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Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving pic

ken was very busy caring for her offspring

no idea

jackson acted very RADtastic all night. why the winter coat the whole time???

kendyl rocking her baby doll with my dad

now yogi's laptop is busted, same issue as mine, so we are without after kris goes back to school on sunday night. mine is being fixed, but its taking a while. so.. may not post much. happy thanksgiving everyone! mine ended up being pretty good!

for the first time in my 23 years since leaving my parents home we are are going shopping on Black Friday! we have never done this. is it any fun???? should i bring a gun?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


about Thanksgiving this year. there. i said it. and im not taking it back. its just gonna be immediate family and as non-boring as my family is-i am bummed out. am i just a spoiled pansy? a party pooper? i KNOW i should turn my frown upside down and make the best of it, even try to make it the Best Crawford Thanksgiving Day Ever, but right now i just dont care. My Rachael Ray stuffing just doesnt seem worth slaving over at all. The leaf and acorn chocolates i planned to share at Mom's house dont seem worth taking the time to make now. We bought the HUGEST(is that a word?) turkey. it will take weeks to eat. kris & doug are not big eaters and the babies eat practically nothing, so its really just jacky, yogi & myself. ok so i better count up my blessings and suck it up, right?
1. kris will be home
2. we are able to purchase all the fixins, dont need a food pantry
3. we are all healthy, aside from my sore shoulder and a few sniffles.
4. we have electricity, heat and hot water
5. no roaches!
6. no in laws(im kidding! i kid! i tease!)
7. no travel required. is that a blessing or not? ho hum.
8. my husband is a great cook and a huge help-it wont be all me all day long
9. all 7 of us can be here. did i already say that?
10. 2 words-PUMPKIN PIE.
11. 3 more words. PUMPKIN CHEESE CAKE(yogi's specialty)
12. scrabble. gonna play. gonna win.
13. excuse to stay in pajamas all day if i want!
thats all ive got. not bad.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


what a great post from my pal Christine today. go read it! although most of the moms who read my blog have already adopted, a few haven't so i thought i'd link you all to her blog(to the best of my not-computer-savvy ability)
i dont usually chat about The Big Guy in my blog, my relationship with him is private to me, but Christine is way more.. um.. new age??? (WAY). so go check out ok? please?
(the hyper link button never lets me copy & paste. drives me insane!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

not much....

everything is pretty cool right now, not much to report. it was a pretty uneventful week, really. we are getting VERY cold weather though, nothing i want to go out & play in! feels more like january than november. shawn, kendyl and Daddy have colds, Daddy is the sickest and the stuffiest right now. shawn had a rough start to the week, but seemd much beter today. my nose is a bit stuffed up, but nothing bad.. atleast not yet. my husband isnt one of those wimpy, whiney husbands, he didnt have any work scheduled today, but we still did all the usual saturday stuff and he was his usual chipper self. im so lucky huh? hes also been getting up with shawn at 5am every morning and letting me sleep in. yogi rocks!

i had a painting job this week, so i was out at the property every night, so i didnt blog much. i love it when i get to go paint. i bring MY music that nobody else likes and enjoy the time to myself A LOT. even though the family wanted everything "neutral" it came out beautiful. atleast they let me pick the colors. all finished now.

i went to find a winter coat for shawn today at Mother & Child, the local resale boutique. i dont know what shes smokin' lately but 16$ for a USED baby jacket? i was so pissed. i still bought 2 jackets(gotta have a backup) and left, but GEEZE. if it doesnt say hannah andersen in it why should it cost that much USED? thank goodness he already has snowpants from a bag of hand me downs.

brody's grammy is out of the hospital and doing much better, she even came to visit for a bit yesterday! Brody, who is autistic and started school a few months ago is making AMAZING progress and i cannot believe how much he engaged with me yesterday and even kissed me goodbye! he never even looked me in the eye until 8 weeks ago. he picked up the little toy guitar and said "im playing guitar hero" plain as day. i about fell over. hes even potty training! this is HUGE. he will be 4 at the end of january. he's like a different person. WOW. im still in awe. he also looked HUGE next to kendyl, he is gonna be a big boy some day.

