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Saturday, September 20, 2008

praise the babysitter!!!!

"C" figured out how to add my playlist to my blog!!!!! So if ya like the music, props & high fives to C. If you don't like my music, it's all C's fault. I only added a few songs to start, but soon the real torture will ensue. Better get your mute buttons ready! can you say SHOW TUNES????????????????

Ok.. pack your goody bags cuz we are headed for story land, folks! Have I got a DOOZY for you. Kris called last night with a tale that is so hard to believe I am still like... whoa.
Her friend's girlfriend's friend, we have no idea who she is or where she lives but... she claims that she and a bunch of friends were tripping on acid and decided to go steal a lawn gnome. After they stole one & brought it back to their dorm(apartment?), the gnome started to "talk" and "cry" and was "scary". They put it in the closet and went to sleep. When they woke up THERE WAS A HUMAN TODDLER ASLEEP IN THE CLOSET! They turned on the news and the kid's face was plastered on every channell. They panicked, fed 'it' a snack, put 'it' in the car and dropped 'it' off "somewhere" where it was soon found unscathed. The kids have not been caught or even suspected.
ok.... could this story have one bit of truth to it? freaked me right out, i admit it. what if they had hurt the "gnome"? They were scared of it, what if they ran it over with the car? threw it out the window? locked it in the trunk? SO scary. talk about traumatized! I'm such a ninnie! Kris and her buddy believe it. All of it. freaky.


Justju said...
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Justju said...

Oh my dear freaking scary about the "gnome". OMG...the things that could've happened to that child if the story is true is almost to scary to think about. They must have been hysterical...but where was the mom of the "gnome" when they plucked it out of the yard????? Didn't someone see them??? OMG...I have goosebumps on that one! :*(

Justju said...

OMG OMG OMG...I love the song THE PROMISE by Tracy Chapman. It was one of the first songs I added to my iphone when I started uploading music. I have the chills...I didn't think many other people knew that rock! Love the other music I see listed, too! Well, most of it, anyway. lolol. I love ya girl! :)

TheHappyNeills said...

Urban legend. Go to for things like that--type in "gnome" in the search. Put your mind at ease...and your poor distraught friend Justju :)