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Sunday, August 31, 2008

pity party

been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to title this blog entry. no ideas. not much to blog about, really. Yogi was home today, that was nice. i washed my truck, weeded the garden, cleaned the deck... nothing special...then my parents surprised us with a brand new gas grill! they bought it for their lakehouse in July, decided it was too big and gave it to us today. ours was old, small and not the safest thing in the world, i guess my father was losing sleep over that. the one they brought is big and really nice. we are having a little Welcome Home get together for doug and his friend Ben(he will be home from basic training on friday night)so the grill will be so awesome to have. Mom is feeling alot better and they had wanted to come over and see the kids for a while, kendyl is so close to my Mom. dad doesnt come over often, so we had a good time, they stayed for like an hour, i was surprised. mom tires easily. we cooked on the grill while they were here. talk about over eager. mom says my kids swear too much. gee, theres a news flash@@
i miss kristin now! shes so busy at school, being a residents assistant and all. she called today and emails alot. shes happy. she said all the freshmen on her floor seem like good kids-shes not so sure about the upper classmen though. turns we over paid for her tuition, so UNH just mailed us 550.00$. that'll pay for her books-yippee!
jackson, overall, had a very, VERY good month. i am waiting for the fall. maybe things will stay good? he seems happy and comfy in his own skin lately. hhmm. he likes his new(male) teacher so far too.
yogi was laid off while i was away. foreman dont usually get laid off, he was real surprised, we think its only for a week, his boss is sure of it, just not enough work for him, but ya ever know how long it may really be. like things werent bad enough for us, financially. HO HUM! it cant get much worse, we are in serious danger of foreclosure as it is. we just keep on keepin' on. he will roof houses full time instead of part time and do some work on a friends kitchen(it burned down)while hes waiting to go back. itll be ok, it always is.

the baby completely destroyed my printer while i was gone. so now i have no camera, no printer. waahhh!
boy, this turned into a freaking pity party!-sorry!
oh-i lost about 8 lbs this month. time to break out that thong bakini, girls! baaaaaaaaaaaaaa! it would look like dental floss.
ok, yogi needs the computer. MEN!
wish i had some pics to share. POUT.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

great trip, other stuff

saying goodbye to his sargeant who was in blackhawk down years ago. doug was amazed by this guys stories. the guy looks mad here, but he was just saying goodbye i swear LOL
saying goodbye to GA

oj and ipod-he was thrilled
band-they were so amazing and it was so hot for them
hes the one farthest away
after graduation. i was melting but i did fine, HOR did not. one soldier passed out, another soldier carried him into the woods and then came back

first time i saw him
at the PX, he ate & ate & ate

(pics are loaded in backwards order, read from bottom to top)
my trip was great with only 2 casualties-my camera fell off the bleachers during the graduation ceremony the last day. the camera works, but no flash. OY. i can't afford to replace it so all future posted photos will be bright, outdoor scenes LOL. i lost my glasses too. i was careful and still lost them on the plane ride there. old script but, they were all i had. another OY mixed with a DOY. i read that entire book! it was amazing. what a feeling. i felt like i needed to stand up and announce it to my fellow passengers. but i didnt LOL

