted to post today, just incase some of you were concerned that Jack was making too much progess and were feeling down that you aren't an amazing RAD Mom like I am. don't worry. I suck too. don't fret. the Crazo Meter still goes almost alllll the way up, every day.

ps. i wear size 10 jeans. don't be jealous :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

progress pics...

August 4th(week 2)
October 4th(week 11 or maybe 12, i dont know)
I SEE IT! can you?