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Friday, September 19, 2008

Not feeling well

poster Kris made for her dorm hall

I have a kidney that feels slightly heavier than lara flynn boyle. It's infected alright. I felt it coming on on Tuesday, gave in and got my meds today, so I'll be in ship shape in no time flat. Today was still a good day, beautiful weather too, I was just moving a bit slowly, is all. We hung out with Brody and his Grammy this afternoon after school, i can already see an improvement in his coping skills & frustration level since he started school on Monday. Now that's progress! He also learned 3 signs already. It's amazing what one on one -with trained teachers -can do in such a short time. A whole new world will open up for him now.

Yogi is on a date with his baby brother tonight. Jack is at a friend's house. The house is so quiet. Kinda nice! I'm watching the ball game with the mute button. we just pulled ahead!

Dakotah is suddenly best friends with the 2 puggles next door. They are having so much fun running zoomies every afternoon and now Dakotah is filthy dirty every night and limping because he's so outta shape lol. He hasn't had a doggie friend in just over a year, so he's thrilled. I gotta get some pictures. It's too adorable. I know, I'm so lame.

I ordered chinese food tonight. Bad bad bad. Better than smoking!

My RADical son had another fatastic day. Well.. the bed is wet of course, and he ate a dragonfly with jelly on it... but... still an A day.

Kristin bought 2 webcams and had one mailed here. Last night we got them both to work for the first time and Kendyl went absolutely bananas. I cannot describe the look of delight on her face. She's just so elated to see Sissy while talking. Tomorrow night Kris will read her a story she got at the library today. Sometimes I have great ideas! Kris thought of the webcam idea though.

Last night we sat Doug down and gave him The Talk. Yes, that talk. AGAIN. He is such a loose cannon. A free spirit. A renegade. A maverick. OK he's an idiot! There. I said it! Ya happy??????? I'm scared to death that his girlfried will end up pregnant. With quads. He always chooses girls that hate their parents and want to get out of their house. I adore his girlfriend, I really do, we both do, she's a doll but... ya know. She won't even be 17 until October and we just want to slow them down a bit. CHILL. School started ...what? 3 weeks ago? He has 3 F's & an A in his required courses. He's not doing homework often and is having way, way too much fun. He lacks focus as it is and after being suspended for 3 days... UGH. He also returned home from basic with 2k and has spent every cent. It was a long talk, to say the least. Oh, that boy.

I am buried in laundry, but am not up to doing it tonight. Is that ok? Oh good, thanks for saying so. I knew I could count on you.

My friend Jessie flies in tomorrow afternoon with the new baby girl she & her husband adopted from Arkansas-same agency as Shawn. Simeon has a baby sister! I cannot wait to go meet them and get pictures for them. Jess has been away from Simeon for 15 days. They have never been apart that long. Should be a wonderful home coming.

Still plan to go up to the college on Sunday. Kendyl is excited.

(15 minute break)

Kendyl just woke up hysterical with pajamas filled with pee and diarhhea. Geeeeeze. She's also coughing. She just got over a cold a week ago and now she has another viral thing. UGH

Did you notice I punctuated throughout?????????????????


Shea said...

I'm not doing laundry either, so there!!! We'll hang in there with only our ripped up underwear to get us through the weekend and hope for the best lol. I'm sorry about the bedwetting. This must be so frustrating! I love chinese food, it's my all time favorite! I'm still waiting to make your recipe. Maybe I'll binge this weekend and try it. I so need to loose another 10 pounds, but it is so hard. Hope you feel better soon.

Mike and Katie said...

Were all those capitals just for me? Thank you! You are so sweet!