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Monday, September 22, 2008

life stinks bad sometimes

yesterday we went to see Kristin as planned, but not before we emptied our entire kitchen onto our deck and patio, so that we could use the roach bombs/foggers while we were away.. Not only were the bombs not successful in killing all the roaches, but it started pouring right before we arrived home and our stuff is wet. Doug returned from his Army drill weekend in time to get alot of it inside, but not all, and yogi's tools are wet too, they were in the bed of his truck. To top it all off, while we scrambled to put our kitchen back together so we could make dinner, the power went out. well... half of our power went out. we re-set the breaker 3 times, the power would return and then go off again. Yogi went to talk to the guy next door, hes an electrician. he came over and inspected and it turns out that our outdoor meter is the problem-so public service isnt responsible. Its old and messed up(arent i so technical??) and was catching fire, so we're lucky our house hasnt burned down. see, we've had issues for a few months now. flickering, huge power surges, weird stuff. C thinks the house is haunted. lets be honest-she hopes it is lol. but alas, its just an expensive repair job. yay! C took it hard, but we will work through it. the estimate we got today for the job is $500.00. waaaa.
oh, well. better than a fire !!!!! the water & ice machine in our fridge is busted too. i bought new parts today. hope they work. have i mentioned that we suffer a history of bad luck with pets & appliances???? i may be poor, but i refuse to go back to the ice tray life. they are forbidden. there will be no ice trays. i wont hear of it. i will drink warm beverages for the rest of my days first. if it was up to me, the blatant use of ice trays would be illegal in this country.
CRUD. he installed the new parts and it still doesnt work.
we had a blast with kristin up at UNH. she was really missing kendyl, and ken was really missing her too. we took her to IHOP(she loves breakfast) and took a long walk to a park and played. the kids had alot of fun, we brought the 2 youngest-jack was at his friends birthday party at a bowling alley. i am waiting for Kristin to post all the pics we took on facebook, then i will snag any good ones from there. i forgot my camera, which is a cannon sure shot in the 150$ range, for those of you who asked. i'm no photographer and wouldnt know what to do with all the bells and whistles on the pricey ones. i like simple. BUT i do love photos where the subject is clear, but the backround is blurry. what do i need to do that??????? i want that! tell me!

well... looks like i'm off to enjoy a warm pepsi!


Brenda said...

That stinks. I hope today is better.

Unspeakable Joy said...

sorry about the ice. great pics though! it's called depth of field (the focus on the subject and blurry background) and i'm lucky enough that my camera does it for me. one thing you can try with a point and shoot is to focus on your subject and hold the button half way down, so it focuses, but then move it a little so your subject is off center. it should keep that focus length so your subject is still in focus, but you have more background to have blurry. not sure if that helps much! good luck! :)

Georgia said...

I am so with you on the ice trays. As a kid, I emptied and refilled 8 everyday to support my mother's Diet Coke habit. NO ICE TRAYS! (Pretend Joan Crawford here.)