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Monday, September 1, 2008

perplexed village idiots

today doug & his friends took jackson to the beach. i was surprised doug invited him! yah, i let him go. hes a good swimmer. they came home late. doug doesnt have a cell phone, so i couldnt call. they strolled in after 7pm and jackson had homework he'd blown off all weekend. the 2 little ones had just gone to bed, i was washing dishes. jack started cutting things out of newspaper ads and magazines so yogi asked him"what are you doing?"
"i know that. i meant what is the homework?"
that just instantly pissed my husband off, the babies were grouchy tonight, the phone wouldnt stop ringing etc...all we ever hear is NOTHING(silence) or I DONT KNOW. it gets old.
"ya know what, son? i was going to offer to give you a hand, since its late and you still need to shower, brush your teeth, put sheets on your bed, scrub the bathroom floor youve been peeing on all week, clean the toilet you decided to pee in 30+ times until its almost overflowing(why flush when you can smell up the entire upstairs and see how many pees it takes to overflow a toilet???) and gather and organize all the school supplies on the list your teacher sent home and cover 2 textbooks, but since you want to be contrary with me, you must be very over tired, so you can just go to bed."
then spouse went upstairs with a screw gun and screwed the bathroom door shut on one side so jackson cannot get in there to use the toilet, clean it, or do anything else. this aughtta be cool. ( i dont use that bathroom, even though it is 6 feet from my bed, because the floor is always sticky with pee and the smell will knock you out) i his defense, i shouldnt have let him blow all this stuff off until the last minute, but i just discovered the bathroom experiment today while he was gone and i also didnt think theyd be gone soo long! so..... how much hand holding should i be expected to do??? first week of school and, as usual, we look like village idiots. and the bathroom smells bad. and i have screws in my door trim.
RAD sucks.


Jessie said...

Aw, Ali, I'm sorry. I'm sorry its rough! Just know I'm thinking of you tons and praying for you guys!

Melissa said...

You are fun! So glad I found you - through Christine and Brenda's blogs. I have one Radish - boy, 11 years old. Keep blogging - you make my day! Melissa 'n' Florida