spending 3 days with my Husband -Once- Removed had its tongue biting moments but in the end, it was SO for the best. the trip would have been too much for Mom. too much heat&sun, too much waiting, standing, running, walking, searching & stairs.... the flight was fine but then there was that national FCC computer glitch and we sat on the runway for an hour after landing before we could exit the aircraft. the Atlanta airport is NOT user friendly, is too big, was CLEARLY designed by a MAN (no offense T Man!)and is FILTHY. Mom is a stress bag and would have made me more anxious and together, we may have been a disaster. i did well by myself. H.O.R picked me up at atlanta and we drove an hour & a half to the hotel and shared a room. that part was fine but the first room was on the first floor, the carpet was wet, it smelled like mold and was so damp that the papers in my hand felt wet after 15 minutes. the AC and TV both were broken. needless to say, we moved upstairs and the room wasnt clean enough or updated, but was ok and cool and comfortable, with a working but ancient TV. all in all though, Columbus GA is YUCKY. just plain FILTHY. james hung out in booby bars while i stayed in the room alone both nights watching Braves games. gee, just like when we were married! hes a trip, to say the least. to think we could have been sharing our 20th wedding anniversary while we were on that trip!(no thank you) i wonder what in the world ever possessed me to marry someone i had NOTHING in common with. geesh. we did drink a toast to our "20 years of successful co-parenting" though. anyway, seeing Doug was so great and on the video camera you can hear me yelling for him and screaming AHHHH when i see him & get to give him a hug for the first time. they sure make you wait! we went to texas Roadhouse and I had to pay the bill, but it was worth it. graduation was awesome, he looks great and hes a changed man. he also spends lots of cash! he made lots of friends, learned alot and looked so weird in normal fitted pants! we had a ball but lemme tell you, without GPS (the Tom Tom, who i affectionately refer to as Darla)it would have been really, really hard and my mom & i would have been SO LOST & frustrated all the time. everything went the way it needed to. i brought dougs swimsuit with me, but he wasnt allowed to change out of uniform for any reason, so that was a bust. i went to the pool on the 2nd night while HOR cruised the streets for local talent. the pool was great and now i want a pool. when it was all said & done they dropped me at the airport at 1pm so they could get an early start driving home. my plane wasnt coming until 540. i bought magazines but had trouble without my glasses. i sat with other red sox fans, who had their blackberries, and we kept up with the red sox/yankees game, which we lost in the 9th inning. then i realized i had cramps a week early and killed time by walking 4 miles for tampax. LEGIT!(as C would say LOL). that part sucked. then we were 20th in line for takeoff LOL. im a JINX!

while i was away jackson had his big appointment in Boston. he gained 3 more pounds and grew another inch, putting him at exactly 5 feet tall, 85 pounds. perfectly healthy and all that jazz, just like always. so far, since getting him healthy initially in late 03, this HIV stuff is no big deal. whats everyone so worried about? these HIV+ orphans need to get into HOMES. with FAMILIES.

daddy did a great job taking care of the 3 youngest and C was a HUGE HELP. shes such a care taker. shes gonna make a great wife and mom some day. shawn was fine without ninnies while i was away, and ate like a little piggie, but the minute he knew i was home he was smacking his lips LOL so... hes still not weaned. he picked up right where we left off, little booger. oh well, he wont be a baby for very long. that i know. but it was nice to not lift my shirt for anybody for 3 days! good thing nobody asked lolololololol

ok.. i am so boring!

what can i say thats fun to read?

i guess i will just post pics, that gets me off the hook. i'm sure there was alot more to report, i certainly had plenty of "i am SO blogging this!" moments while i was away, but i was up all night last night, chatting with Yogi's sister who spent the night, so im too tired to think.
have a great holiday weekend, y'all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

packed and ready

im excited to get going, but apprehensive. its not the flying part, i like flying.
even though yogi is, quite honestly, THE MAN when it comes to child rearing, he has some appointments he cant get out of and C will have the babies alot more than i thought while im gone. jackson has a long doctor visit in boston on wed. and he has some other things scheduled too. jackson likes C, but now that hes decided her boobs arent that big.. i mean..great of a thing, he doesnt respect, honor & cherish(read:drool over) her quite like he used to. hes moved onto bigger and better things lol(hes over his boob fetish, i mean). he has been quite rude and disrespectful towards her lately. i went over the rules, threatened him with wet noodle beatings...using the tent sleeping thing as a bribe.. i mean INCENTIVE, and im praying he behaves well for her and doesnt make things harder than they need be. lack of ninnies will likely make for a very cranky baby, and she will have all she can handle on her plate!

that being said, i am excited to see my dougalou graduate and read an enitire book cover to cover. i got a great book for my birthday i have hardly looked at. i cannot believe i am going to read a WHOLE ENTIRE book WITH WORDS. (i could be reading instead of blogging every night but...ya know)

shawn was SO mischievous today! first he cut his knee open on the edges of the hardwood steps in the living room. the corners arent mitered well and are very old and jagged. deep cut too. no tears, just bloody. we gate the stairway, so he just climbs them on the outer edges, outside of the railing, and gets into everything he can reach. then he fell head first into the (empty thank GOD) bathtub. then he climbed onto my patio table and sprayed Spray & Wash into his face for 10 minutes or so before he decided to cry a little and i saw what he was doing. the entire tabletop and all 4 chairs are soapy. i had been spraying the spaghetti stains on kendyls white shirt and leaving it out in the sun like my mom taught me to(it works!)anyway, his mouth and eyes were full of stingy soap and he was pretty unphased, overall LOL. we threw him in the tub and got it all out, but he was still rubbing his eyes whe he fell asleep. nothing phases this kid, he amazes me.

