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Thursday, September 11, 2008

varied items of interest. sort of.

leaving for college 07
leaving for college 08-note that i am always stuck in the backseat. hhmmpphh.
best friend Bryan-hes an actor in NYC
with prom date Kristofer-it poured all day & night . the matching umbrella is complete coincidence
kris called. shes no longer interested in spanish as her major. shes going "undeclared" for now. she may go with environmental sciences or pre-med. does this mean she will need her bedroom forever? LOL. we miss her, she still hasn't come home since she left aug. 20th. she may not come home for quite a while-too busy!
spouse still has not been called back to work at his job in boston. hes roofing and remodeling a kitchen full time for now, its going ok. hes got work lined up for weeks to come, as of now. i am painting part time with my sore neck.
our lame town isnt doing anything to commemorate 9/11 this year. no comment on that.
is it Thursday already?????
no comment on the Red Sox either. to think were just half a game away from.. wait-i said i had no comment. pounding my fist in anger.
Shawn is awake and wailing at 520 every morning now. NO COMMENT!
colonial pest control wants 300$ to get rid of our cockroach problem. i thought i had Ugly Kitchen Bugs. turns out they are roaches. i could just DIE. northern variety, came in with some fresh vegetables he says. i told him i will tag them, name them & keep them as pets before i hand him 300$. we decided we will try store bought roach fogger/bombs first.
wanna come sleep over??????????????????????
never trust a 3 year old to get the mail. nuff said.
i will attempt to snap some great pictures with my new discount camera today!
yogi is going away for the weekend. a work thing, even though hes unemployed. go figure. the only good part is that i wont have to cook. nice break.
kendyl is LOVING going to school 3 days a week instead of 2. shes so happy! "mom, miss tammi says i get to come back on Friday!" she acts like its chuck e cheese LOL
not seeing much effort on jacksons part in the homework dept. so much for cell phones! doug doesnt seem to be putting much time in either. no sweat of my tush- i can't afford cell phones anyway! all that bribing.. i mean PROMISING for NOTHING!
my kids are all so hyper thismorning holy cow.
my dog chewed up kendyls free webpet she got at burger king. shes sad. what is a web pet anyway? its not even a spider!
i have a HUGE household project to complete today. pretending that its Tackle It Tuesday. hoping to stay focused and not be distracted by phone calls, computer, kids etc. yah right!!!! fawn, stop laughing!
i am so out of the loop. my friend complained that she spends 75$ a month at Starbucks. i have never been to a Starbucks. i felt so... dirty! LOL. i spend 75$ a month at... no idea. will Starbucks complete me? fill me in!
my neighbors just had their baby boy 9 weeks early. please pray for Tabor Gallagher!
must go make breakfast! do i work here? WTH?????


Cervato said...

You kill me.

Funny, I hate Starbucks and I have an interview with them today for a store manager position.

Isn't it sad that I feel the need to specify it's for a store manager position, like I'm too good to do anything less? Yea right.

Anyway, have to go back to work. I like working--just don't like HAVING to go back to work.

Alyssa's Mom said...

You have a beautiful family.

My precious little RAD turned 9 in August. We are having her party tomorrow. Knock on wood, so far(after last week anyway), no sabotage!

Shea said...

Sssssshhhhhhh, I've never been to starbucks either. I hardly ever spend money on myself. I am the queen of cheap.

Desire to show gratitude said...

Boric acid is the best thing EVER for roaches. Put it everywhere the dogs (oh yeah, the kids, too!) can't get to it, inside the house and out. They'll be killed in no time.

Signed, the woman who lived a miserable year in roach-land, I mean Missouri