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Thursday, January 29, 2009


i have a fever, cold and body aches. yuck! kids dont feel much better than i do. jack is healthy, as usual.
doug is gone, we had a nice diner the night before and he left in an ok mood yesterday. this time apart will be good for all of us!

lots of snow fell yesterday, with rain on top. snow blowers were useless after the rains came. the guys did our yard and the widow across the street's yard. she insisted on paying all of them lol shes so funny.

after 15 wet nights a in a row, jackson has stayed dry for 2 in a row. its so interesting how when you threaten to take toy he really likes away from him if he can't make an effort to try harder, the bed is magically dry. isnt that strange?(insert sarcasm at HIGH level)

the cat is peeing on laundry. the cats days are numbered. she better have some curable illness.

i just wanna lay down. hope you are all healthy. sesame street is on!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

super glue

i only wrote that to get you to say "UH OH!" GOTCHA!
no super glue incidents since jan. of 04, thanks goodness.
i havent posted lately, dont really know why, just dont have much to say. no deep thoughts. no epiphanies. i feel like i get on here and post these dull, lame family updates that are a total snore. i guess i will just ramble for now. fair warning.

i'm down to ONE diet pepsi a day, from 5 on average. GO ME.

shawn, ken & mummy all have yucky colds.

it was a very busy week and weekend with all star basketball tournament. 2 wins/2 losses)one by ONE point!) daddy watched both wins(8 am games), i watched both losses. jackson said i am bad luck. thanks, ya turd. i am a jinx. great.

oh-here's a typical ALI moment. i bought a toddler bed for 60$ on craig's list, since shawn had climbed out of the crib 700 times. as Yogi was taking the crib apart, he found that it converts to a toddler bed lolololololol. when we bought the crib from craig's list about 18 mos. ago, we KNEW it converted. how did we both forget? typical. i am losing it. anybody need a toddler bed? its cherry!

the foreclosure things seems to be worked out. after lots of faxing and talking on the phone with the lender over the last 3 weeks, i somehow talked them into lowering our rate, putting all the arrears at the end of the 30 year loan and lowering our payment $400 a month. still paying 2k a month for a 6 room cape, but this is NH. (safest state of the 50 to live in, AGAIN this year. we wanna stay.) she still needs to send it in for "approval" but it looks good. we find out in 10 days.

Doug leaves for pre -war training tomorrow. he will be gone 14 weeks this time. we are all going to Texas Roadhouse tonight to celebrate and say goodbye, but i dont know if i feel like it. i will go and smile. He and i could really use a break from each other, but i'm not thrilled to see him go.

AJ died 4 years ago today. i lit my candles and am having an ok day. it was a day just like today, i had no idea what was to come. i wish i could call him on the phone and tell him i love him and how much i miss him every. single. day. it still sucks so bad. i didnt feel like getting up today. 530 is too early anyway.

another huge storm coming tonight. another missed school day for kendyl tomorrow, according to the news. it has now been 7 weeks since she actually went to school all 3 days in a week. and tomorrow was supposed to be Backwards Day and shes all excited. crud.

my sister has had 4 HUGE tattoos inked on her body inside of 2 months-the last 3 within a week. time for in intervention???????????? i have 2 but..... i am talking HUGE.

now that we are more hopeful about staying here, i need to get moving and paint my bedroom. its the only room i havent painted yet. its flat white paint right now, no pictures hung, everything is crammed under the bed. i miss seeing my Old Man Of The Mountain collection hanging. its a big room, and has so much heavy furniture and we have the baby in there with us, so it wont be easy. won't be able to paint during nap time or after bed time. weekends i guess. the carpet is this ugly, mauve 1990's rubbermaid pink. color choices are limited lol. some kind of sage green maybe? the carpet is in great condition so its staying.

i wanna see the new dustin hoffman movie because i am old and boring.

i better get moving, ken took off for a play date and shawn will be awake soon. i gave him some cold medicine, he was coughing alot, so maybe he will sleep longer. so much laundry to do and a few missing items i need to find. what else is new?????

jackson was so obnoxious thismorning i finally kicked him out at 730 bus comes at 805. 4 degrees. I CARE!!!

im down 17 lbs now. its hard. i want kettle corn sooooooooooooo bad!

ok, im done. hugs to all 7 of you lol wait... 14 of you! wow! im popular!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i didn't vote for the guy...

even though I didn't vote for the guy, today is really turning out to be an exciting day for me. It's still all historic and neat and cool and all that stuff. Didn't that sound deep and profound? read it again, out loud, you'll hear the profound-ness. damn, i should become a speech writer huh?
anyway, the crowds are huge in D.C. people of all races are tearful and joyful and hugging each the stranger next to them, just like the night he won the election. people are having huge parties all over the world. schools are gathering kids in gymnasiums to watch the thing happen live. Obama sure has a huge job ahead of him. expectations could not be any higher. he just might throw up in his mouth a few times today. i'm just sayin'. the wife is wearing a "sick dress" according to Jack. He's so fly.