Thanksgiving will be quiet again this year, itll just be the 7 of us, here at home. mom isnt into doing thanksgiving anymore. we may go over for a dessert buffet afterwards, i suggested it so we can all get together atleast, but im not sure if she even wants to do that. the last few years she hasnt wanted to do anything. she had a heart attack 7 years ago and since then shes been different. my dad thinks its all too much for her, she says. oh well. so now we just do our own thing. i cant wait to make my rachel ray stuffing!

i wish everybody felt better, it would be fun to go do something tomorrow. i may take the 3 youngest bowling-jack & ken are so into bowling right now. let daddy sleep!

wish i had more to say, i feel boring this week. maybe boring isnt so bad LOL

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i was tagged!(um.. a week ago)

sorry Lisa, here goes:

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules.
2. Share seven random or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post with their links.
4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

no idea how to link to Lisa, but she'll see it eventually anyway.

1. i don't want stainless steel appliances-the hand prints would drive me insane.
2. the inside of my SUV is always kept immaculate. i cannot stand a messy car.
3. ive slept with the same flat, old feather pillow for 20 years. ive tried to replace it, but any other pillow hurts my neck. i take it with me when i travel.
4. nobody is allowed to say shut-up in my house. if they say it they have to vacuum and clean, visitor or not. same goes for wearing Yankees apparel, except for that violation you have to do push-ups.
5. q tips creep me out. i wont touch them.
6. i would like to get a degree in social work but im too lazy to further my education.
7. i do not like calling people on the phone or answering a ringing phone and will avoid it at all costs-no reason i can identify. i am stumped.

i would tag one of you, but you have all already beeen tagged LOL

Monday, November 17, 2008

RAD kids don't do sleepovers!

On Saturday night Jackson's friend Dominic invited himself over here to spend the night. sure. no problem. his Mother drove him here at about 7:30. Jackson had been honest with Dom, making him aware that we do not have video games, personal television sets, game boys and the like. Dom wanted to come over anyway. We turned on the Celtics game. "I only watch the Knicks. I only watch NY teams. No Celtics, No Patriots, no Red Sox...". Gee, this kid was really trying hard to get on my good side huh???? i asked him "Are you from NY?" he said "no". i just walked away in utter disgust. The boys got on the computer and watched their favorite rap videos on You Tube and practiced a few hip hop dances in the kitchen. Yogi made popcorn for them. I suffered through that without whimper. i crashed at 10, Yogi let them stay up until 11, then ushered them into Kristin's room. At midnight he came upstairs to bed and the REAL fun began..... (Christine, get your mind outta the gutter!).........DOWNSTAIRS. Jackson is such a follower. Dom got the telephone and a phone book and good times ensued. Shawn was awake at 5am so Yogi took pity on my poor chubby soul and brought him downstairs so i could sleep. He planned on making a huge, yummy breakfast as well. Instead, he found the phat beat music shaking the bedroom, Jack, Dom & Kendyl jumping on Kristin's bed and food everywhere. The dog had puked up some goodies as well. uh huh. He calmly sent the boys to bed, sent Ken back to bed which caused a whale sized, 1 hour long, door kicking, "jackson! dominic! SAVE ME!" drama tantrum for the entire neighborhood to hear(remember the preacher next door?? hasn't this poor, innocent man suffered enough Crawford antics on the Sabbath Day by now?????) At that point Kendyl drifted off on her hardwood floor, the boys continued to giggle and horse around and at 8am the phone started ringing. Mommies from across the land were calling to ask why our boys were calling their daughters at midnight, 1, 2 & 3am. mmmhhhhmmmm. for real. i love adolescents!
I came down at 9am(bliss!!!) and he filled me in on the morning's events. Dominic was driven home immediately and Jack raked leaves until dark. Even though he was angry he didn't shut down like he usually does. We talked a lot about choices, friends who influence those choices blah blah blah. He says that Dom wanted to sneak into Doug's room and play video games and "borrow" his Lil' Wayne CD(punishable by slow death, but this kid doesn't have an older brother so he has no understanding) and when Jack wouldn't he called him a pu**y! Then he told him our house was boring, we have nothing to do and he's never coming back. HE'S CORRECT IN HIS THINKING! he was livid that they had to go to sleep at 11 but the fact is, they could have stayed up all night listening to music, dancing(they both dance)drawing, playing Kristin's piano.... no one would have cared but once you start pulling the crap they pulled-I pull the plug. Well.. if I'm awake I do LOL. At school today, when Jackson told Dom he has to rake leaves all week Dom told Jackson we are prejudice racists and are using him as a slave lololololol. Dom is always playing the race card. Dom is apparently grounded for 5 weeks, but Jack doesn't know what the terms are. They are in a condo, so no leaves to rake.
In jack's defense, I think he was afraid to wet the bed and stayed up all night to avoid it and I'm glad he at least refused to go into Doug's space.
Sleepovers have not gone well for Jackson so far. We may wait quite a while to try again! He just gets so much anxiety and messes it all up.
His report card was very good, as promised,..although the behavior/responsibility/respect section was crappy at best. all the grades were "partially demonstrates" except for respects authority was "usually demonstrates". He also acts like a complete boob in music class. Like that teacher deserves his lack of effort, refusal to listen, class clown crap and all that. He knows that if I don't see a HUGE improvement (I am calling the teacher)the phone he's getting tonight will be put away.
Off to the cell phone store! LORD HELP US ALL.
UGH-Dom just called me to apologize. his step dad pulled him off the basketball team.... for how long, i don't know. DAMN. poop rolls down hill. Grounding kids from sports only hurts the coaches and teammates. these guys are volunteering their time!.... YUCK.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