mom is still pretty sick, shes so bummed out that she cant go with me.
i just hope i dont come home with bed bugs.

i guess thats it, no good stories really. see y'all on friday some time... have a good week! all 11 of you. HA.

something... notable?

i find it interesting that after wetting his bed 63 nights in a row( i will take the liberty of assuming that he was wet every night at camp, since the smell almost knocked me out when he came home), jackson has had 8 dry nights in a row in the tent. coincidence? i think not. i casually brought this observation up to Jackson yesterday, he merely gave me the "eh, the bitch caught me" stink eye. that little grin that says "what are you gonna do about it?" i asked him what he thought the difference was. he said "i dont want my tent wet!" mmmmmm. i see. but the bed is no big deal? "i can pee outside the tent" um.. your bed is 4 feet from a working toilet for a reason. thats why you have THE BIG ROOM all to yourself.
i made it clear that once its too cold to sleep outside, the bed will stay dry too. his INTENTIONAL wetting creates 4-5 loads of laundry a week. its all about control with him. from now on, on the mornings that the bed is dry, he will have priviledges, on the mornings that its wet, he will not. i think ive had enough after 5 years.

just pics

i love this one

"pretend to be sad" LOL
be wild

Sunday, August 24, 2008

some good news, some bad news

i lied, there isnt any good news.
no, im kidding, there is one good thing!
THE DOG IS WAY BETTER!!!!! after 6 long weeks of wretching, coughing, hacking and barfing up lung butter all over my house and yard, the dog is , very suddenly, recovering nicely! its been 3 days since i have heard him cough and no yuck anywhere. yes! no pricey bloodwork, x rays or funeral to schedule. our woodchuck(chucky) keeps trying to dig up Mack Daddy, so i dont know what i would have done with a 100 lb beast like Dakotah! so this is very happy news, the best part being that i wont have to tell doug that his dog has one foot in the grave. he loves his baby dog.
the other news is poopy. (no pun intended)my mom is too sick with a colon thing to fly to GA, so i am on my own again. im fine with going alone, but i hate to waste the ticket and im nervous about making the 100 mile drive from the airport to my ghetto hotel by myself. my sense of direction, in a strange place, or in a ghetto, is not great. i invited my sister to come with me, her job is flexible, shes thinking it over and calling me later. we've never done anything together, by choice anyway, in 40+ years, so this could get interesting. shes really fun and a good driver, itll be way more fun to have her with me than go by my lonesome, as long as it doesnt have the same ending as Thelma & Louise. we'll see... she may not be able to pull it off. if she cant come, i will have my husband-once-removed(who is driving to GA as we speak) pick me up at the airport, share my hotel room and i'll skip the rental car altogether! we get along fine, as weird as he is. atleast he doesnt smoke anymore! but theres that whole ick factor .....

why does orange juice cost 4$??????? my grocery bill was insane today. i quit! then the jerk next to me in the lot parked so close, i was too fat to get in without hitting her, so i had to climb in the other side. if there werent surveilance cameras i would have keyed that witches car! i think i will put signs up from now on:
dear friend....i am very fat. please dont park too close, or i will be forced to key your car. have a nice day.
ya think? christine would do it! fawn, stop laughing!

OH- and i am all for teenagers showing off their individuality. finding themselves. all that stuff. i support it. i do! but when the lip/eyelid/nose piercing you treated yourself to(???) last week is INFECTED AND OOZING ICKY GREEN BUBBLY STUFF, you might want to call in sick to your job at THE DELI DEPARTMENT! thank you in advance.
ok, enough about my shopping trip.

what should i cook tonight? has anyone made the buffalo chicken chili mac yet? Shea?? i made it again last night. mmm. i outdid myself. no idea what to make tonight. i better go. Y is outside entertaining all the kids. it could get ugly, i think i hear the hose.

