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Saturday, April 3, 2010

my trip, other drivel

it went too fast, but it was fun. Kristin looks great and is feeling pretty good now, following her waterfall/cliff mishap. i got lots of exercise, got to meet and have dinner with her fantastic host family, saw a cool volcano, took some long bus rides, saw the sights, went to the mountains where it was cool and comfortable, spent a few hours on the beach, burned slightly through TWO applications of 50SPF in two hours(what is it with blue eyed people?)bought some souveniers, i bought myself the most amazing, wooden wind chime with painted ghekkos alll over it. I can't wait to see it hanging over the new (small, just for 2 or 3 chairs to sit & watch the cars go by)deck we are building out front pretty soon. i took some great pictures, but not as many as i wanted. i got to know Kristin's boyfriend, "K3", better, especially since we flew home together. hes wonderful. even though i saw him lick a napkin and clean his shoes with it. sicko. kinda weird. but.. all in all, a great young man. hes almost 24, loves cars like i do, works hard, is a good friend, is freaking gorgeous, a very little guy-but does NOT have Nepoleon Syndrome, great beard, curls....treats Kristin so well, affectionate, kind, very mellow(although his OCD/neat freak thing gets in the way.. the shoe thing LOL) i like him even more than i thought i would. i approve lol.
i didnt gain an ounce on my trip, even though my period is a week late and i should be up 5 lbs, so i'm thrilled. i havent lost much weight in the last few weeks, but the inches must be falling off because all the pants/capris that fit when i tried on summer clothes 5 weeks ago, ended up being HUGE during my trip! in 5 weeks i lost like... i couldnt tell you how many inches through my hips, thighs, butt.... crazy. im loving that tread climber. i dont run as much anymore. the TC works faster and better and im not in pain. i only run 3-4 times a week now. not sure what im going to do as the season goes on... playing it by ear. but running hurts, atleast at my weight. as my weight goes down, im hoping it will get easier. i think i already told you all this stuff, so i will shut up now.
everything here is fine. on the way home from the airport, Yogi told me we had a full house. i asked "how many?" he answered, "i cant count that high". HA! LOL i arrived home to 10 kids. it wasn't even the weekend! thank God business is booming. Last night we had a big, impromptu family meeting in the kitchen, some of the kids arrived late, it wasnt a scheduled thing. we talked about repairing cars in the driveway, smoking in front of the kids, pot smoking, adult language, public nudity, respecting boundaries and personal space... all the same stuff you probably talk to your kids about ROFLMAO! the chore chart thing is going great, i am so happy with that, but there are other issues and we are trying to be pro active and not get to the point where we(yogi LOL) are screaming our heads off. the meeting went well. we are hopeful.
jacksons Birthday (bribery) bike is really cool. hes at a basketball tounament in boston all day and didnt even want to go. just wants to go bike jumping. Yogi got very lost on the way, even though he knows the city, the address given was WRONG. union park is NOT the same as union avenue! the coach is a very unorganized person. also, the coach let the kids pick their uniforms and jack came home with a mens large! um.. its a basketball game, not a trip to the mall! we E mailed the guy and hes supposedly bringing a much smaller uniform to the game so jack can change. i told jackson off. Even Yogi & tim would both be swimming in a mens large! whatever. wheres the supervision? i was in costa rica. UGH.
ok, its 80* out, im going to go outside with the kiddos. love you all!

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Justju said...

Waterfall/cliff incident and Kristin? What did I miss??? ACK! Sounds frightening.

LOL about your crew all waiting for you when you got home...10 kids. you do it, I'll never know...sounds like you have the koolaid house, where everyone wants to hang out!

love ya!