strange happenings as of late/some pictures

24 month old boiler-paid 8k- is spewing black ash all over my laundry room. nobody can come over to service it(that better be all it needs too!) until the 17th.
washer broke yesterday, as i attempted to catch up on 22 loads of laundry. a guy was here to fix it in 2 hours, took 20 minutes. $130.00. OUCH!- but in haiti i would have waited 2 months, so whatever! no complaints there!

as sexy beast washer repair man left, i went outside and my dog ran into the street to bark in a cats face. it was not a cat. it was a confused, drunken (rabid?)SKUNK! at 130 pm! the skunk merely took note of kodys presence. the repair guy & i talked Dakotah into walking away from the skunk and the thing never even attempted to spray him. it slowly gimped over to the neighbors house and walked in circles around her barn for a while as i left a message with animal control. they never called me back and never showed up. GO NH!

20 mintes later, i got a phone call saying "Kris has been hurt, you need to get up here right away!" then he hung up. i panicked for a second or 2, then came to my senses. he would have told me more if she was really injured. i called her on her cell phone and shes just fine. some ass head (one of her residents)got ahold of the student resident assistant list and pranked her home. NICE! being an RA is cool beans-NOT.

i broke my 75$ toothbrush. dont judge me. i bet you have an Ipod! LOL i have bad gums i tell ya. i NEED a pricey toothbrush.

i also smashed my winnie the pooh pump soap dispenser to smithereens on the tile floor. it was a great bathroom day.

my friend sue, kendyls best friend Brody's grandmother- we met 3 years ago at a McDonalds playland and have been tight ever since-is in the hospital with congestive heart failure-lots of fluid. shes been a heart patient for years and lost both of her parents BEFORE 40 due to heart attacks. she has suffered 3 herself i think. im so worried about her! trying to find a way to visit later on today.

have gone through 3 tanks of gas in 4 days. geesh! funeral, taking kris back to school.....

roach extermination seems to have been quite the success. he was here tuesday. so far so good. what a production though UGH. i was too tired after the funeral to empty my house onto my lawn. but we did it.

in less than one week:
bug guy-350.00
washer guy-130.00
boiler guy-160.00
electrician who fixed our problem for good on Saturday-550.00
funeral photo developing for my mom-40.00
new disk for camera-45.00
funeral dress for kris-40.00
kristins cell phone bill balance + fees to put her back on our plan-330.00(RA's are required to own cell phones @@ & the kid is BROKE)
that isnt even all of it... life is EXPENSIVE!

good thing roofs are leaking and old all over the area.

good news? we are all healthy & happy. dog didnt get sprayed. shawn is sleeping ok(although up at 5 today UGH)roaches are dying!

got some good pictures, will try to post(aol is being ornery)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Brace your feet, Jesus!"

my gram died at 415 today, while i was out geting KFC for jacksons gotcha day. hes been in the states 5 years today. gram died peacefully in the company of family at the hospice house. my mom is doing ok, so far.
i hope my Grampa is ready for this reunion! out of the blue, my husband just said "brace your feet, Jesus!" which made me laugh.
no more suffering. thats good.

what i wrote for grammy

When someone you love dies, you’re supposed to have something poignant to say. Something meaningful. Something rich and noteworthy. Yet here I sit, staring at a blank page, with only the sound of the rain in the backround, fighting for the right words. In my efforts to write from the heart, my thoughts keep slipping back to memories of the Grandmother I had in my life when I was alot younger. The one who was free of pain, funny, easy to talk to & just a little quirky.