LATE EDIT: the ticket is non-transferable, just like i told my mother it likely was. she assured me it was transferable. it is not. my sister can't go anyway, so it'll just be lil' ol me. and that's ok. i will read my book and SLEEP! people watch...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

jackson. blogging is therapeutic.

we have not had a good day today. he has never hit kendyl before. he hit her in the side of the head last night because he didnt want her to follow him upstairs. he denied it, of course, but she just sobbed and sobbed asking "why wont he say sorry to me? why did he hit me, mummy?" i remained very calm and later told him how sad she was that he didnt apologize. he just grinned. dink.(sorry, just keeping it real)
then today he decided he needed batteries, so he just goes into MY personal drawer and starts ripping through packages. i calmly told him that it is not ok to take things without asking and that ,contrary to what he believes, he is not entitled to every single item in this house. so he rolled his eyes, dropped the package right where he was and opened another drawer and started rummaging. i asked him to stop. he called me a fat bitch under his breath. at that point i told him he could spend the rest of the day playing alone in his room, since he couldnt join in with the family appropriately. fast forward...
i just asked him to come downstairs to eat dinner and feed the dog. he did that, but filled the dog bowl to the top with water and added about 1/4 cup of food, just to see how i would react(this is a repeated annoying behavior). i told him he'd need to start over, the dog weighs 100 lbs. and jackson knows exactly how much food he is to be fed. when he finally was ready to eat his own dinner, we were finished with ours, since he dawdles so much and does everything in haitian pace(slow & stop pace), so he was eating alone while my husband washed his hands for dinner after arriving home late. jackson decided to start banging very loudly on the table to make the dog go crazy barking(knocking at the door is the only noise he EVER barks at and it scares the hell out of the little ones and jack knows it) i asked him to stop, but remained.... detached??? he continued to knock.
Yogi came out of the washroom at that point and quietly told him that dinner time must be over, since he was pestering, he must not be very hungry afterall. bowl went to sink. boy left room pissed way off. self sabotage. gotta love it.
i give up.
can i have cake now?

my Daily Routines

maybe i DO have a routine! ive been thinking and this is what ive made up.. er.. i mean come up with LOL(i have read the blogger instructions on how to cross out words 53 times and it still just reads "blah blah blah, yadda yadda blah wookie-2 shoes" to me. oh well. )

* when shawn takes his morning nap, i routinely shower, get dressed, clean up after breakfast, start laundry and read e mail. on non-school days, i also dress kendyl and comb/tie up her hair.

* in good weather, we routinely go outside to play as soon as shawn wakes from morning nap at about 11am. any errands are also run between naps also, whether Ken is at school or not

* we routinely read to kendyl every night

*we routinely listen to music all day

* during baseball season, that is pretty much the only thing we adults watch on TV. what else matters?????

* after the kids have lunch, during Shawn's afternoon nap, i routinely make important phone calls, fold & put away laundry(he is OF NO HELP in this area LOL), unload dishwasher, Kendyl watches her favorite shows while she helps me put away toys(she is so into Super Why right now!), i chill out, eat some lunch, get online, blog, read blogs, sort through snail mail, TRY to clean off kitchen table, AKA "the dumping ground". i ALWAYS atleast decide what i am making for dinner at this time, gather ingredients, make sure i have everything, poll the troops to ask what they want to have..sometimes i start it, if its complicated.

* after the nap, this is typically shawns cranky time of day when you just cannot please him, i take him outside if its nice, he rides his bike, we take a stroller ride(i have a double. yay craiglist!)he jumps on trampoline with kendyl...i try to wear them out LOL. if its lousy outside we play in the living room. but hes fussy no matter what, so dinner time is stressful and is often totally wrecked by his antics. sometimes, Yogi & i eat in shifts. but.. the last 6 days has been so much better! i hope hes coming out of it. (the eye teeth are in and hes been happier)so... for that reason, i really try to get it going while hes alseep. yogi just re heats when he gets home if hes late or works a 2nd job after coming home from Boston.

* i routinely shower and go to bed between 10-1030, yogi tries for 930. he fails LOL. he gets up at 3:45 6 days a week, i get up between 530-630, depending on Shawns antics lol. lately i nurse him when he wakes up screaming bloody murder between 330-430, then he sleeps until 6 or 630, instead of 5-530. i can handle that compromise. OY. when will it end????

* i routinely ignore weeds, lawns, messy, toy cluttered yard, and other outdoor crapola. i just do not care one bit. we are SO not into curb appeal or any landscaping of any kind. it all costs money and wastes water, in our opinion. its just wasteful all around. dont look if ya dont like it. poor poor Anal Retentive Phil. i honestly think he self medicates because of us ROFLMAO.

* i vacuum and clean my truck every Sunday, without fail. i like my vehicle CLEAN. very. i cannot stand those moms who's cars look like they live in there lol. YUCK. clean it up! (yet my yard often looks like a goat exploded LOLOLOL). i dont wash it often enough, but the inside looks like it just came off the showroom floor, go figure! i also wash sheets on Sundays.

look at that! i have some ROUTINE!

