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Saturday, September 20, 2008

i triple love my new camera

The 2 littlest kids hadn't seen their Daddy in 3 days. he was gone before they woke up (and they're up EARLY!)and home after they were asleep. the roof is done and he came home tonight at 6:30 and kept them up way too late! I drove C home-shes so funny, shes SO into haunted houses and cemetaries, the paranormal and stuff like that, she's headed to a "haunting" tonight LOL goofy kid-and when i got back he had the baby all hyped up. Kendyl is feeling lousy still, so she was pretty subdued.
Off to see Kris tomorrow if Ken feels OK.
Jackson hurt himself on a bike jump today. His shoulder met a a tree stump but he didn't tell me for hours, so he didn't get ice or motrin or anything. Pretty typical behavior for him. So hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow too, because right now he's a hurtin' unit. MEN!


Justju said...

Oh what great pictures. I love, love, LOVE the one of Kendyl in purple on the trampoline. So beautiful. And the pics of Yogi with can tell they missed each other!

Brenda said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the music.

Shea said...

So tell us what kind it is woman!!! LOL