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Friday, April 30, 2010

worth posting again, since its still not solved

orinally posted may 2009 dear doug crawford whatever the hell your name is,my name is ... eh, who cares what my name is, right? anyway, i received your letter today. it was written with a whole bunch of big, 3 syllable words so i didn't understand much of it, but i think it was a written request to have all your uniform name patches, official paperwork, certifications and diplomas re printed with the proper spelling and order of your names. first of all, 4 names is waaaaay too mega hard for me to write over and over again in the exact same way. I'd have to stop watching Jerry Springer Twilight and staring at Private Como, who is doing his workout over there in the corner. he is HOTTTTTT. ok, so, i see here that on your 4 most important documents you are listed as: PFC Bellamy Crawford, Lyle Douglas PFC Crawford, D. Bellamy PFC Douglas, Bellamy Craw D. and PFC Crawford Bellamy, Daniel L. You must realize that listing you as PFC Bellamy Crawford, Douglas L. on allll those papers is a really huge job and I'm new here. they just transfered me over from the mailroom in April.(everything that bi-otch said about me is a lie, by the way!)So, what I'm trying to say is, request DENIED, soldier boy. I have waaaay more important things to do, like paint my nails, which are now brittle and destroyed, thanks to this dump, incase you were wondering, and .. well....being in the Army is HARD! My STUPID Dad told me this would be a great way to earn money for cosmetology & modeling school but all i've gotten so far is knocked up. no idea how, either... i never let any of those guys kiss me on the lips!In with it, Daniel. You're on your own. Hope this doesn't mess up your bonus... much. snicker. snort. piss up a rope warmest regards , Camille Duart Records Department of the United States Army Fort Jackson , SC

new pics

my friend over at Mothering 4 Money said she wanted to see my boobs. so, here ya go! ROFL!
we didnt notice the sun orb until later, so .. enjoy! i think he makes me look better!

just started weight training this week, so as far as any muslcles, these are BEFORE pics.

here ya go, M4M! crazy sun orb. hes in love with me, i think.

jenny crimped my hair. it took a long long time, i have TONS of hair, then i ruined it at my workout and needed a shower, so.. you wont see my hair like this for a while. i like it!
i'm gonna miss my Jenny :(

last night was Make Your Own Pizza night here at Crawford Brimberry. the kids had so much fun! jack hates it when i take his picture so.. none of him.

isnt she so cute?

Jenny wanted a pic of her first ever pizza makin' experience.

so.. what does YOUR husband do after a 10 hour day, on a roof, up & down a 60mph winds? this is what mine does. crazy? yes. but extremely sexy and endearing.

the winds died down a bit

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wish i wasn't right!

A few weeks before my trip to Costa Rica to visit Kristin, she jumped off a cliff into a waterfall and landed wrong, slightly injuring her back, a pulled muscle, perhaps. i wrote about it here. As my post at that time stated, she waited quite a while to tell me about her fall/odd landing and then, when she did tell me, it was in an evasive email that left me full of more questions than answers, so i kept e mailing her back asking the questions and then i would receive another short & sweet email back from her. i read her e mails, out loud, word for word, to the other adults here, and when i mentioned my fears that she may not be telling the whole story or may be hurt more seriously than she was letting on, another adult in the house accused me of being OVERLY DRAMATIC. nice. my feelings were really hurt. so... i let it go, but in the back of my mind, i wondered. I was glad i would be seeing her for myself, very soon. while in Costa Rica, Kristin took some Motrin on & off, but seemed to feel ok and claimed it hurt less every day.

2 more e mails have come since I got home and her back hurts 24/7. her back has gotten worse and worse, instead of better and better. I was right the whole time. far be it for me to say I TOLD YOU SO, but I TOLD YOU SO! the person who called me DRAMATIC has also seen these e mails from her too. no apology yet. that's ok. I can wait. I'm a big girl. i would rather have been wrong, but MOMS JUST KNOW these things. i know her. i know her better than anybody else in this house.


i have her set up to go see my chiropractor on may 10th. he's ready for her and we'll start with x rays. OY. i hope shes fixable. a lifetime of back pain is NO fun. My Dad, my Sister, my oldest nephew... they all suffer from back issues. I dont want her to have to suffer because of ONE otherwise fun day trip.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thoughts from the trenches

me-after 50 lbs GONE! YIKES, loving my baggy arm skin, can you believe that was all fat before? cant i just go and have it all cut off? better start weight training FAST! eeww.

