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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

recent pics

making Valentine chocolates
outfit she picked out for Valentine party at school. polka dot skort, tights with fluffy hearts and cute corker bows

Sunday morning pancakes with Daddy

can anybody reccommend a good scar fader remedy for her nose? the scar is just not fading at all. the cut was way deeper than we thought. she fell in january and smashed her face on the TV stand.

terrible photographer but cute family! ken is sooo in Dr. Suess right now. we like Fox In Sox. i can read the tweetle beetle battle without making one mistake-but ive been reading it for 20+ years lOL

no idea. he asked to put the pink vest on and the oodie was in the toy box. i only wish he really took an oodie. maybe he'd sleep! oh- Uncuh's dallas cowboy baseball hat

ok lol

this little piggy.....

with my Vista laptop i could do all this cool cropping and red eye removal stuff. with my XP laptop i cant seem to do it. thats why the latest pics are so crappy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

parenting poll time!

ok.. so.. HYPOTHETICALLY..................................................

your 18 year old son... we will call him Ding Dong to protect his identity for now, is ALLEGEDLY issued a speeding ticket in your SUV in December of 2008.
you are not told of this situation. your other children, several of them leaps and bounds ahead of your allegedly GUILTY son in the maturity department, also choose to keep this information from you(we'll get to them later!)

son, in his infinite wisdom, who knows he's leaving the state for an extended period of time...and knows when he's leaving -CHOOSES not to pay alleged said ticket.

fast forward 8 weeks or so:

a registered letter arrives at your door step. Mailman Bob allows you to sign, since your son is away(even though hes over 18) and snickers and chuckles to the point of spit spray as he hands you the pen. you allegedly belt him in the back of his noggin with the screen door as he exits.(see if that dink gets any of my home made Valentine chocolates next year!)

letter is from local district court and states that if a $360.00 check is not mailed before March 17th, an arrest warrant will be issued for Ding Dong and his drivers license will be revoked with warning.

the kid allegedly has money in his account, which you have online access to.

HYPOTHETICALLY, if this situation was presented to you, would you choose to:

A.) do NOTHING. let him dig his own social suicide grave. he doesnt have a vehicle anyway, and you sure arent dumb enough to let him go 65 in a 30 with YOUR truck again! he made his choice. he did NOTHING. you will do NOTHING. sink or swim, smart ass!

B.) jump on the computer, quickly transfer the funds needed to your account, write a check, find a stamp and envelope and mail the check to the correct address. The United States Army frowns upon arrest warrants! Ding Dong needs a driver's license to get a job, keep a job and have a life outside your dark basement. he also needs to find housing. ALLEGEDLY of course!

C.) following a much heated -yet calm and collected- discussion, you come to a compromise with your "problem solver" (coddling, hand holding, bail- out professional WIMP) of a spouse and agree to mail the letter to Ding Dong on base and let him take care of things himself, with a cashier's check, if & when he so chooses. think of it as a "hand up" instead of a "hand out".

D.) "submit" to your spouse and tell him "Whatever you think is best, Darling." make sure you smile when you say it. then go retrieve his slippers and pipe. make him a nice dinner. wear something sexy.

i'm excited to hear your input, i really am. answer in the comments!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

feeling pretty blessed

at 5am yesterday on his way to meet his carpool, Yogi slid on some black ice, did a 180, slid off the highway backwards, went down an embankment, into a ditch and wrapped Nelly(our work truck) around a huge scotch pine. the tree snapped and landed on the bed of the truck, crushing the bed and part of the roof. HE WALKED AWAY. the entire passenger side is completely destroyed, glad he was alone! the cab itself was so crushed he had belongings he could not remove from the truck at all before Nelly went off to FORD heaven. so much for the 2k we just put into her @@
RIP Nelly, old girl. you were good to us. thanks for the memories.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i havent nursed Shawn in.. uh....62 hours. we are both still alive! its been a much easier transition than i expected it to be, cold turkey. he still asks for ninnies but moves on pretty easily when i tell him they're "all gone" and offer him something else. the night before last went very well, he slept through the night and everything. last night? TORTURE. i finally began to drift off at about 11, and at that very moment he was crying and climbing in with us. UGH. he was up & down-mostly up- allllll night long. i've been awake since 6, but was mostly awake until like 4. OY. long night. hoping tonight is better. he was soooooooo cranky and screamy all day today. throwing things, hitting, having huge tantrums..... he's confused, i'm sure. and over tired! at nap time he slept for barely ONE hour. what the heck????
he sure is eating better though! i guess mommy milk is more filling than i thought.
i havent been all that uncomfortable, ice helps lol
another weird thing? i am not. he was stealing all my food lol
i knew that when i was finally done, i'd be done, and that would be it. its how i do everything. when i finally make a decison i just do it. no screwing around. its a Gemini thing. at 4 am the other morning i suddenly said to myself, "self! thats it! i cant take this anymore!"
on we go........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on the mend