am i nuts to be feeling a bit concerned for B.O.'s safety today? i've noticed that the officials are spilling too much info, in my opinion, to the media concerning security measures over today's events. Yogi assures me that they are only spilling enough to make people happy and feel safe but that they are keeping much of today's plans hush hush. i hope so. i just wish they'd STOP TALKING.

all 3 older boys are shoveling roofs(rooves?) for Yogi today. jack is at school. its finally peaceful here. the little ones are playing nicely for the moment(that V Smile game is a constant issue) so i am on here while laundry dries. the quiet is heaven. the laundry is not LOL

the nights are busy, jackson was picked for the Allstar Tournament basketball team again so he has practices and scrimmages all week leading up to the tourney this weekend, and he also has practice for his regular team. teenagers come in & out the door all evening and into the night and there are couple arguements at all hours. "C" & kendyl made cupcakes for ken to bring to school tomorrow. Shawn is sleeping better after a long week of not sleeping at all. the night before last he slept through the night in his bed, never climbed into mine once and last night i didnt see him until 4:30 am, so i will take that. his attitude is much improved too, not sure what was ailing him for the last 2 weeks! then he fell and hurt his foot last night, wouldn't walk for over 2 hours, and is limping hard thismorning... no idea what he did. he's his happy(usual) self now.

Shawns birth mom sent me his birth dad's e mail address, saying he'd love some pictures afterall, so i e mailed him an update and several pics last night. i hope he sees them.

had a tiny birthday party for ken the other night, she looked like a ragamuffin but here are a few pics:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

nothing really makes any kind of impression

since the cell phone fiasco, jackson has decided to punish me by doing absolutely NOTHING in school. it was pretty easy to see that he was being lazy, but until 2 days ago i ignored it. i reminded him that even though the cell phone didnt work out(50$ worth of downloads in 2 days- i took it back)he still needed to do his part and learn so he can be a productive adult with an apartment and car. i also reminded him that as of next year, school wont allow him to play sports without the grades. he shrugged. the next day, the teacher called to tell me hes doing nothing and that she had sent home a note 3 days in a row, but he kept destroying them. so flunking AND lying about it. nothing new. so no basketball last night, went straight to his room after school, came down for dinner and went back up. now hes just ignoring us all. nice and quiet!

i havent been blogging because i hurt my back. hurts to sit in the hard chair. 3 days in a row at the chiropractor and i feel pretty good. i do not love chiropractic care(chiropracture? is that really a word?) but Old Blue Eyes sure knows his stuff. he also collects Red Sox memorobilia and has the COOLEST Jack Dempsey in his lobby fish tank. O.B.E is THE MAN. i have to go back on Monday..... but i dont want to lol. its not the pain, its the cracking sounds. i dont like the sounds. he told me to wear an Ipod lol

settling into normalcy with 8 kids is absolutely impossible and those of you who do it are insane. there. i said it.
everything is filthy and has a film of some kind on it.
nothing works right.
stuff is missing FOR DAYS ON END
the fridge is always empty
the cabinets are bare, but "nobody" ate anything!
the garbage can needs to be emptied every 4 hours
the bathroom always smells, and i keep cleaning it.
my truck is never here
where are all the towels?????
why is the dog getting so fat?
4 rolls of toilet paper PER DAY-no lie.
the strawberry pediasure is SHAWN'S!
get your own dental floss!
the skim milk IS MINE.
5 different cologne scents waft through the house. spray some in the damn bathroom!
omg the laundry room is simply unbelieveable
the list goes on. this is HARD WORK. everyone is "helping" but lets be honest... its not very helpful.
kris went back to school last night. 1 down- 3 to go LOL

the foreclosure thing is... still hanging over our heads. before we didnt make enough money to warrant help, now we make too much @@ still working on it. not much progress.

yesterday it was 5 below zero. yogi spent the entire day, and another 2 hours of overtime- laying in the snow clipping anchors onto buildings. i'll stay here and do laundry!
better go, yogi took the 2 youngest grocery shopping, theyll be back any minute and ive accomplished nothing LOL

happy birthday kendyl!!!!!!!! CAKE TONIGHT. mmmmmm

Monday, January 12, 2009

ann coulter the rude meanie

any bets on how long it'll be before somebody murders her? she might as well wear a bullseye on her chest. or her back. what a witch.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

theyre multiplying!!!!!!

