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Sunday, September 14, 2008


after a tough couple days, yesterday was really cool. AJ's parents are up in Maine at Sayle's Birthday Party, so they asked me to go to a big Compassionate Friends party on Saturday in their place. CF is a big support group for parents and siblings of kids(any age really though) who have died. Yogi was away ayway, so i told her I'd be honored to go, took C & the 2 youngest and went. i was so glad I did. it was at a big park behind a church, had a playground, junk food, a huge hamburger hotdog lunch, things for kids to do ....perfect. everyone was really nice, AJs parents even won a raffle item. we released butterflies at the end and WOW was Kendyl jazzed about that. i was SO glad i had C with me, especially since i didnt know anyone, and the kids were all over the place! but... even though they wouldnt eat anything(whats with these kids??), behaved very well as usual. C is "the Shiz". then, at the very end, they unveiled the bricks that are engraved with the kids names. while i packed up all the stuff and the kids, i asked C to grab the camera and just quickly look for it so we could snap a pic for AJ's mom. the babies were tired and ready to go home and so was i. there were HUNDREDS and hundreds of bricks and hundreds of people crowding to look for their child's name. i didnt have much hope of finding it, but really was ready to leave. C walked towards the long road of bricks and in 2 seconds, the brick was right in front of her. the lady next to me said "i think GOD knows you need to get home!" what a neat day. the timing couldnt have been sweeter. hmmmmm.


Cervato said...

OK, you have to clearify for me. Who is it that passed away? Was it a child you had adopted? Someone you just know?
Been trying to sort this one out.

Sounds like a great day.

Shea said...

Great pics. I bet you are so glad to have a camera again.

Justju said...

Great pictures...I love TCF. They're an awesome group for bereaved parents. The butterfly release sounds beautiful. The pic of Kendyl with the butterfly is priceless!