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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

week 37....

65lbs lighter. 90% happier! and.. i need a haircut . (too busy!). the weird angle made my legs look so stubby, which they ar not, so to me, the pic looks funny, but this is me. check out my sexy red toenails lol. i love my flat tummy! i had pizza and an ice cream cone today too. mmmmmmmmmmm. my once-a-week splurge.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FINALLY started weight training

im posting them because i NEED to see progress or i'll quit. see all that tricep sagging? it BETTER diminish because weight lifting is kinda boring. i dont dread it but i dont exactly look forward to it. its lonely. i hate the weight room. im in the 170's now and never looking back!

these are BEFORE pics(actually, 2 weeks into it, down another 3 or 4 lbs, it helped me break a HUGE LONG plateau!) wish I had started earlier! im running more, weight training every other day,, cycling a bit less and tread climbing less. changing it up has given me a boost, for sure. thanks guys!
yes, i need a major hair cut and dye job, but i'm too busy and too poor.
Doug is being deployed in 5 weeks.
shawn is having potty training set backs. UGH. what a mess.
jack is at camp this week.
Yogi is running more and just started weight training. hes so sexy! his belly is GONE. he looks amazing, and he looked great to start with.
major drought here in new england, but finally pouring today.
went to the beach last Friday, will post pics later.
no other vacation type stuff-too much work.
shawn is loving school, but regressing SO BADLY and being really mean to kendyl.
Doug is loving his new apartment. he, Korey Lee & kayleigh are living together. It's Doug's place and the military pays his rent now that hes active status. so far so good.
I am loving dougs new place too LOL
hugs to you all!