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Sunday, August 24, 2008

some good news, some bad news

i lied, there isnt any good news.
no, im kidding, there is one good thing!
THE DOG IS WAY BETTER!!!!! after 6 long weeks of wretching, coughing, hacking and barfing up lung butter all over my house and yard, the dog is , very suddenly, recovering nicely! its been 3 days since i have heard him cough and no yuck anywhere. yes! no pricey bloodwork, x rays or funeral to schedule. our woodchuck(chucky) keeps trying to dig up Mack Daddy, so i dont know what i would have done with a 100 lb beast like Dakotah! so this is very happy news, the best part being that i wont have to tell doug that his dog has one foot in the grave. he loves his baby dog.
the other news is poopy. (no pun intended)my mom is too sick with a colon thing to fly to GA, so i am on my own again. im fine with going alone, but i hate to waste the ticket and im nervous about making the 100 mile drive from the airport to my ghetto hotel by myself. my sense of direction, in a strange place, or in a ghetto, is not great. i invited my sister to come with me, her job is flexible, shes thinking it over and calling me later. we've never done anything together, by choice anyway, in 40+ years, so this could get interesting. shes really fun and a good driver, itll be way more fun to have her with me than go by my lonesome, as long as it doesnt have the same ending as Thelma & Louise. we'll see... she may not be able to pull it off. if she cant come, i will have my husband-once-removed(who is driving to GA as we speak) pick me up at the airport, share my hotel room and i'll skip the rental car altogether! we get along fine, as weird as he is. atleast he doesnt smoke anymore! but theres that whole ick factor .....

why does orange juice cost 4$??????? my grocery bill was insane today. i quit! then the jerk next to me in the lot parked so close, i was too fat to get in without hitting her, so i had to climb in the other side. if there werent surveilance cameras i would have keyed that witches car! i think i will put signs up from now on:
dear friend....i am very fat. please dont park too close, or i will be forced to key your car. have a nice day.
ya think? christine would do it! fawn, stop laughing!

OH- and i am all for teenagers showing off their individuality. finding themselves. all that stuff. i support it. i do! but when the lip/eyelid/nose piercing you treated yourself to(???) last week is INFECTED AND OOZING ICKY GREEN BUBBLY STUFF, you might want to call in sick to your job at THE DELI DEPARTMENT! thank you in advance.
ok, enough about my shopping trip.

what should i cook tonight? has anyone made the buffalo chicken chili mac yet? Shea?? i made it again last night. mmm. i outdid myself. no idea what to make tonight. i better go. Y is outside entertaining all the kids. it could get ugly, i think i hear the hose.

LATE EDIT: the ticket is non-transferable, just like i told my mother it likely was. she assured me it was transferable. it is not. my sister can't go anyway, so it'll just be lil' ol me. and that's ok. i will read my book and SLEEP! people watch...


Shea said...

I started the atkins diet sniff sniff. i am making it next week when I have a cheat day though lol.

Brenda said...

EEewwwwwwwwwwww about the deli person. I've never made that. I did just get a new cook book today I ordered through a link on the blog Because I Said So. It looks like a really good cook book.