Friday, August 22, 2008

just funny/not funny

funny!(made by "C")
not funny at all :(

"routines" (except not really)

i need to get this off my chest! its been keeping me awake.
as you all know, i have been a mom for almost 20 years, beginning in my late teens(19). i am no newbie! i am not wet behind the ears. i moved out at 17 and have maintained my own(shared) home since that time. i wasnt born last night.
i read a few blogs now, maybe 10 or so. the other day i read a blog written by a mom of 4 children under the age of 3.5. she wrote at length about her Daily Routine. until i read hers, i thought i had a routine. i was mistaken. painfully so, it seems.
my kids have bedtimes and bedtime routines. naptimes are pretty strictly adhered to for Shawn. my method of discipline is routine and they know what to expect. mealtimes & bath/tooth brushing times are pretty routine too, most of the time.
BUT.. as far as the rest.....when the toilet looks dirty, i scrub it. when the sink is full of dishes, i load the dishwasher. when i am out of pants or my husband walks by shaking his head, crying and shaking uncontrollably, i do the laundry. i have that firm grasp of the obvious. i wash floors and vacuum carpets when they look bad. i like my house clean and i keep up ok, im no pack rat(no storage here!) and i get rid of anything we arent using regularly. even my OCD friend thinks our home is "acceptable but lived in" LOL. no routine here i guess, for cleaning and maintenance.
this other blogger is UNREAL scheduled, more than my sister-in-law(who cracks me up and i tease the hell outta her). she even schedules very structured play time, bath time, bible study and one-on-one time with each of the 3 older children. she vacuums under her beds on certain days, grocery shops and runs errand on certain days between the hours of frik & frak..... i am just blown away. is it me? have i been doing it all wrong for 20 years???????
now, in her defense... defense is the wrong word, she certainly doesnt need defending, shes an amazing Mother, just explaining maybe. she doesnt own a TV, she has 3 babies and one on the way with a health concern, her husband works constantly so shes on her own, out in the boonies, alot. my kids have a way bigger age spread, i am parenting kids in so many different stages of life i am half crazy, 2 of mine are almost "grown"..... so our lives are different but WOW. my missionary friend in Haiti has 7 kids and a live in niece(3 under age 2!)and i dont think shes scheduled at all LOL shes more like me. she openly admits to handing out cereal for dinner regularly, i love her(her blog address is in my sidebar, check it out youll laugh your butt off. the Livesays) so my question is... how do you all do it? are our kids suffering from extremes either way? are john & kate plus 8 doing it the right way?(like she has a choice! NOT)
i just hope my kids dont all turn into axe murderers because i didnt schedule in the math flashcards!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'M BACK! / Alcatraz??????/RAD crap

"C" & ken
before we took the hammer away

simeon & kendyl
i love them together. he better marry her lol

doing hair
at the park in the "car"

well, in the end i only went one full day without a computer. not too bad. It's all fixed and working nicely. i brought kris back to college yadda yadda yadda. but those stories are boring so let's move on huh? i have way juicier crap to report!

ok.. so....we have these rabbits. it all started with

"can i have a bunny?"

"can i have a bunny?"

"can i have a bunny?"

yogi is a SUCKER.

so my parents gave us this really nice outdoor hutch that had been made for them years ago and we adopted a female rabbit from craigs list. then, 3 months later, my daughter who wanted a bunny went off to college and left the entire responsibility to ME. DUH! now who's the sucker??? then my niece called and told me her friend was moving and needed a new home for her bunny. she claimed it was a female. 4 weeks later we had 5 more bunnies LOLOLOLOL. we found homes for all the bunnies except 1, and got another cage for the father. the father bunny(in honor of Fawn, i will call him MackDaddy LOL) dropped dead on june 10th, so we are down to 2 females now.