I read blogs every 3 or 4 days, Mostly the blogs you can see on the list to your right. these moms blog about their feelings and come up with all this deep, wordy, philosophical, inanely cool stuff. i tend to just write about daily life, current events and things that irritate me. HA! how I've managed to keep so many readers for 3 years, I have no idea. I don't think anyone reads my blog to actually hear or analyze my thoughts, take my crappy(non existent!)advice or learn anything new. I cuss, I often take a negative view, I spew my passive aggressive ways of dealing with Jacksonmy life's little ups & downs, yet you still read. I read some blogs that i used to love to read, but as readership grew, the ads went up, the pops up, well... pop up, their income grows along with the readership hits and BAM. 2 moms, in particular, have become soooooo stuck up, self righteous and braggy.... YUCK. they give LOTS of advice when they haven't even been parents for more than 5 years. religion, politics, foreign affairs, nutrition, potty training, homeschooling, special education, cooking, sewing, organizing, immunizing(or not!)discipline, safety, marital issues, adoption, foster care, family planning, name it, they have advice for us. they KNOW how it should be done. is that what you guys are really out there in cyber space looking for? please, let me know! i'm so curious! I just don't think I am in any position to be telling other people how to do this life thing. Even after 21+ years of parenting full time, one of our 5 offspring smokes -which i NEVER EVER would have expected, we have never smoked-and dropped out of high school, another has a slew of mental and emotional issues that lead to smoking and dropping out of high school, my first husband didn't love me, left me & 2 babies, so i was divorced at 22 and re married at 25 to my former best friend-well, he still is!, none of my kids are in therapy because I hate it with a passion, (lets just say i'm not a fan of constructive criticism and leave it at that. its NEVER just about the kids, they drag you in too@@, and I am no longer interested), I'm not a nutrition expert, by any means..i just learned the difference between simple and complex carbs 6 weeks ago! i just mean that I wouldn't want MY advice! why should you? maybe you read me because I keep it so real. let it all out. dont hold anything back. I don't sugar coat anything, very often. nothing is taboo, 'cept maybe my sex life ...HA! maybe its the cute pictures of my dog that keep you coming back for more abusefun.
so...I promise that I will continue to hold back any and all urges to sway your thinking or get you to come around to my way of doing things, whatever way that is. i'll stick to my easy-on-the-brain way of blogging, for now.
you're welcome!

Monday, April 26, 2010

just an update

look at that mug. so cute! he has the best lips EVER.

yup, anything goes.

my legs are so much leaner! no idea what shirt i was wearing, doesnt look familiar at all, weird.

