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Monday, August 4, 2008

i was tagged!

Here are her rules:
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* Mention the rules.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
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1. i am neither left handed or right handed. i don't even get it.
2. i only own 3 pair of shoes, and i only wear one of them. i wear open toed Teva type sandals year round, regardless of snow coverage. i do not like my feet covered, even though they are now in very poor condition and embarrassing. even when i was on my treadmill every day(been awhile lol) i wore sandals, even to run.
3. i really like rainy days. alot. i love thunder, lightning, wind, the whole thing. i absolutely live for it. if a storm that is supposed to hit us ends up missing us, i am truly dissappointed.
4. i sometimes wish we had never adopted our RAD affected 11 year old son. i wish we had been smart enough to back out after meeting him and watching him try to drown a little girl( a little girl who LOVED and trusted him) in the hotel pool. he also kept antagonizing the bees so that they would sting him. he had over 30 stings in the 6 weeks we were in haiti together. without him, our lives would be happier, more care-free and less stressful, although i would feel guilty for abandoning him like everyone else in his past had done.
5. i am an emotional snacker(big surprise huh? i'm now the size of a manatee)
6. my husband and i are not really into having "things". especially electronics. we don't own video games, DVD's, Ipods, (I do have CD's though, just for my truck)there is ONE aging, creeky TV in the entire house(well.. its an 1800SF, 6 room cape, who am i kidding?) not one piece of silverware, glassware or tableware matches another, no plants, no flowers, no candles, no "bricka brack" of any kind...i am always hearing "don't you have a.......??????" i do collect american flags though. so there are plenty of those around here.
i tag erin, julie & shea!


Fawn said...

Oh girl.
I am sorry your life is so hard.
I am certain you will be rewarded handsomely some day.

I appriciate your honesty though.

Brenda said...

You sound like a wonderful person. Wish you lived closer. Except our sons might join forces. Frightening thought.