everyone is feeling better here, just sleep deprived. i'm trying to wean shawn. he has become so demanding, wanting the all night ninnie bar after not nursing at night for many months. hes totally regressing and i am exhausted from it all. he doesnt sleep, hes in and out of my bed all night begging to nurse...... it is awful. so that is it. hes 19 months on saturday and as of this week, ive shut him off. he isnt happy about it but enough is enough. i just want him to sleep and i dont feel like he ever ever will. he slept through the night from 13-17 months and then went backwards all of a sudden. why?
jackson is teasing the autistic kid at the bus stop(and on the bus) again. we've had this issue crop up over and over in the last 3 years, he suddenly forgets the rules. the kid doesnt like it when you ask him questions-he flips out. so what does jackson do? asks him question after question after question to see what he'll do. he snaps. jackson gets in trouble. OY. i tried to take his ipod away, but its missing. think he cares? wrong. wont even look for it.
i'm just glad all 10 of us are healthy at the same time!
spring is right around the corner right?????

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just busy lately...

the nights have been just too busy to blog lately...but i'm also trying to spend less time on the computer and more time on my kids and my messy house. shawn isn't sleeping well at all, although his days are very good and cheery. all 3 of us have recovered nicely from our sickies, but now Yogi is sick. in fact, hes on his way home from the doctors office right now. he has a nasty sinus infection. i knew that on Thursday, but he finally agreed last night lol. he is miserable beyond words. i hope he will stay home and rest tomorrow, but i have a feeling he won't. he is a MAN, afterall. he has a fever too, so he really should stay home.
Uncle Tim is back, not sure how long he's staying. damn, can he cook.
ben & jay are still here, ben is awaiting his deployment date. he was hoping to hear today. jay leaves April 2nd.
doug is having a great time in SC and calls me daily with southern weather reports. mean huh?
jackson brought home a great behavior/effort report from his teacher and is happy to have his IPOD back. he's had an excellent week here too.
it was 60* out today. i stayed outside all day and even shawn enjoyed himself and isnt terrified of his bike anymore.
my husband just walked in without a script, because the pharmacy is closed. why didnt they give him something there?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

RADster's paradise

first thing thismorning hes wearing THREE shirts with a sweatshirt over it. a striped nice shirt with a nasty dirty t shirt over that.(??????)i do enough laundry, so i told him he was limited to ONE shirt. we've had this arguement for 3 years now. its old. i made him remove it all in front of me because hes such a sneak. he strips and i notice that not only is he wearing dougs undershirt, but hes also wearing jay's boxers that he'd been admiring yesterday(dollar bills all over them- hes into money cuz rappers sing about it alot)
"you have your own "wife beater" shirts, in YOUR size, you don't need doug's... and why are you stealing underwear from a grown man????"
his sense of entitlement really pisses me off. then he got rude so i told him he was grounded. he said "i dont care if you ground me. you never let me do anything anyway"
oh really? seems I'm courtside every damn night and all weekend long. its MY fault nobody calls this house and invites you to do anything a 2nd time?
maybe its cuz you STEAL ALL THEIR STUFF!!!!!! your lack of real friends has nothing to do with me, smart ass. maybe you should work on YOURSELF. blame me all you want, but YOU are the problem.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

one of those weeks!

pneumonia it is! i went and got hooked up with some drugs yesterday, then the 2 youngest kids went down hill overnight so i took them today. they have it too. high fevers are scary. after all that running around, we spent the rest of the day resting and doing as close to nothing as possible. i'm so tired and this script makes my stomach so queasy. the babies are asleep for the time being. ssshhhh
i'm so awesome at Wheel Of Fortune. i need to go on that show and make some cold hard cash.

oh-shawn weighed almost 22 lbs today! i was shocked! 5th percentile woo hoo lol
i TiVo'd MEDIUM last night, cant wait to watch it! love that show.

my RADling is so crazy this week, good and bad crazy. weird crazy. RAD crazy. he still gets so fixated on phrases and repeats the same thing over & over & over & over..............................he also claims to dream about shoes... yes, shoes.. every night. he's so obsessed with "Bathing Apes" shoes. some gang banger status thing. uber obsessed. i had to hide the laptop to prevent him from midnight shoe shopping.
hes a strange one!
gotta go rest

Sunday, February 1, 2009

just pics for now

doug & kris saying goodbye for 13 weeks. i love this picture so much. he absolutely dwarfs her.

helping chop carrots

eating peanut butter and fluff

baking cookies with ben

yes, the floor is dirty and broken

ben & doug

at texas roadhouse tuesday night

excited about his catfish

thismorning cuddling with my nursling. i was sound asleep. love the hair lol.

not up for posting much, still trying to recover from this awful thing we have, but wanted to get some pics up