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Sunday, August 10, 2008


we just got the COOLEST hail storm! it was so totally freaking awesome!!!!!! who just died & went to heaven??? ME.

my computer is dead dead dead. (and may go to heaven)no mouse hardware anymore, LCD screen is leaking, motherboard might need to be replaced. circuit city geek says they may just replace it. woohoo! its only 18 mos. old, so theres no excuse. ok.. so its fallen from couch to carpeted floor a few times. big deal! its been such a lemon since day one, to be honest,. i hope they mail me a new one. circuit city backed up all my files for $100., so its all good either way.

jackson came home from camp in a good mood, chatted about it alot today. slept and slept and slept all day yesterday, camp takes alot out of him. hes tired today too, with a very sore knee. we think hes going to need some laproscopic surgery in the future, that knee has been junk since we met him for goodness sakes...anyway, hes jovial and doing fine so far.

yogi worked today, how can ya say no to double time? he came home about 130 though, so not too bad. i cleaned kendyl's room, got rid of the changing table, packed away some knick knacks and stuffed animals, made some space so both babies can sleep in there eventually. shawn has had a crib in there all along, but sleeps in the one in MY room. i want him out! LOL hes being evicted soon!

better make some dinner. ho hum! i do not feel like it. yogi was mowing the lawn when the storm started lol. hes soaked! i went out in the hail, i have black & blue arms now! i am such a weather nerd.
cant post pics, so hopefully my laptop will be back soon.


Brenda said...

Congrats? on the hail storm CONGRATULATIONS on Jackson coming home in a good mood.

Mike and Katie said...
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Mike and Katie said...

Sorry! I wish I could edit my comments.

I love wild storms, too, but I can't say I would go out and stand in one!

"Addy" said...

I found your blog through my SIL, Fawn. Just wanted to say I love your honesty when yo blog!