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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

painting and realizations

my husband fixed up a basement in a condo recently. the place had flooded. i always paint after he does the work. he is not a good painter. it had been a while since i painted a room but DANG that place looks so good now. i love to paint and it was great to go to work and leave HIM with the kids! its so therapeutic for me. whenever i paint, i blare my RENT soundtrack CD's and just get lost in the music. the only room i havent painted here yet is my bedroom. its good sized but full of large, heavy furniture-the bed is a king- and we share the room with shawn. BUT i finally picked a color today and i cant wait to get started. its like a noisy burnt orange. freaking COOL. i lost the color swatches somewhere ...but i know what i want. Yogi never has an opinion on paint colors. i just wing it.

doug is dating the most gorgeous girl. she moved here from up north last december, because her younger brother has a very very serious/tricky form of juvenile diabetes and needed to be treated in Boston. he was dying up north i guess. well, hes back in the hospital, again, and kaylee(sp???) is staying with us. until jackson was hospitalized with a really bad case of the Hives in feb. of 04, i had no idea how debilitating diabetes is for some kids! seemed like every kid on the ward was there due to diabetes! anyway, they are sill trying to find the right treatment for this 13 year old. so sad.
kaylee is so pretty, shes light brown with the CUTEST dimples. kendyl loves her. so do we. i wanna keep her lol
RAD boy had a very good day today! both boys are working towards their cell phones i bribed them with. i mean promised them LOL
Mom is much better too. she must be. my husband caught her dump picking today LOL she loves that damn recycling center and was picking out books for kendyl. gotta love her.
i took a HUGE step and gave away ALL my baby clothes to yogi's aunt this past weekend. shes only 39 but is his aunt. yah, its weird, i know. big step for me- no more babies. feels weird.
yogi has several appointments tonight and both little ones were exhausted and crashed a bit earlier than usual. i skipped baths too, even though they were both filthy dirty. Mother Of The Year-thats me! nice to have some time to myself. i would actually get on my treadmill if it wasnt parked 3 feet from shawns crib. jacky and i are quietly watching the ballgame together while i blog about nothing LOL.. although i did have to break up a cat fight outside my door.
i usually stay away from politics here, but i really like this palin lady. shes got rocks. even my husband likes her, and is now voting for McCain! that is HUGE. hes a bleeding heart liberal most of the time@@ i think his mom dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

kaylee is trying to get doug to run with her. he already ran today so he doesnt want to go. so theyre bickering now hee hee

ok, ive bored you long enough with my exciting life.
tomorrow i will post about jacksons recent obsession with gangster life. his goal is to be a gang banger. OY.


Shea said...

You know what, we are so much alike, it's killing me lol. We both let our kids sleep in tents, we paint better than our husbands, we adore the rent soundtrack(my 6 year old knows the whole thing), and we regularly bribe our kids, oh and we are both trying to loose weight. Are you sure we are not related? I hate to admit it, but aft6er going to a Redbirds baseball game last night, I forgot to give A.J. a bath, so I am a much worse mom.

Cervato said...

I think you're a bad mom, not because of the bath, but because of the Palin comments. Seriously? Aren't all northerners Democrats, guess not.

Hmmm, I'll have to ponder this tonight.

I'll still stalk, I mean read you though.

Erin said...

I am so glad yogi came to his senses....
Gang Banger eh? That is an interesting one!
Want to email what you think about Ashley learning about HIV? It is important I know.... but she is a PANICKER.... How do I approach it?
It isnt going to talk about the Sex stuff... just.. I dont know. I got a note home. I dont want her to be scared of Jackson for some reason.
Let me know! I want to prepare her before hand. Love you lots!
I just got ralphed on from mister man.

Brenda said...

You sound like you had a great day! Next time I need something painted I am calling you!