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Thursday, September 18, 2008

why do i care so much????

click here to see how my night went. OY. these guys are trying to put me in the grave, i know it. why i care, i have no idea. but i do. moving on....

yogi's best friend, his Navy buddy, Tim, is coming to stay with us for a week. he'll be here oct. 3rd. as thrilled as i am to finally meet him in person after 17 years of speaking to him on the phone, i feel kinda weird about it too. i nurse right out in the open, i hate being dressed at night, i run around in junky old pajamas that aren't really pajamas, no bra... i dont know. its gonna be odd, i think. Doug's friends are used to being around when i nurse but.. this guy has never had a child, no exposure to this stuff. i hope he doesn't feel all uncomfortable. the noise will kill him first.
i plan to drag him to clarks trading post to feed the bears, to the beach, to the fair.... keep him busy. he loves to cook, so that's good! he can stay forever! im hoping he'll let me chop off all his stupid Mid Life Crisis hair LOL

my RAD child is having another terrific week. suh-weeet! well... except for the bed wetting crap. i'll take it. he seems to like having a male teacher and wants to please him. YES.

Doug went back to school today. he couldnt wait. i kept him very busy!

Yogi is roofing my parents lake house today. he will be home LATE. its an hour away too...

we are hoping to go see kristin on Sunday after we set off the roach bombs. we miss her! we've gotten rid of most of the roaches, have seen very very few this week. we spent all weekend moving appliances, cleaning every drawer and cabinet, spraying like crazy.... i may be dreaming but they seem pretty much gone. am i naive? have they just migrated to another area? there must have been 50 of them on my bookshelf in the kitchen ewwwww!! as i was killing them they were falling on my feet, i thought id die right there. YUCKO. talk about creeped out.

kendyls best friend Brody has been diagnosed as autistic. i knew it the first day i met him, they finally just had him assessed. i hope they will always be friends and that ken stays patient with him and loves him. he is now enrolled in public school 4 days a week. atleast its free for his mom. she just got divorced from a mean guy and now this. shes hoping the school can potty train him. he'll be 4 in late january, 10 days after kendyl. its too bad. why so many kids with this now? maybe it really is a virus that causes it.

well...not much to tell today, i've hardly left the house this week. thats pretty much it for now. will check back in later!


Cervato said...

Hmmm, What to say.
I suppose you could just go ahead and put that bra on, change out of your PJs that aren't really PJs and that just might help with the whole depression thing.

What do I know though, I took my hubby's percaset last night to deal with mine. :)

Erin said...

Sounds like it could be a fun week with the navy buddy! LOL!
GOOD JOB ON THE HYPERLINK! Sorry about the Sox being ... ugh...
Do you think the Autism is from a Virus????? I am SO worried about CJ getting his vaccinations because of fear of it.. especially the MMR... but those things have been around for YEARS and WHY is the rate so high NOW?!?!?!
I know when I worked in Hawaii one of the little boys had it SEVERE and his twin did not. His two other twin sisters DID have it.. sounds like it COULD be a virus in that case... they were born in different places etc.
UGH... I am sure Kendyl will be a GREAT Friend to him.
YAY JACKSON on a good week!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear about Jackson. As far as the company, do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Mike and Katie said...

I thought you had a rough night with jackson, not the red sox. you and my boys would have a lot to talk about. i think they'd root for the red sox over ny but of course we're twins fans. do you post on a lap top? your lack of capital letters has always annoyed me but typing capitals on a laptop is even more annoying.


Christine said...

You think I'm attentive to detail.

Can't. stop. laughing.

Whoops. Peed myself!