like i said, anything goes. i told these kids not to piss me off! LOL

*I'VE NOW LOST 50 LBS! week 22 begins today.
*Jackson had Doug's I Pod the whole time. stole it out of his car. Korey & david took it back from him, along with a pack of cigarrettes, but "didnt want to stress me out", so I wasnt told. doug slipped and told me a week later. yah, he steals cigs and smokes in the woods at the bike jumps. i took the new bike away weeks ago, after he stole our cell phones and called hoochies until 3am, so he hasnt left the yard in weeks anyway. cant handle any freedom. any not strong enough. not for a long time.
* he hates the tournament basketball team he's on. too much "work". too structured. he has to put in effort. the coach actually, the nerve of him, has STANDARDS and demands conditioning. the guy makes them RUN. its not all just scrimmaging and shooting and goofing off playing street ball. too bad. you made the committment and we paid $200.00 so you will stick it out until it ends in July. anything that requires any thought or effort(aside from stealing and lying, that is)-forget about it. we were at basketball games an hour away all frikking weekend -9 games in 3 days-but he hates it. better than sitting home grounded! whatever. he also flushed a bottle of bed wetters drug down the toilet. he "likes wetting the bed".
according to all his fake paperwork, today is his 14th Birthday. does that mean that 4 years from today i can kick his ass out of my house and say "i like kicking you out of my house, so i did."?
he doesnt speak to us unless hes getting his way, yogi even let him sleep over a team mate's house sat. night after playing 4 basketball games(DUH!!!). he never slept the entire night (was afraid he'd wet the bed, i assume, and his anxiety took over, as usual)and slept on the couch all day yesterday, so was up all night again last night...... UGH. no school this week. he will NOT SLEEP TODAY. i dont care what i have to do to keep him awake. no sleeping! go rake leaves! its been a crappy 3 weeks with him.
*shawn is doing so great with the potty! he poops his pants every day, will NOT use the toilet, but hes pee trained-even overnight! he did this all by himself! its been one week.
*the smaller i get, the bigger my boobs look. its OUT OF CONTROL. im like a C+/D- but... i look like a DD right now. whats up with that????? usually they shrink when i trim down. like rachel welch says "shirts just arent made for a full crowd in the balcony!" SO TRUE! shopping may be an issue. especially financially! HA!
have you tried special K's low fat granola cereal? higher in calories but THE BEST FOOD EVER CREATED. I'm hooked. i may dream about it tonight.
shawn pooped his pants again. gotta continue with some pics later!

Monday, April 19, 2010


i'm so enjoying watching the Boston Marathon.
WHO THE HELL AM I?????????
hoping to hit the 50 lb. loss mark by next weekend. CANT WAIT to see it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

just pics

this is what i eat. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

clothes for school pictures. shawn refused. oh, well.

double pneumonia. diagnosed on Monday morning. poor guy!

Rad, Rad, Scantily Clad

yup. he's just not regulated right now. I just want him to STOP STEALING OUR SHIT. is that so much to ask? ok.. ok.. STOP pissing in my trash cans, STOP staying up all night stalking everyone and STOP STEALING OUR SHIT.
Jenny's I Pod is still missing. Jackson had an I Pod until his friend at school filled it with porn movies for him. that I Pod has been mine since about december. I searched Jack's bedroom for Jenny's I Pod yesterday and found some of the Easter candy(the ones in the little metal easter cans? look at Easter 09's post to see what i make, i dont think i posted any pics this year) anyway, i thought the dog stole the candy, and he did steal some, but jack had the rest and he CRUSHED the cans so i couldnt re-use them. He didn't want the candy, really, just wanted to hurt ME. When he arrived home from school yesterday i searched his back pack. David's Nike shoes, David's studded belts, David's Red Sox hats......Jack saw no issue with this discovery. "it's not stealing"@@ . Jackson doesn't have a backpack anymore. I also put away some of his shoes and favorite t shirts. vindictive? maybe. immature? K. counter productive? sure.

Monday, April 12, 2010

4 days already?

since i updated? geeze, i'm headed every which way.

* Doug is still having a great time at pre *Band Camp Army training. he's seeing a counselor there and found that he is a CATASTOPHIZER. he's learning alot and calling me often, sharing his new tools for helping himself. he's SO up & down... hmmmmmm. but, he's up for now, which is good.
* Shawn came down with a nasty, gross sounding, gaggy cough 4 days ago. he slept too much, had sporadic diarreah and sporadic fever. NO appetite either. last night i knew I'd be taking him in today. double pneumonia! poor baby! he's already feeling perkier, after one dose of medicine. strong stuff! Doc Lammers listened to him 3 times before deciding that we could go home instead of the hospital. I'm taking him back for follow up on Friday. Ive never seen him so lethargic.
*I still made it to my mammogram on time, even with the last minute appointment with shawn, picking up his meds, calling the insurance company to ask them why I've had to pay full price for my last 2 prescriptions, totalling over $100. it was quick, easy and painless. Hopefully, Eddy, my breast lump, has dissappeared! i find out more next week.
* i still pretty much weigh what i weighed 3 solid weeks ago. changing up my diet a bit and adding some weigh lifting. BORING AS HELL. i hate every second of it. at my physical last week, my doctor & I set a goal of "somewhere in the 150's" so, im more than half way there!. did i mention that my cholesterol went from 211 to 193? GO ME!
* picture day at kendyls school on wednesday, shawn is going too. i think he will cooperate, he loves school. he starts there on july 6th, so only 3 more months. he cannot wait.
* i want to go watch the Boston marathon. trying to work it out.
* everything is going very well here. business is booming, 9 out of the 10 kids are behaving and helping out, no drama.... ahhhhhhhh.
* Jackson snagged his Dad's cell phone a few nights ago and was awake all night talking to chicks from his crib. parents called us next morning. Yogi's sister was surprised by an odd text sent in error.... drama, drama drama. lets just say our entire yard is free of dog poop now and leave it like that. i promise i wont put him on a plane and send him back to Haiti. screw the note! ROFL.
* hey Corey, im trying to work it out for the RAD DRAMA MAMA florida trip next spring. i promise i wont cuss(much).
shawns crying.. gotta fly. love you all!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


