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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

missing my Louie Lou

he got my blue eyes
doug & ben, his best friend who also enlisted and is at boot camp, but at a different location

my son Doug is named after my Father, so he has a nickname. Lou. Louie lou has been gone for....7 weeks now. 3 more to go. i will see him on the 27th. i am missing him SOOOOO much! he loves what he's doing. he has called me the last 2 Sundays and is really enjoying it alot. In fact, his platoon will likely win for Honor Platoon, he reported, even though a couple guys snuck to the PX the other day to buy candy and re-sell it for a fortune(and got caught!) lololol. He's in an absolutely AWESOME group of young men. he says he thinks he may be in "for life." he loves being part of a team for the first time in his life. he has always been a bit of a loner. he loves the weaponry and throwing live grenades LOL. he's hoping to get better grades in his senior year, graduate on time with his friends, and then he will head off to more Army training for 5 months before heading to Iraq or afghanistan in late '09/early 2010. he's a great son and a really good friend to his buddies(human and kanine). he always has hugs for mom and sticks up for me when Jackson is mean LOL. i wish he enjoyed (and tried harder in) school, but he really feels motivated for this year, at this point. hoping it continues now that he has felt some success in his life.


Brenda said...

He is a very handsome boy. I hope the time goes quickly for you.

Erin said...

Nothing wrong with being a lifer!!! We are too!