We used to sleep over her house. She’d let us stay up late & watch TV on her bed. Love Boat was always on back then. She’d make popcorn & let us eat in there. The wallpaper in the bedroom & bathroom of her mobile home had a strange design-just a bunch of random, scribbley lines really. Sometimes Grammy would see a picture in the squiggly lines and she’d take a pen and outline the picture. If we saw something in the lines we were allowed to use the pen on the wall too. I remember a candle, a snow shoe, a boat, Snoopy, Richard Nixon & Dick Van Dyke. Grampa must have hated it. But that didn’t stop her!

Grammy always had good snacks hidden away in her fridge. The Hershey bars were the best. She would only let us have one tiny square at a time. All the other good food was hidden in Cool Whip containers for some reason. Maybe Grampa didn’t like Cool Whip and all her secrets were safe that way. She always took the time to make the slow cook pudding. None of that instant stuff my sister likes. There is nothing like hot chocolate pudding. She never scorched the milk either. Perfection.

When Jason was naughty she’d swat him on the butt with a wooden spoon. That must be where my Mom learned it! Jason & I learned to hide the spoon under the playpen.
Grammy & Grampy had this Howdy Doody doll in the bedroom closet. My sister loved the thing but I was scared to death of it. One night, when we slept over there, Grammy must have had a few too many rusty waters and hid the doll under the covers of the bed I was sleeping in. I came across him in the dark and screamed my brains out. Amy & Grammy came busting in & laughed until they cried. I guess they planned the whole thing-they were always in cahoots! I think I peed my pants!

When I was 10 we spent the weekend with Grammy. She took us to a grocery store very late at night. At the checkout isle she asked the cashier if he thought Amy & I were pretty. He said yes. Then she asked us if we thought he was cute. I thought I would die right there. Neither of us answered-we just stared at the floor, hoping it would gobble us up. The guy looked about 18. In the car she told us how mortified we looked and she laughed the whole ride home. We all did. That poor cashier! I bet he never forgot it either.

She loved country music. Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams……all that stuff still reminds me of her whenever I hear it.
She whistled all the time & Yodeled like a pro. She took requests & suffered no stage fright whatsoever.

She taught us to put the worm on the hook and row a boat. She would do anything.

I remember attending the fireworks with her. She loved every second of it & acted like it was her first time every time. Sometimes she’d bring sparklers.

When her dog would lay down by the couch, she always petted him & stroked his fur with her feet while he slept. I do the same thing with my dog.

She loved to talk about the job she had at the egg factory. She must have been an inspector. Think Lucy & Ethel at the chocolate factory.

Her yard had barrels everywhere. They were full of rain water she used for hair washing. She claimed it made her hair shiny. I wonder if she knew I was rinsing frogs in there.
On the front porch there was a huge lump of coal, Gram told us kids it would turn to gold one day.

Grammy didn’t like to throw anything away. Need a twist tie? She had 50. She was great at making something out of almost nothing.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Grammy’s house until I was about 12. It was always fun and the wishbone was a huge deal to her. She saved them for years.

She loved having people over for parties. Everybody loved coming to her place.

There was a pond out behind her house and she enjoyed collecting frogs eggs & putting them in jars just to watch them.

She loved berry picking. Amy does too.

Amy remembers my Gram being an expert at falling asleep-and snoring- while standing up. I don’t recall seeing her do this, but I don’t doubt it in the least.

She had the tiniest little hands and feet, petite like a little kid.

My Grandmother had the most mischievous twinkle in her eye, & that is what my own husband will remember the most about my Gram.

When a new grandchild or great grandchild entered the family-genetically related or not- Grammy always welcomed that child with open arms. It never mattered to her where anybody came from or what color anybody was. If it did matter to her, she kept it to herself. In her later years, this was something I especially loved about her.

She was a great Scrabble & Cribbage player, until the very end. I never beat her at Scrabble once. She was ruthless! When my Mom would beat her at any game, she would brag about it. It was big.

Grammy never thought anything should cost more than 50 cents. Ever.
I remember her giving Amy a hard time because she bought 2 pair of panty hose instead of one. She was frugal but loved gift giving just the same. When Jessica had her twins, I took Granmy shopping for their first Christmas. She was so focused & took great care in picking out just the right gifts for the babies. They were coming to visit for the holidays and Grammy wanted their gifts to be perfect. At times her thoughts would become mixed up, but her thoughts were often on others.