these rabbits played us for FOOLS!!!!! they mock us! i woke up monday morning and they were running around the yard! they had spent months chewing a huge hole in the back of the cage and ESCAPED! every time we walked by they stood over it like nothing was going on. those little........they've been planning this for months! luckily we have 2 cages, so jackson was asked to catch them and put them in Mack Daddy's cage. i woke up College Sophomore and told her that her furry little darlings were running amock, eating the neighbors vegetables, and needed to be caught THIS MINUTE! (you DO NOT anger Anal Retentive Phil on the corner!)i was in my pajamas, bra-less and was feeding shawn some breakfast. College Sophomore saw no urgency in the situation, and took a leisurely shower, ate a leisurely breakfast and spent a leisurely 20 minutes getting dressed. i was ready to explode at that point. i told her i needed for her to participate. no worries, she said(GGRR)

jackson is so stinkin' fast and so coordinated, he is our best rabbit catcher and takes pride in that fact(ok.. ok.. i pay the kid! don't judge me!) and he quickly caught mooney and came in the house asking for 10$ LOL. Max, the mother rabbit, is not as stupid.. er...i mean trusting as her 1 year old daughter. she would prove to be a 40$ catch LOLOLOLOL. at this point, my Mother's Helper, "C".. (ok... that name is dumb, what else can we call her??? somebody come up with something better ok??? get back to me) anyway, she showed up and we all looked for max on & off throughout the day, unsuccessfully. but heres the RAD part:

when jackson caught Mooney, HE PUT HER IN THE SAME CAGE SHE ESCAPED FROM! do you see where i am going with this??? i asked him, "where did you put Mooney?"(i know him soooo well)

"in the cage"

"which cage?"

"her cage"

"you mean the one she CHEWED A HUGE HOLE IN?"

"um... yah."

"super cool. WHY??"

"why not?"


"go get her and put her in the cage she wont get out of, please!"


insert complete mental breakdown here. he has NO LOGIC. NO REASONING SKILLS. and NO MEMORY whatsoever.

i calmly explained why. he then had the NERVE to say,

"you told me not to put her in the other cage."

OH REALLY?????????????????? you make this drivel up off the top of your head! why cant you just say "I FORGOT!" ???

"cuz you always say "and i dont want to hear 'i forgot' "

ahhh shit. you win. just go get her LOL

do your radishes constantly fabricate supposed conversations with you that NEVER took place? he is THE MASTER of that and it drives me bonkers!

ok, so i told that big long story just to ask you that question, so sue me, i aint got nothin'!

oh, late in the day, max got thirsty and tired and came home. "C" was sitting on the ground & taking pictures while jack & yogi built a tent, max hopped right over to her and "C" scooped her up put her in the cage. PHEW. good thing Mack Daddy croaked when he did. God bless his little soul(he was the friendly one too, he was the MAN)

ok.. so jackson lives outside in a tent with his dog and i dont wanna talk about it. so there. its not my fault. he loves it so im staying out of it. hes being good and wants to earn sleeping in there every night. who am i to intervene????? i'm INNOCENT, i tell ya! not one of you believes me and i can handle that.

my mom & i leave for GA on tuesday. she showed up here today with a HUGE swimsuit she bought for me at Macy's so we can swim at the hotel. thanks ma. groan. the damn thing will fit too, i know it. no, i havent tried it on lol

any of you near fort benning GA?

dog is still sick. i give up and i am planning his funeral. dont judge me, i said!

i want lap band surgery. laugh all you want, Fawn! LOL

jackson will miss the first day of school because he has his quarterly visit with his HIV guy in boston, and he might as well go while Yogi is taking time off while i am in GA. then he goes back a week later cuz hes in this Guardisil(one less! one less!) study and needs his blood taken . this study has been the biggest pain in the arse and we are NEVER participating in one again. its been a year of this. a 2 hour ride in commuter traffic for a 5 minute blood test????? NEVER AGAIN!

i think i may have something to report next week that will knock your panties off. but not yet.

sleep well my devoted readers! (all 8 of you LOL)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

no computer :(

kristin leaves at 6 am with her notebook, and mine still isnt fixed/replaced, no idea what the hold up is. i called tonight, nobody called me back and now they arent answering the phones @@
so.... see ya when i see ya! this has been such a pain! i have so much to say and great pics to post but... outta time right now...waaaa

Friday, August 15, 2008

another cool storm! and other drivel i feel like spewing tonight

we are getting clubbed with rain, thunder and mega lightning right now, this summer has kicked ass. nuff said.

the guy nextdoor has all his tables, chairs, porta potties and crap set up for tomorrow. sucks to be him LOLOLOLOL. no... hes got tents too, hes all set. im just goofy tonight and heres your warning- i dont feel like punctuating either so too bad.

