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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

interesting RAD stuff(i think)

The first thing I've been meaning to bring up is the shower thing. Ok.. so.. he takes absolutely SCALDING hot showers. The old valve in the tub, you couldn't tell. But the new one we installed 4 months ago is set up in a way that the on/off part is seperate from the cold/hot part. So.. when he gets out, he just turns the shower off, but his heat setting is left where it was. Did that make sense? Anyway, i get in after him every morning and OH. MY. GOSH. He has it set so high his skin is finally just gonna fall off. In fact, it's set to the hottest it can go. I havent said anything, because if I do, it turns into a big control thing. Yet, as winter approaches, he's gonna have major dryness issues, which he has anyway.....and never mind the fact that it's jut not good for him to burn himself every other morning. I'm just so glad he's showering(often without being told to, all of a sudden!) that I hate to open my fat trap and mess it all up. However, we also heat with oil, so he needs to turn the heat down in there and nevermind what it's doing to my freshly painted bathroom! Even with the fan, the extra hot water is not helping things. I used really great paint, but with all that's pretty steamy in there as of late.. then i get in and make it worse! anybody have a sneaky idea? i can certainly turn the heat down on the water heater, but with HIV, even though he's super healthy, having really hot water for hand washing dishes, dishwashers, floor washing.. is a good idea. so... I'm stuck.

Ok, pack your bags again kids. this is another doozy. TELL ME IF I'M OVER REACTING is a recent conversation.
jackson-"brian(Brandons dad, the church guy, KING of over stepping boundaries yadda yadda) has really cool guns."
Mom-(nonchalantly as possible) guns? really? what kind of guns?
jack- BIG ones! he has an M16 & a 22!
me-yah? where does he keep them?
jack- in his bedroom in his closet. he showed me.
me-(chopping vegetables loudly, making No eye contact))so.. he brought you into his bedroom, UNLOCKED his closet to show you his guns?
jack- no lock. but, yah they're cool! i want one!
me- well, in that case I'm sure the bullets were somewhere else so nobody gets hurt, so it's ok(which IT ISN'T).
jack- no! the bullets were in the guns! we took them out into the yard and shot SQUIRELLS WITH them.
me-the squirell lover-wow. cool. neat.
can i shoot Brian in the ass with a gun now???? what a complete PUTZ this guy is. my sister was in 1st grade with this idiot. no wonder she came home calling him brian smell. (his last name rhymes with smell). And to think i thought she was just being her typical mean self(no offense Amers!) This guy is the biggest tool. The above story is just so wrong, on so many levels.. So.. now i have to confront his THOUGHTLESS, RECKLESS, dumb ass. YAY. I mean, let's take the most messed-up-in-the-head kid in the entire town and show him MY GUNS!!!!! I think I am done having Jack play over there. Even if he made the whole thing up, which I highly doubt, I am done. The fact is, brian likes to have belching contests and is an immature moron. so there. That's my reason and I'm sticking to it.

Now Jackson is so obsessed with guns. It's ALL he talks about. Isn't that MY job? To spark his interest in killing small animals? I am tired of this guy stealing MY thunder!


Brenda said...


Oh my goodness. First the shower...What if you said "Great job taking those hot showers. It is sure to dry you out and then I can put lotion on you. It will be a morning ritual for us this winter. : ) As for the guns. First I'd hope Jackson is lying. Does that sound bad? I definitely would tell him what Jackson said. If it is true I'd tell him Jackson is not coming over any more. That is too much. Crossing major lines.

Alyssa's Mom said...

Brenda has some good suggestions!

If this guy is such a dolt, I don't think I would even bother discussing it with him. I would make sure that Jackson understood he is no longer allowed to be at their house and why, and leave it at that.

This guy deserves to shoot himself in the foot! What an idiot!!!

Stacey said...

Our now-18-year-old son took so many hot showers during his teen years that the wallpaper peeled off the walls. My husband turned down the temperature on the water so that Griffin could take those long showers (usually two a day), and he wasn't using so much electricity.

Brenda said...

I have one who refuses to get out of the shower. After a certain amount of time I go to the basement and shut the water off.

Mike and Katie said...

Yikes! about the guns.


Erin said...

GOOD LORD ALI! I hope it is one of Jackson's stories in his mind and not a REAL story but so many people unfortunately have NO tact and do not realize the depth of some issues... because they do NOT have to deal with them day in and day out and Jackson seems to idolize Brian Smell... ugh...
The shower.. I can NOT imagine but I agree with what Brenda says about approaching the problem!
Has Jackson heard you talking about using hot water because of the HIV? Maybe he thinks hot water will kill the disease in him? I duno... just... rambling...
I think you should shoot Brian in the Ass and make sure you put it on youtube... geesh

Unspeakable Joy said...

yikes! i was SO glad when we were required to lock our guns (and lock ammo separately) so dh had to! i'd been nagging, but he was big on "just teach them to be responsible". of course now he does realize how farrrrrrrr we are away from teaching responsibility! shew! good luck there!!!!

Justju said...

Holy shit! Scary about the dumbass and showing guns to Jackson. As for the hot showers, I'd th ink turn the water down a bit, so it's still hot just not scalding. Not sure...and make moisturizing a part of his showering routine when he gets out?

Reminds me of an incident that happened just Saturday...scared the royal shit out of me...DH had taken his pistol into the house during the storm when we didn't have electricity and were at his Aunt's house...and put the pistol on top of his bathroom closet...I didn't know it was there and grabbed an extra bath mat and the freaking thing fell on my foot...loaded no less! I about pissed in my pants...what if one of the kids had been in there with me and the gun had gone off? I was so pissed that he brought the loaded thing in our house with 2 small kids...he said he forgot to put it back in it's hiding place in the garage...still pissed me off...that is how accidents happen!