the kids, that is. ben was kicked out of his house by his mean, wicked step mother who hates his guts, kayleigh went home to a locked house and never went back and jay lost his apartment in another town. so we now have 2 20 year olds, 2 18 year olds, a 17 year old, a 12 year old a 4 year old and an 18 month old. kris leaves friday, then the 3 soldiers will start leaving one by one. doug leaves on the 29th, ben leaves in feb., jay leaves on april 5th and kayleigh will come & go. also, Tim will be back on feb. 10th.
can you say ANIMAL HOUSE!?????????? frat house? brothel? the bathtub is suffering the most i think. itll ease up soon. doug is nervous about going back, but seems ok.
shawn isnt sleeping again. he had a great 4 months, but is now again terrified of his crib, climbs out over & over & over and is constantly awake screaming for hours in the middle of the night. i am tired, frustrated and quite frankly- about to jump off the nearest bridge.
last night we dumped the babies on all the freeloaders... er.. i mean big kids & yogi took me to Texas Roadhouse and to see the new Clint Eastwood movie. AMAZING. another gem by Eastwood. but shawn was screaming from 10 to 1130 while our phones were turned off. the teenagers handled him well. i came home to pink magic marker and chili mac hot sauce all over my couch and a sink full of dishes, but beggars cant be choosers right? we had a great time and it was so cool to sit & talk (mostly about our expected foreclosure proceedings @@)without 8 sets of ears listening to every word.
yah, you read that right. we dont make enough money for the bank to re-do our loan and lower our rediculous payments. isnt that the point????? took the FIFTEEN WEEKS to decide we werent worth it, they promise 10 days LOLOLOLOL. assholes. we paid them another 9-10k (during roofing season we were sending them about 3500.00 a month to catch us up)before they told us to go to hell. nice huh? they encouraged us to re-apply, so we did, but we are so behind now that they arent even accepting the money we do send. theyre sending it back. fine, i'll keep it and pay off other stuff. our credit file looks pretty good other than out mortgage, so maybe some other entity can help us out. we'll see how this re-application pans out first. where are we gonna go with 5 kids?????? i try not to think about it too much, gives me heart burn. gotta love Wilshire.
i'm gonna miss kristin. waaaaa.
gotta go. shawn is freakin' out again UGH.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


jacks first 28 point game! (bad lighting!)

so..... whats in the bottle little boy?

watching a movie together

saying goodbye to Uncuh :(

the Ipod has been a huge hit

ken took this LOL

the kids were intrigued with his hands after he textured ceilings all day. i think shawny was a little freaked out!

nonnie loves flashlights!

tickling with Uncuh

gift from Uncuh. auntie Amy loved it!

she wanted this tea maker for her dorm room sooo bad! i finally had to order it because the stores were empty

my favorite christmas morning picture except for the handprints on the TV LOL . he looks so much like his birth parents here.

kris took this in november, i just found it on her face book. i love his reflection in the window and his foot. he put the chair in the bay window all by himself, then climbed up and sat down!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just an update

kristin finally caught the virus and is over it now, it seems to have left our home, knocking out everyone in its path aside from Jackson.
Uncle Tim finally left in his big rig today, headed for NJ. he will return in about a month. it was a fun 2 weeks except for the flu thing and we are behind on sleep. we miss him already. hes mellow, patient, helpful, great with kids and a fantastic cook and meal planner. he made these amazing frappes with oreos and ice cream. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. so sad to see him go. for some reason, shawn calls him "Gah" and walked around yelling for his Gah all day today :(
dakotah has kennell cough again. we cant figure out where hes picking it up! 130$ bill UGH.
new year's eve was pretty tame but nice. we just hung around here watching kathie griffin and laughing. getting up the next morning STUNK.
im in the middle of a HUGE painting job. hard work but great money. 2 rooms, cathedral ceilings, lots of woodwork, texturing... lots of climbing. its gonna be beautiful. i am half finished now. i go at night. yogi & i have hardly seen each other in 10 days. hes in boston all day, then over there 7 afternoons/evenings a week remodeling the place, then i go over at night after he gets home. i even painted on Sunday, which i usually refuse to do. i love painting but my neck hurts.

on sunday i hung out with the mom of that FAE/RAD kid that murdered his grandfather recently. they all seem to be hanging in there. she says they have not even seen michael yet, "nobody will let them because hes over 18". doesnt seem right to me! hes at the nastiest jail in NH and i have to wonder how thats going!

another ice storm is coming in tonight. school was delayed on monday due to icey conditions, likely cancelled tomorrow..... it killed me to write a huge check to kendyl's school yesterday. SHES HARDLY BEEN THERE all month! doesnt seem fair at all. she misses her friends and her routine. if we lose power i will cry & kick & scream and have a tantrum. my stomach is doing flip flops just thinking about it. please... no. i have PTSD over the last outage.

so far its been a good 2009. everyone is healthy again and work is plentiful right now. jackson is doing great and is so into his new Ipod and his nintendo DS that his doctors office got for him. kris is home for 2 more weeks but cant find work. doug is trying to leave earlier than planned for his extended Army training so he can leave for Iraq sooner. there is NO WORK here, he has applied everywhere. he has no vehicle, no job and no school. its getting old. he has his GED and hes ready to go. time to launch. yes, i am pressuring him.

my debit card is missing.

time to go paint!
have a great new year, everybody!