so, let's talk serious here for a sec. i wicked screwed up today(wicked is a word in new england, google it..) heres what i did:

i bribed my kid. i did it. jackson. i bribed him hard. i told him if i saw major effort and decent grades first quarter id buy him a cell phone. the boy was honestly drooling down his chin as i walked him through the AT$T store & let him touch things. "go ahead, hold it. touch it, see how it feels in your hand...." i was shamefull. i know, i know, call me a moron. but the truth is, i am desperate for this young man to find out what he CAN do. what he IS worth. how dumb he ISNT. hes so convinced that hes completely stupid and worthless that he doesnt try at anything. not even sports. he goes with what his natural talent offers and no more. dont get me wrong, hes an amazingly gifted baseball and basketball player, but its not like he puts in one second of true effort, and he admits it. hes just good. hes actually good at every sport, but only plays on teams for base and basketball. ( we said no to football, its a HUGE committment in our area)he can juggle, dance, do gymnastics, run like the wind, perform amazing flips on the trampoline, do bicycle & skateboard tricks.... but again, no effort, just whatever comes naturally. anyway, back to the bribe.

so i signed the contract(the kid doesnt trust women) and we shook on it. i just might be going straight to hell but its worth it. there. i said it. hes worth it.

did i say that outloud??????????????????????

anyway, i still have no computer, so no pics, so i decided to post these 2 cute pics i found on kristins laptop. cute huh?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a good week!

still no computer, but it's been a very good week overall. jackson came home from camp in a good mood, and has had a good week too. shawn had a great start to the week, but these new eye teeth sure hurt-yesterday and today he was so cranky! husband has been home a little bit this week too, which is so nice. we like each other LOL

the guy nextdoor is hosting his son's wedding on Saturday. 100 people. the guy across the street is having a birthday party for his 26 year old (weird) that same day-50 people. the lady on the corner is having some kind of party too. 60 people. should i charge 20$ a pop for parking on my crappy lawn??????????????? i am not above it. i could rake it in! i promised the guy nextdoor i wouldn't pray for rain(he knows i'm a total weather geek)

took jack out for Nike's tonight. he's thrilled. i bought 3 lightweight shirts for my trip to GA, it's coming up quick. i wonder how much spending money i should plan on.

kris is doing lots of supply shopping for school, she's just about ready to go back.

dog is still sick. he's on another 14 days of a strong medication, but i see no change. he'll need blood work and x rays next, if he doesn't improve. He's also overdue for a few shots and yearly checkup. hes gonna cost me a damn fortune next month, i can feel it. NO MORE PETS. when he's gone, i am DONE. we just cannot afford this crap anymore. sorry, but... geeze.

my "mother's helper", "C", who i adore, pissed her parents off with her spoiled bahavior and is grounded. i am proud of them, they stood their ground(she's an only child, adopted through the foster care system at 10 mos. and had a VERY tough start)but..they are WAY too easy on her and take way too much crap, so i'm thrilled that they didn't back down but i miss her and so do the kids! not sure how long shes imprisoned for......more on that later.

missin' my Louie tonight.

trying to get back on a serious treadmill schedule with myself. NOT EASY! another reason why i want shawners OUT OF MY BEDROOM! i have GOT to get serious. it is getting very out of control at this point. i have never been big like this. it's hard to deal with and my knees hurt all the time now. buying size 14/16 shirts and 18/20 pants SUCKS. my mother is a heart patient, i must get moving! waaa. pity me. i am now officially 100 lbs heavier than i was on the day i graduated highschool, and i was not skinny-just average. inspire me.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


we just got the COOLEST hail storm! it was so totally freaking awesome!!!!!! who just died & went to heaven??? ME.

my computer is dead dead dead. (and may go to heaven)no mouse hardware anymore, LCD screen is leaking, motherboard might need to be replaced. circuit city geek says they may just replace it. woohoo! its only 18 mos. old, so theres no excuse. ok.. so its fallen from couch to carpeted floor a few times. big deal! its been such a lemon since day one, to be honest,. i hope they mail me a new one. circuit city backed up all my files for $100., so its all good either way.

jackson came home from camp in a good mood, chatted about it alot today. slept and slept and slept all day yesterday, camp takes alot out of him. hes tired today too, with a very sore knee. we think hes going to need some laproscopic surgery in the future, that knee has been junk since we met him for goodness sakes...anyway, hes jovial and doing fine so far.

yogi worked today, how can ya say no to double time? he came home about 130 though, so not too bad. i cleaned kendyl's room, got rid of the changing table, packed away some knick knacks and stuffed animals, made some space so both babies can sleep in there eventually. shawn has had a crib in there all along, but sleeps in the one in MY room. i want him out! LOL hes being evicted soon!

better make some dinner. ho hum! i do not feel like it. yogi was mowing the lawn when the storm started lol. hes soaked! i went out in the hail, i have black & blue arms now! i am such a weather nerd.
cant post pics, so hopefully my laptop will be back soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

laptop crashed!

no mouse. being fixed. i am on the dinosaur lol will see you all in a few days i hope.