so... the night Korey & David went to get Doug's car, Korey's girlfriend wanted to go too. she was over at her Mother's house, so the 2 boys picked her up on their way out of town. David took Shawn's brand new car seat out of the back seat and threw it in the back of the SUV so Jessica could sit back there. Then, he tried to re-install it without help, had no clue how to do it, and blew it. nobody said a word to me. 2 days later I'm rounding a corner and shawn falls over. no lie. I AM SO MAD. The seat wasn't attached to the anchors at all. it was just sitting there. David feels bad, but doesn't understand the gravity of it. in an accident, Shawn would likely have been ejected. Not only that, I would have been convinced that the new Britax Frontier 85 seat failed, I never would have known it was operator error. Im still mad. Funny how I never heard that Jessica went with them. MEN.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

lessons I've learned lately, by Ali-installment 4

you can read installments 1,2 & 3 here.

1. Don't ever put a Milky Way bar into your go bag before visiting to a 105*F beach.

2. Some workout plans/fitness equipment look way more fun on the info-mercial.

3. Don't deliver candy to a neighbor who is mad at your dog.

4. Jellybeans aren't washable, by any means, ever.

5. airline attendants aren't as kind as they look. they also carry stun guns and are trained to use them, if neccessary.

6. "color safe" doesn't mean you should mix brand new reds with whites.

7. it's safer not to use orange oil on a railing that the kids like to slide down every day.

8. again, and worth repeating- cats aren't great swimmers. use caution.

9. typically, when you step out through a hotel room door, it locks.

10. in most cases, husbands don't enjoy April Fool's jokes that involve a missing passport or a malaria diagnosis.
11. never challenge a garage door opener. it'll win every time.
12. It's never a good idea to let toddlers play catch with a 10 lb. ball, atleast not in the bedroom.
13. diarreah isn't usually a one time event. take your time. relax your schedule a bit. cancel all un necessary engagements. trust me on this.

just a quick update, incase anybody cares(i dont LOL)

late last night, Korey & David took my truck, the neighbor's trailer and some major cash and drove to the beach to bail Doug's car out of impound. it took us an hour to convince the impound cop that Doug was away with Army training and WE would be retrieving the car for him. we did all that before leaving, of course. the guy still called Doug, glad he had his phone. the boys kept in touch with me throughout.. ok.. until i fell asleep sitting up...and returned safely some time after 1am. the car is officially FOR SALE and he already has a buyer. GOOD BYE Toyota Celica GT race car thingy. its been real. Hats off!
4 weeks from today, Jenny & Konor will be packing, cleaning out Kristin's room, putting her things back in order and moving out. they havent found a place, nor have they saved more than 100$ total. I give up.
Doug is safely planted at Ft Devens and wrote me a very nice text last night, aplogizing for his attitude and reckless behavior, promising to change and even said "i forgot how much i love being in the Army". he NEEDS and thrives on the structured environment that the military offers(demands), but he forgets that fact once hes away for a while. i so wish i'd pushed him to go active Army, instead of enlisting with the national guard when he was barely 17. the part time thing just is NOT enough for him. he is so successful when he's with the Army long term, its been such an amazing transformation, yet... its so sporadic, atleast until *Band Camp. we just need to get through the next 4-4 1/2 mos. no car, no license, likely no job.... OY. as long as hes respectful & CALM, i can deal. we'll get through it.
not much going on today, im spending LOTS of time at the Y, my big physical is TOMORROW. we are doing Cobra for insurance, only 350$ a month because of some Obama thing. no idea. (instead of 1000$ a month!) also, our mortgage is down to $1300.00 a month-from $2500.00! the new mortgage company looked over our stuff and thats what they want, for atleast another 6 months. WE CAN BREATHE!!!!! im so psyched. long story.
its getting chaotic here, i betta fly. have a great day!

