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Friday, August 15, 2008

another cool storm! and other drivel i feel like spewing tonight

we are getting clubbed with rain, thunder and mega lightning right now, this summer has kicked ass. nuff said.

the guy nextdoor has all his tables, chairs, porta potties and crap set up for tomorrow. sucks to be him LOLOLOLOL. no... hes got tents too, hes all set. im just goofy tonight and heres your warning- i dont feel like punctuating either so too bad.

so, let's talk serious here for a sec. i wicked screwed up today(wicked is a word in new england, google it..) heres what i did:

i bribed my kid. i did it. jackson. i bribed him hard. i told him if i saw major effort and decent grades first quarter id buy him a cell phone. the boy was honestly drooling down his chin as i walked him through the AT$T store & let him touch things. "go ahead, hold it. touch it, see how it feels in your hand...." i was shamefull. i know, i know, call me a moron. but the truth is, i am desperate for this young man to find out what he CAN do. what he IS worth. how dumb he ISNT. hes so convinced that hes completely stupid and worthless that he doesnt try at anything. not even sports. he goes with what his natural talent offers and no more. dont get me wrong, hes an amazingly gifted baseball and basketball player, but its not like he puts in one second of true effort, and he admits it. hes just good. hes actually good at every sport, but only plays on teams for base and basketball. ( we said no to football, its a HUGE committment in our area)he can juggle, dance, do gymnastics, run like the wind, perform amazing flips on the trampoline, do bicycle & skateboard tricks.... but again, no effort, just whatever comes naturally. anyway, back to the bribe.

so i signed the contract(the kid doesnt trust women) and we shook on it. i just might be going straight to hell but its worth it. there. i said it. hes worth it.

did i say that outloud??????????????????????

anyway, i still have no computer, so no pics, so i decided to post these 2 cute pics i found on kristins laptop. cute huh?


Mike and Katie said...

Guess what? Doing well in school is a skill, so you can totally offer a reward for acheiving a specific skill. A bribe is when it's tied to a behavior.

Even though not trying might seem like a behavior issue, you are offering him the phone as a reward for accomplishing something. So, you're totally good! No mommy guilt!

Very cute pictures!

Brenda said...

Cute girls. I can see your concern. So much of the time they think they don't deserve good things.