Friday, August 8, 2008


they sure expect alot!
shawn alan was awake at 11, 2, 330 & 430. OY. when kris leaves for school on the 20th, her room is MINE (add sinister laugh here)
i just scrubbed the bathtub/shower. um... eeeewwww????? yogi is a roofer, but YIKES. why doesn't anybody help? the mess was insane and un neccesary. strangely, the toilet was still quite clean since last ceaning. because jackson isnt here! there. i said it!
kris just informed me(at 1015 am) that she is working from 11-8 and needs my car. awwwww come ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn! i have stuff i wanna doooooooooooooooooooooooooo. yes, i whined. good thing my favorite pizza place delivers LOL cuz its friday and i want my pizza!
the dog still has kennel cough!
pretty ho-hum week here, not much to report. it has rained every single day, not sure what camp has been like for jack, but i am sure he had a ball anyway, he doesnt care one bit.
sahwn is awake already. geesh.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

nothing much...

sometimes, it's the little things in life that you appreciate. just making cupcakes with kendyl, in peace yesterday afternoon, was such a huge thing to us both. the baby has been quite cranky & clingy quite often as of late(we have no idea why, eye teeth?) so during naptime we decided to bake a cake, but she likes cupcakes way better so that's what we did. i worry about hers & my.. um.. extra bulk so we each had one and gave away the rest LOL. she had so much fun, she loves to mix and crack eggs and make things.
my mom is 60 today! holy cow. 60. she has a heart condition-heart attack at 53- and 2 debilitating forms of arthritis, but she keeps goin'. my kids love their Grammy. she's decided to tag along on my trip to GA, Lord help me lol. i was so looking forward to being ALONE a bit, but i couldn't hurt her feelings, she's my Mother! she's chatty, but i still may get to read my book on the plane a bit, i guess. i can't wait to go!
if Yogi's mom had survived her rare cancer, she'd be turning 65 tomorrow. WOW. we are getting OLD!
i am so boring today. just not much to talk about. i read so many blogs by these deep, thought provoking Moms, who make us think, challenge the ways of the world and exercise our minds. i am not deep. i am not philosophical. i am just simple me. no epiphanies here. sorry!
anyway, since you-know-who went you-know-where on sunday, it has been peaceful, relaxed and downright jovial here. the week is flying by though, and soon we will all be back together. i am anxious about this fact. i do not yet look forward to saturday morning.
how's that for depth?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

missing my Louie Lou

he got my blue eyes
doug & ben, his best friend who also enlisted and is at boot camp, but at a different location

my son Doug is named after my Father, so he has a nickname. Lou. Louie lou has been gone for....7 weeks now. 3 more to go. i will see him on the 27th. i am missing him SOOOOO much! he loves what he's doing. he has called me the last 2 Sundays and is really enjoying it alot. In fact, his platoon will likely win for Honor Platoon, he reported, even though a couple guys snuck to the PX the other day to buy candy and re-sell it for a fortune(and got caught!) lololol. He's in an absolutely AWESOME group of young men. he says he thinks he may be in "for life." he loves being part of a team for the first time in his life. he has always been a bit of a loner. he loves the weaponry and throwing live grenades LOL. he's hoping to get better grades in his senior year, graduate on time with his friends, and then he will head off to more Army training for 5 months before heading to Iraq or afghanistan in late '09/early 2010. he's a great son and a really good friend to his buddies(human and kanine). he always has hugs for mom and sticks up for me when Jackson is mean LOL. i wish he enjoyed (and tried harder in) school, but he really feels motivated for this year, at this point. hoping it continues now that he has felt some success in his life.

this is me, but thinner

how are all of you staying afloat financially? we are sinking!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pics of the day

Dakotah Maverick Davey- a rescue dog we adopted when he was 18 mos. old. hes 4 now. we share a birthday actually. hes a pure bred english lab who enjoys trash can tipping, counter surfing, chats by the fire & walks on the beach.
i actually took these to mail to doug. Dak is his baby.
just funny LOL
sweet face, cute belly button
face like Daddy, thigh chops like Mummy LOL