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Sunday, August 3, 2008

off to camp!

but not without the usual, yearly, expected RAD train wreck beforehand. siigghhhh. this is Jackson's 4th year going to this camp for HIV+ kids. it is run by elliot tatelman from Jordan's Furniture fame(boston local furniture store). he pays for everything and spoils them rotton. in fact, usually jack is awful for 2 weeks after getting home. of course, he was sicky sweet while getting his new sandals last night at BOBS, and afterwards as well. we had alot of fun, it was just him & me. well... he woke up a new man thismorning! first, he refused to search for his sleeping bag, so i told him to go without one(if i had seen one BIT of effort on his part, i would have jumped in to help, yet i saw none whatsoever). yogi found it in 3 seconds, and handed it to him. then he picked at, poked at, prodded, annoyed and aggrivated Kendyl(she puts up with SO MUCH and is so good about it too) from 7-1030 before my husband finally got in his face. i had already said to him, "i hope you have fun this week, because i know i will!" i know, a total pissing contest, but at that moment, i was done.
yogi told him to knock off his obnoxious bahavior or he would need to stay home. then Jackson realized that the babies and i were going too, and he was LIVID. wanted us to stay behind so that he wouldnt be "embarrassed". (kid, its been 5 years, whats the damn difference???)
so then we get in the truck and he refuses to speak the entire ride there, refused to walk with us from parking garage to hospital lobby, (yet expected US to carry all his stuff!. um... NOT!)refused to come outside and be with allllllll the other campers and parents out in the parking lot for what turned out to be a solid TWO HOUR WAIT for the bus@@ just sat inside the lobby on a park bench staring off into space. whatever.....refused to look at any of us or even say goodbye, just like every other year, just gives us the big "F U !!" look and gets on the bus. just like the past 3 years. i will NOT give him the satisfaction of staying behind. why should i sit home all day? i like seeing all the parents every year and kendyl likes to go so she can say goodbye. as usual, it's ALL ABOUT HIM. i plan to spend the next 7 days not speaking about him. we will start over when he gets home, just like always. yipee.


Brenda said...

Sounds awful. I hope you can focus on other things and rest up while he is gone.

Shea said...

Man, he is something else. If you don't mind, can I know a little more about him? Was he that way from the beginning? Was he traumatized before? Does he see a therapist? I'm just asking because I am a prospective adoptive parent, and am scared of the whole RAD stuff.