Monday, April 5, 2010


As I said, we pretty much ignored the holiday. it costs too much and revolves around junk food. It's so commercialized. my parents surprised us with a visit after dinner, they brought a basket full of chocolate from The Kandy Kingdom! i ate one piece. she also brought eggs she had colored all by herself lol and jenny hid them all over the yard for the kids. they enjoyed it. im just not into holidays i guess. is that bad??? I plan to make eggs salad LOL
i made chocolates for Easter though, as i always do, i give it all away to family and friends. Kody got into it overnight, boy can he climb! hes outside puking and pooping right now. dogs never learn! not sure how much he ate, dippy dog. he also ate the plastic bags and some paper easter grass@@. might be a very long day or 2.
Doug left for his 2 weeks away at 4:30 am. hoping for a quiet, settled, drama -free week.
hugs to all!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

a shout out

A shout out to JIM & NORMA, my new friends who i met on the plane to Costa Rica. They dragged you to another line at customs, i never got to say goodbye! i hope you found my blog, send me an email! BE SAFE!

ch ch ch changes/opening day

Uncle Tim left thismorning, for Texas. he's from Texas, hasn't visited in years, and has a love interest down there. So.. he went to hang out with his highschool classmate/hooch for a week. we have a storage room off of his bedroom, so i plan to do some organizing down there while hes gone, if I can make some time. there is always so much to accomplish here. I already managed to get in there thismorning, to dig out all shawn's 3t-4t summer clothes. there isnt much, and some of it is huge, i'll need to go to the thrift store this month.
doug leaves tomorrow for his final 2 week Army drill before deployment *band camp in aug./sept. yesterday, he was pulled over on his way to the beach with some friends, his license had just been revoked due to his prior 6 speeding/non inspection tickets. he was arrested. his friends bailed him out, he knew better than caling me, but now his car has been impounded an hour from here, we are not allowed to drive it home, the cop took the plates and it cannot be driven legally, by anyone. it will need to be towed. 125$ to take it if we went last night, another 50$ if we go get it today, another $50 if we go tomorrow. our neighbor has a tow dolly-whatever the hell that is.The place is open, i'm just not sure i feel like doing that today. I told doug that if WE go get it and pay the bill, he is selling the car. he already owes us a fortune for the work it needed to pass inspection, now he has no license to drive. hes going off to *band camp soon anyway, the car is going. the profit will pay us back, and keep doug afloat financially while he awaits departure. hard to keep a job out here in the sticks without a car. Konor is doing it though... doug is depressed, angry, volatile & a mess. i am so glad hes leaving tomorrow. want a better life? stop speeding. get a job. get rid of your bitchy, combative, critical, user of a girlfriend. stop getting in trouble with the car. pay your bills....... I GIVE UP.
the bunny didnt come this year. its all about junk food. it costs a fortune. jack got his bike, the littles will get their wooden swing set very soon. Happy Easter! ken mentioned that he didnt come, but didnt seem disturbed. i told her i asked him not to come, because we had too many stuffed animals and we are eating healthy :)
i am counting the minutes till the ball game tonight. Opening Day, especially when we open at home, at Fenway park, is WAY more important than any rabbit, in my humble opinion. so excited. we hired some great new players, have some awesome pitching, a new shortstop.... cant wait!
The Y is closed today, i am trying to figure out how to squeeze in a workout at home. blogging does NOT count!
Yogi & I went out to dinner last night. we tried not to talk about all the kids, but, of course, the thing with Doug had just happened. UGH. we still had fun, but we both felt so... defeated. what have we done wrong? where are the mistakes? what can we do? we think hes suicidal, at this point, and has been several times in the past. if he doesnt change, life will continue to suck for him. its that simple, and that complex. he likely will not earn his license back until after *band camp. hes going to go insane. atleast he will be in the structured, military environment for the next 2 weeks. Lots of PT, he will stay busy and hopefully, off his phone. But, i am concerned.
the weather is gorgeous, best opening day in years, we are grilling steaks later & just spending the day here, with just our 4 local kids and jenny & konor. mmmm, steak.
sorry this post was lame and boring. writing helps me think, focus,'ll thank me later lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

