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Monday, September 8, 2008

my thoughts today

i had a much better day today. i woke up with a very sore neck and popped my granny's prescription pain killers all day LOL but it was a good day. i also woke up feeling a bit down, down about the last few days events, down about our financial woes.. all of it. 2 steps forward, 4 steps back. i felt defeated. yogi was away at work and as much as i wanted to talk to him, i didnt want to bother him, but then he called me. he was feeling cruddy too, had been praying throughout the morning....felt kind out out of sorts about everything. we had a long talk while he ate his lunch and we both felt better afterwards. so that was good. sometimes you just need to re connect i guess. i can really see now how marriages fall apart during tough financial times or due to issues with children or family, im glad our marriage is so strong. we promised each other to sit down and talk tonight after the kids went to bed, and we did. why cant 20k just fall into our laps?? i know.. i know..... that certainly wouldnt solve anything long term, we'd still have a $2,500.00 mortgage to come up with every month, (on a SIX ROOM CAPE, can you believe that crap???)but it still sounds good and i'd sure sleep better!
ok.. so.. i also got a surprise e mail from my friend Jeanne today. we met a few years ago, she has adopted kids of color too, we are always too busy to get together but when we finally do, we have alot of fun and so do all the kids. we hadnt seen each other for over a year, and she wanted to get together today. i met up with her at a burger king play land at 5pm and we had such a good time. her husband is a homeland security guy, so they get moved around alot, -kind of like the military but with way more income and a way sexier uniform-so next year they'll likely be gone, but we sure have a good time and have alot in common. shes seeing some RAD tendencies too, so we had lots to say tonight. OY. she is also trying to adopt 2 kids from Haiti and .. well.. you know haiti! lets just say that a new york minute and a haitian minute are 2 different things entirely. we talked alot about haitian adoption nightmares! then shawn, who had slept a total of 1 1/2 hours since 540am, became cranky and miserable so we broke it up and came home after 7. ken was tired too. we promised to see each other soon.... we are bad at it though. shes just one of those people you feel like you can say anything to. i dig her. and im not just sayin' that cuz she reads my blog LOLOLOLOL. we still havent eaten jackson's Birthday cake either lol-maybe tomorrow night!

shawn does not sleep enough. how can a baby go go go from 11am to 730 pm and not fall over? this is NUTS. i tried and tried to get him down all afternoon, he just screamed and screamed and turned into a snot faucet so i gave up -did i mention that he and Ken woke up with colds friday morning???? YUP. nothing terrible, just wicked runny noses that wont stop. im sure that didn't help his mood today.

kristin called me today! she sounds SO happy. she just loves school, loves learning, loves being an RA, loves planning dorm activities, LOVES having her OWN ROOM....loves all of it. i miss her. she wont be coming home many weekends this year. too busy! she chatted with kendyl and it made her cry, shes missing her.

remember the pics of jackson's little haitian buddy Simeon? well... simeon's new baby sister Naomi was born on the 5th! a day late and only weighed 4 lbs 11 oz! but healthy and at the hotel with her new mommy in little rock. they will return to NH when the adoption is final in about 10 days. we are so happy for them. i cant wait to meet that tiny bundle.

hmmm what else? oh.. Vonage sucks. long story. dont bother. not worth it.

the bunnies escaped again a few days ago, Yogi snagged one right away, but the mother bunny was finally caught by a neighbor tonight and shes now safe in her cage. i am so done with BUNNIES!

my Red Sox are now just a half a game away from re claiming the lead in the american league east. we also have a 7 game lead in the wildcard race. all is right with the world. we lost the lead in mid July to the yucky poo tampa bay rays. theyre goin DOWN!

its 1030, i betta get to bed. 530 comes sooo fast!
oh- doug isnt on my shit list anymore, all is well. BOYS! why do these kids think they are the boss of me anyway??? (wink)


Erin said...

Awww! The baby shares a birthday with Sydney! What a peanut!

Hang in there Ali!!!!!! I wish I could find a money tree! I would let you pick some! Then I would pick some too so I had a vehicle to tote my family around in...

Cervato said...

Move fast and don't look back.
Holy crappers. That's nuts.
Come to Oklahoma, where living is cheap.
$1,200 for a big old historic home with a wrap-a-round porch, 4 bedrooms, two baths, huge yard.

I'll see ya soon.

Desire to show gratitude said...

No--move to Michigan! You can get a nice house in a neighborhood that is safe enough to get pizza deliveries for under $100,000. If you want bigger and nicer, you can get a house for about $130,000--and that's with good schools, too!!

I'm glad you and Yogi were able to reconnect. Those minutes of sanity are so important!

Shea said...

Crap, that is one crazy mortgage. I feel your pain though, things have been so tight with the adoption. Sometimes I just do not know where the money will come from. Too bad we both don't have trust funds or something lol. I'm glad you and Yogi were able to talk. I hope you are able to eat Jackson's bday cake soon. Hang in there, and if you ever need a friend to rant to, I'm here.

Brenda said...

Wow. I cannot imagine that kind of a morgage payment. You need to move to the midwest! I'm glad you and Yogi had a talk and are feeling better. I am so worried about the orpphans in Haiti. I pray for them often.