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Friday, July 16, 2010

just havent..

felt like blogging i guess. summer? busy? attitude problem? just plain too lazy to write out those boring family updates? I'm not sure, just don't have anything huge or exciting to report. If I ever do, I will be sure to type it out. i will attempt a quick bullet post:
* we don't miss having TV, but obviously jack does, so now he just eats twice as much while we are asleep, since he can't watch TV and eat. last night alone? NINE boiled eggs and NINE egg rolls that belonged to Kortni.
* Doug deploys in 8 weeks. ready? no idea.
* Shawn Alan will be 3 on wed. party? kinda. on the 24th. small and very... effort limited on my part. It's not my gig but i will try. I haven't even really invited anyone yet. guess I better get right on that(eye roll). we did already invite Shawn's birth mom, no idea yet if she will come. We haven't seen her since August :( She's shy but it's a small party with only people who love her so.. I hope she comes.
* the more kids we try to help, the worse we are treated. they all just keep coming back. and they all owe me money.
* Kris loves her job.
*Doug loves his job.
* I still weigh 181. I'm mad but not mad enough to try harder.
* Not enough rain happening here in the northeast. lawn is fried. ask me if I care.(nope). I'm not paying for water.
* bought MYSELF a new wedding ring last night. $60. my other one was huge. I'm finally a size 7 in SOMETHING! HA! Husband seemed to have NO issue with the fact that I wasn't wearing one for weeks on end. Isn't he worried about all those sweaty and disgusting HOT guys at the Y? ROFL! i kill myself.
* We have a hamster named Wall-E. i blame this gal. It's all her fault! We finally met in person this week, met at the mall and we had such a good time. It felt like I had always known her. I hope she felt the same way! can you say RESPITE FAMILY???? i liked her RAD kids.
*Kris brought home another baby bunny. She calls her Alice. I call her Piper. she is the cutest and Mooney is loving on her. Poor Mooney was lonely!
* Did I mention that people take advantage of our kindness? I did? Oh, sorry.
* I can run for 50 minutes without a stop now. 5.5MPH. GO ME! I'm hooked but i take progress slowly.
* I may trade in my huge, gas guzzlin' Expedition for something used and smaller. not sure yet. the payment kills us and the gas... UGH.
* 2 more 5K's scheduled this month. I'm ready!
* still trying to get our mortgage "modified". it takes a while!
* kortni eats every half hour. She reads my blog so I'm telling you that.
* Unkuh is headed to Texas in Sept. for 2 weeks. If he can afford it. Kids will miss him :(
* I still want a Volkswagon Beetle.
* Dakotah loves his puppy pool!
* Shawn still poops his pants. It's NO. FUN. AT. ALL.
* the 2 little ones are having so much fun at summer school. 9-1, T,W & TH. they love it! Shawn cries when I leave, but gets over it quickly and has a great day. I run & cycle, shower BY MYSELF, buy groceries and clean house while they're gone. Did I mention the alone part? BLISS. I cannot describe my glee. Shawn DOES NOT poop his pants at school. hmmmmmmmm
more later!

Monday, July 5, 2010

the race!

oops- an after shot

waiting for us to cross the finish line

more waiting

camera malfunctioned, so no oncoming face shots, but we got some as we we crossed and you can see the clock! my goal was 38min.,due to heat, hills and the fact that i never run in the morning. so I am thrilled with my time.


guy stuff
GREAT DAY. best 4th Of July I've had in over 10 years. best ever.
anyway, when I feel like it, i'll blog about RAD and messes and teen drama and epic failures, but.... not today. :)