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Saturday, August 30, 2008

great trip, other stuff

saying goodbye to his sargeant who was in blackhawk down years ago. doug was amazed by this guys stories. the guy looks mad here, but he was just saying goodbye i swear LOL
saying goodbye to GA

oj and ipod-he was thrilled
band-they were so amazing and it was so hot for them
hes the one farthest away
after graduation. i was melting but i did fine, HOR did not. one soldier passed out, another soldier carried him into the woods and then came back

first time i saw him
at the PX, he ate & ate & ate

(pics are loaded in backwards order, read from bottom to top)
my trip was great with only 2 casualties-my camera fell off the bleachers during the graduation ceremony the last day. the camera works, but no flash. OY. i can't afford to replace it so all future posted photos will be bright, outdoor scenes LOL. i lost my glasses too. i was careful and still lost them on the plane ride there. old script but, they were all i had. another OY mixed with a DOY. i read that entire book! it was amazing. what a feeling. i felt like i needed to stand up and announce it to my fellow passengers. but i didnt LOL

spending 3 days with my Husband -Once- Removed had its tongue biting moments but in the end, it was SO for the best. the trip would have been too much for Mom. too much heat&sun, too much waiting, standing, running, walking, searching & stairs.... the flight was fine but then there was that national FCC computer glitch and we sat on the runway for an hour after landing before we could exit the aircraft. the Atlanta airport is NOT user friendly, is too big, was CLEARLY designed by a MAN (no offense T Man!)and is FILTHY. Mom is a stress bag and would have made me more anxious and together, we may have been a disaster. i did well by myself. H.O.R picked me up at atlanta and we drove an hour & a half to the hotel and shared a room. that part was fine but the first room was on the first floor, the carpet was wet, it smelled like mold and was so damp that the papers in my hand felt wet after 15 minutes. the AC and TV both were broken. needless to say, we moved upstairs and the room wasnt clean enough or updated, but was ok and cool and comfortable, with a working but ancient TV. all in all though, Columbus GA is YUCKY. just plain FILTHY. james hung out in booby bars while i stayed in the room alone both nights watching Braves games. gee, just like when we were married! hes a trip, to say the least. to think we could have been sharing our 20th wedding anniversary while we were on that trip!(no thank you) i wonder what in the world ever possessed me to marry someone i had NOTHING in common with. geesh. we did drink a toast to our "20 years of successful co-parenting" though. anyway, seeing Doug was so great and on the video camera you can hear me yelling for him and screaming AHHHH when i see him & get to give him a hug for the first time. they sure make you wait! we went to texas Roadhouse and I had to pay the bill, but it was worth it. graduation was awesome, he looks great and hes a changed man. he also spends lots of cash! he made lots of friends, learned alot and looked so weird in normal fitted pants! we had a ball but lemme tell you, without GPS (the Tom Tom, who i affectionately refer to as Darla)it would have been really, really hard and my mom & i would have been SO LOST & frustrated all the time. everything went the way it needed to. i brought dougs swimsuit with me, but he wasnt allowed to change out of uniform for any reason, so that was a bust. i went to the pool on the 2nd night while HOR cruised the streets for local talent. the pool was great and now i want a pool. when it was all said & done they dropped me at the airport at 1pm so they could get an early start driving home. my plane wasnt coming until 540. i bought magazines but had trouble without my glasses. i sat with other red sox fans, who had their blackberries, and we kept up with the red sox/yankees game, which we lost in the 9th inning. then i realized i had cramps a week early and killed time by walking 4 miles for tampax. LEGIT!(as C would say LOL). that part sucked. then we were 20th in line for takeoff LOL. im a JINX!

while i was away jackson had his big appointment in Boston. he gained 3 more pounds and grew another inch, putting him at exactly 5 feet tall, 85 pounds. perfectly healthy and all that jazz, just like always. so far, since getting him healthy initially in late 03, this HIV stuff is no big deal. whats everyone so worried about? these HIV+ orphans need to get into HOMES. with FAMILIES.

daddy did a great job taking care of the 3 youngest and C was a HUGE HELP. shes such a care taker. shes gonna make a great wife and mom some day. shawn was fine without ninnies while i was away, and ate like a little piggie, but the minute he knew i was home he was smacking his lips LOL so... hes still not weaned. he picked up right where we left off, little booger. oh well, he wont be a baby for very long. that i know. but it was nice to not lift my shirt for anybody for 3 days! good thing nobody asked lolololololol

ok.. i am so boring!

what can i say thats fun to read?

i guess i will just post pics, that gets me off the hook. i'm sure there was alot more to report, i certainly had plenty of "i am SO blogging this!" moments while i was away, but i was up all night last night, chatting with Yogi's sister who spent the night, so im too tired to think.
have a great holiday weekend, y'all!


Cervato said...

Glad you're back. Glad things mostly went well.

Brenda said...

Welcome home!! You look so happy with your son. : )

Brenda said...

I have something for you at my blog.

Erin said...

AWESOME ALI!!!!!!! Sounds like it went well.. HOR... hmm... well... WE LOVE YOGI! LOL! So, GOOD CHOICE IN THE MAN FOR YOU TO GROW OLD WITH!
Doug looks FABULOUS! I am SO Proud of him.....