my trip, other drivel

it went too fast, but it was fun. Kristin looks great and is feeling pretty good now, following her waterfall/cliff mishap. i got lots of exercise, got to meet and have dinner with her fantastic host family, saw a cool volcano, took some long bus rides, saw the sights, went to the mountains where it was cool and comfortable, spent a few hours on the beach, burned slightly through TWO applications of 50SPF in two hours(what is it with blue eyed people?)bought some souveniers, i bought myself the most amazing, wooden wind chime with painted ghekkos alll over it. I can't wait to see it hanging over the new (small, just for 2 or 3 chairs to sit & watch the cars go by)deck we are building out front pretty soon. i took some great pictures, but not as many as i wanted. i got to know Kristin's boyfriend, "K3", better, especially since we flew home together. hes wonderful. even though i saw him lick a napkin and clean his shoes with it. sicko. kinda weird. but.. all in all, a great young man. hes almost 24, loves cars like i do, works hard, is a good friend, is freaking gorgeous, a very little guy-but does NOT have Nepoleon Syndrome, great beard, curls....treats Kristin so well, affectionate, kind, very mellow(although his OCD/neat freak thing gets in the way.. the shoe thing LOL) i like him even more than i thought i would. i approve lol.
i didnt gain an ounce on my trip, even though my period is a week late and i should be up 5 lbs, so i'm thrilled. i havent lost much weight in the last few weeks, but the inches must be falling off because all the pants/capris that fit when i tried on summer clothes 5 weeks ago, ended up being HUGE during my trip! in 5 weeks i lost like... i couldnt tell you how many inches through my hips, thighs, butt.... crazy. im loving that tread climber. i dont run as much anymore. the TC works faster and better and im not in pain. i only run 3-4 times a week now. not sure what im going to do as the season goes on... playing it by ear. but running hurts, atleast at my weight. as my weight goes down, im hoping it will get easier. i think i already told you all this stuff, so i will shut up now.
everything here is fine. on the way home from the airport, Yogi told me we had a full house. i asked "how many?" he answered, "i cant count that high". HA! LOL i arrived home to 10 kids. it wasn't even the weekend! thank God business is booming. Last night we had a big, impromptu family meeting in the kitchen, some of the kids arrived late, it wasnt a scheduled thing. we talked about repairing cars in the driveway, smoking in front of the kids, pot smoking, adult language, public nudity, respecting boundaries and personal space... all the same stuff you probably talk to your kids about ROFLMAO! the chore chart thing is going great, i am so happy with that, but there are other issues and we are trying to be pro active and not get to the point where we(yogi LOL) are screaming our heads off. the meeting went well. we are hopeful.
jacksons Birthday (bribery) bike is really cool. hes at a basketball tounament in boston all day and didnt even want to go. just wants to go bike jumping. Yogi got very lost on the way, even though he knows the city, the address given was WRONG. union park is NOT the same as union avenue! the coach is a very unorganized person. also, the coach let the kids pick their uniforms and jack came home with a mens large! um.. its a basketball game, not a trip to the mall! we E mailed the guy and hes supposedly bringing a much smaller uniform to the game so jack can change. i told jackson off. Even Yogi & tim would both be swimming in a mens large! whatever. wheres the supervision? i was in costa rica. UGH.
ok, its 80* out, im going to go outside with the kiddos. love you all!