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Monday, August 25, 2008

something... notable?

i find it interesting that after wetting his bed 63 nights in a row( i will take the liberty of assuming that he was wet every night at camp, since the smell almost knocked me out when he came home), jackson has had 8 dry nights in a row in the tent. coincidence? i think not. i casually brought this observation up to Jackson yesterday, he merely gave me the "eh, the bitch caught me" stink eye. that little grin that says "what are you gonna do about it?" i asked him what he thought the difference was. he said "i dont want my tent wet!" mmmmmm. i see. but the bed is no big deal? "i can pee outside the tent" um.. your bed is 4 feet from a working toilet for a reason. thats why you have THE BIG ROOM all to yourself.
i made it clear that once its too cold to sleep outside, the bed will stay dry too. his INTENTIONAL wetting creates 4-5 loads of laundry a week. its all about control with him. from now on, on the mornings that the bed is dry, he will have priviledges, on the mornings that its wet, he will not. i think ive had enough after 5 years.


Brenda said...

Well the booger.

Unspeakable Joy said...

yucky on the other nights, but yay on the 8! my littlest hasn't gone more than 3 in a row yet. oh, maybe one day!!

Erin said...

oh man ali.... get him a bed tent! LOL!