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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rad, Rad, Scantily Clad

yup. he's just not regulated right now. I just want him to STOP STEALING OUR SHIT. is that so much to ask? ok.. ok.. STOP pissing in my trash cans, STOP staying up all night stalking everyone and STOP STEALING OUR SHIT.
Jenny's I Pod is still missing. Jackson had an I Pod until his friend at school filled it with porn movies for him. that I Pod has been mine since about december. I searched Jack's bedroom for Jenny's I Pod yesterday and found some of the Easter candy(the ones in the little metal easter cans? look at Easter 09's post to see what i make, i dont think i posted any pics this year) anyway, i thought the dog stole the candy, and he did steal some, but jack had the rest and he CRUSHED the cans so i couldnt re-use them. He didn't want the candy, really, just wanted to hurt ME. When he arrived home from school yesterday i searched his back pack. David's Nike shoes, David's studded belts, David's Red Sox hats......Jack saw no issue with this discovery. "it's not stealing"@@ . Jackson doesn't have a backpack anymore. I also put away some of his shoes and favorite t shirts. vindictive? maybe. immature? K. counter productive? sure.

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Momto15 said...

I am sorry.
I understand.
Still looking for my Nintendo DS.