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Thursday, August 7, 2008

nothing much...

sometimes, it's the little things in life that you appreciate. just making cupcakes with kendyl, in peace yesterday afternoon, was such a huge thing to us both. the baby has been quite cranky & clingy quite often as of late(we have no idea why, eye teeth?) so during naptime we decided to bake a cake, but she likes cupcakes way better so that's what we did. i worry about hers & my.. um.. extra bulk so we each had one and gave away the rest LOL. she had so much fun, she loves to mix and crack eggs and make things.
my mom is 60 today! holy cow. 60. she has a heart condition-heart attack at 53- and 2 debilitating forms of arthritis, but she keeps goin'. my kids love their Grammy. she's decided to tag along on my trip to GA, Lord help me lol. i was so looking forward to being ALONE a bit, but i couldn't hurt her feelings, she's my Mother! she's chatty, but i still may get to read my book on the plane a bit, i guess. i can't wait to go!
if Yogi's mom had survived her rare cancer, she'd be turning 65 tomorrow. WOW. we are getting OLD!
i am so boring today. just not much to talk about. i read so many blogs by these deep, thought provoking Moms, who make us think, challenge the ways of the world and exercise our minds. i am not deep. i am not philosophical. i am just simple me. no epiphanies here. sorry!
anyway, since you-know-who went you-know-where on sunday, it has been peaceful, relaxed and downright jovial here. the week is flying by though, and soon we will all be back together. i am anxious about this fact. i do not yet look forward to saturday morning.
how's that for depth?


Brenda said...

I LOVE the look on her face. It summerizes all things about chocolate.

Leslie said...

What a sweetie!! I'm glad you're getting a little break! :)

Erin said...

Dont worry! I am not philosophical and deep either!
I have blonde in my hair.. there isnt much between the ears!
CJ shot poo out his diaper tonite! hope he doesnt do it in his white baptism clothes tomorrow too!
KILEY LOVES TO COOK WITH ME! but.. we eat em all... unfortunately!

RitterB's said...

Our second to youngest goes to school this Friday... The older 2 start on Monday. We find out their teachers tonight... so it is all super real now! I am so grateful Noah came when he did. I have NO idea what I would have done with myself all alone in this big house... We are looking to adopt again as soon as Noah is finalized..., who knows when that will be... I am sure having 2 babies at home will keep be so busy I wont have time to cry for the the others that are at school. Then again they are a huge help to me..... AHHHH motherhood...