For the four oldest grandchildren, Grammy was the last Grandparent we had left. We were blessed to have her to talk to until we were in our late 30s. You could tell her anything. I know all 6 of us have some funny memories of our Grandmother to pass on to all the great grandchildren. We will all miss her company very much.

When I think about the kind of heaven Grammy would like, I see full rain barrels, full Cool Whip containers, 50 cent dry cleaning and bountiful berry bushes, year round. I see huge gatherings with lots of country music and everyone she’s been missing for so long will be in attendance. Her parents. her siblings. her husband. Her friends.
So get ready Grampy, hang onto your hat. The real party is just about to start.
Love, Alison

all i can say is....


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

quick update

doug blew up his truck, so he had to move back in. whatever.

jackson came home from school yesterday with headache and raging fever, 24 hours later he bounced back. tomorrow will be 5 years in the states for him. woohoo! his report card is supposedly excellent, so he earned a cell phone!

i finished writing something to read at Granny's funeral. i may post it, i dont know yet. shes still alive.

no final word on whether our truck repair bill (2000.00) will be covered by the garage. still haggling.

my computer is busted again. i am on Yogi's business one. the faunt is too small! and i cant post any pics from here.

i want a tummy tuck lol

i voted. Yogi did too. my guy better win LOL

exterminator is coming next week to try & end our roach invasion. cat is being spayed too. chi-ching!

it was almost 70* today! i cleaned out my truck, vacuumed it, washed windows.....stayed outside most of the day. got dark early though!

Speed Racer STUNK. Nim'sIsland was ok. bad ending.

not much else going on. hugs to all 9 of you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

craptastic start/great ending!!!

first i will cover Halloween. it stunk! shawn was exhausted, so i went up to nurse him & put him to bed. when i came down, everyone had left to trick or treat! 'C' was handing out candy in a ... um....slutty prom dress. since our neighborhood is so huge, i called Yogi to ask where he was so we could find each other. no answer. tried 3 times. gave up. missed it all, didnt get any pictures. waaaaa. there's always next year. no pics. none. nadda.
then there was yesterday. in a nutshell? YUCKO. truck still wasnt fixed, shawn was a crank box, yogi had my truck, doug blew his transmission & kristin called me upset when her cell phone was shut off. they all need money, they all need attention & time. good thing i have nothing else going on, huh??????
let me just get to the good part!
a few days ago, when i was cleaning out the storage room i came across a box of pictures of my very first foster child. i will call him JCGD. he was a chubby, sweet, happy natured 10 month old when we took him in in an emergency situation in May of 94. i instantly fell in love with him. he took his first steps in our house. after 11 weeks, the mother wanted her sister to take him, so he left us. i cried for 3 weeks solid. it was HELL. my heart just ached for that baby boy. after 1 month with the sister, it didnt work out & he was placed in another foster home. i was so sad at first, i wanted him back, but DCYF has their own ideas and atleast the new foster parents brought him to visit me twice, i really liked them. i felt good about him being with them. they ended up adopting JD in the end and i knew he was safe, so i eventually moved on-pretty much anyway LOL. i have never forgotten about him, have missed him very much and have wondered about him often, always made cupcakes on his birthday, but i didnt want to meddle in his life so i lost contact with the family. when i found the pics i took out a few very special ones and mailed him the rest, along with a pile of pics of his younger sister, who we also cared for after we had him. i wanted to enclose a letter, but i was so afraid to say the wrong thing. when he received the pictures, he & his Dad called me! i wasnt home, but i called him back last night. boy, am i glad i did. that call made my year. he loves baseball & reading, 2 things i always wondered about. 2 things i hoped he loved, like i do. i read to him every day he was with me, and he watched alot of baseball that summer! he also plays sax in the school band! Yogi was totally jazzed about that-he played trombone his whole life and loved being in the school band. JD is a well adjusted, kind hearted 15 year old with no attachment issues. he has 2 biological sisters and 3 sisters in his adoptive family-no brothers-too funny. he even wrote me a letter! i cant wait to get it. i dont want to visit him because i will turn into a blubbering idiot and embarrass him LOL but he may call me. even just the letter will make my day :) what an awesome night-i slept SO GOOD. woke up smiling and have had quite a spring in my step today.
i kept saying i needed something good to happen, i am so glad it finally did!
love ya JD!