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Monday, April 12, 2010

4 days already?

since i updated? geeze, i'm headed every which way.

* Doug is still having a great time at pre *Band Camp Army training. he's seeing a counselor there and found that he is a CATASTOPHIZER. he's learning alot and calling me often, sharing his new tools for helping himself. he's SO up & down... hmmmmmm. but, he's up for now, which is good.
* Shawn came down with a nasty, gross sounding, gaggy cough 4 days ago. he slept too much, had sporadic diarreah and sporadic fever. NO appetite either. last night i knew I'd be taking him in today. double pneumonia! poor baby! he's already feeling perkier, after one dose of medicine. strong stuff! Doc Lammers listened to him 3 times before deciding that we could go home instead of the hospital. I'm taking him back for follow up on Friday. Ive never seen him so lethargic.
*I still made it to my mammogram on time, even with the last minute appointment with shawn, picking up his meds, calling the insurance company to ask them why I've had to pay full price for my last 2 prescriptions, totalling over $100. it was quick, easy and painless. Hopefully, Eddy, my breast lump, has dissappeared! i find out more next week.
* i still pretty much weigh what i weighed 3 solid weeks ago. changing up my diet a bit and adding some weigh lifting. BORING AS HELL. i hate every second of it. at my physical last week, my doctor & I set a goal of "somewhere in the 150's" so, im more than half way there!. did i mention that my cholesterol went from 211 to 193? GO ME!
* picture day at kendyls school on wednesday, shawn is going too. i think he will cooperate, he loves school. he starts there on july 6th, so only 3 more months. he cannot wait.
* i want to go watch the Boston marathon. trying to work it out.
* everything is going very well here. business is booming, 9 out of the 10 kids are behaving and helping out, no drama.... ahhhhhhhh.
* Jackson snagged his Dad's cell phone a few nights ago and was awake all night talking to chicks from his crib. parents called us next morning. Yogi's sister was surprised by an odd text sent in error.... drama, drama drama. lets just say our entire yard is free of dog poop now and leave it like that. i promise i wont put him on a plane and send him back to Haiti. screw the note! ROFL.
* hey Corey, im trying to work it out for the RAD DRAMA MAMA florida trip next spring. i promise i wont cuss(much).
shawns crying.. gotta fly. love you all!



Corey said...

YES! Please come to Orlando!

You should know though that when I am in Orlando, I totally cuss like a sailor. Seriously. I said the world b*st*rd about 17,000 times, and that was just on airport runs. I had the other girls in giggles the entire time. They really did not expect the potty mouth. But D*MN girl?! NO kids!! FREEDOM!!

Do not tell my mother.

Mothering4Money said...

School on July 6th? There should be a law against that!

Mr Sticky Fingers still hasn't got me your camera. Did he not get my memo? Come on now.

Doug's gotta go active duty. Tell him to wave at Darwin at Band Camp.

If you come down south, I'ma gonna meet you!


Cindy said...

now it's been 4 more days... what's up with that? :-)