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Saturday, September 27, 2008

hi guys!

i am still alive, just been busy and this kidney infection is kicking my arse. my doc needs to prescribe more/different meds for me. i haven't slept much.

jacks Gotcha day was the 25th. all he wanted was KFC(YUCK) and "striped shirts". i took him out for the shirts tonight. he had fun. he got jeans too, so he cleaned up.

i went to an actual salon and had all my hair chopped off thursday night. i cant decide if i like it or not, but it had to be done. i had so much damage still from the perm/color i allowed my friend to give me on the same day 16 mos. ago. still recovering. its cute, i guess, but i cant really put it up, and on the treadmill, thats annoying. (fawn, stop laughing!)

doug & ben are bringing my treadmill from my bedroom upstairs, down into kristins room tomorrow so i can actually use it. trying to make time for myself. yah, right.

kendyl has the classroom pet, gloria the stuffed gorilla, for the weekend. she has taken her role as caretaker very seriously and is becoming attached. "i dont want to bring gloria back to school mummy!" we took gloria with us to the mall tonight and took her picture on the merry-go-round. tomorrow its going to rain again, so we arent going to the fair this year. no idea what we'll do tomorrow, but the kids will be dying to get out of the house. we need to come up with something.

i have a few pics, but no time right now to upload, will try in the morning.

kris has a bad cold. bummer.

shawn hugs and kisses everyone now and finally says ma ma ma ma ma ma, but only when hes sad or crying-took him long enough!

went to a party at my sisters house last night, im so tired tonight, must sleep!

sorry this post lacked humor, maybe tomorrow.

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