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Sunday, April 4, 2010

ch ch ch changes/opening day

Uncle Tim left thismorning, for Texas. he's from Texas, hasn't visited in years, and has a love interest down there. So.. he went to hang out with his highschool classmate/hooch for a week. we have a storage room off of his bedroom, so i plan to do some organizing down there while hes gone, if I can make some time. there is always so much to accomplish here. I already managed to get in there thismorning, to dig out all shawn's 3t-4t summer clothes. there isnt much, and some of it is huge, i'll need to go to the thrift store this month.
doug leaves tomorrow for his final 2 week Army drill before deployment *band camp in aug./sept. yesterday, he was pulled over on his way to the beach with some friends, his license had just been revoked due to his prior 6 speeding/non inspection tickets. he was arrested. his friends bailed him out, he knew better than caling me, but now his car has been impounded an hour from here, we are not allowed to drive it home, the cop took the plates and it cannot be driven legally, by anyone. it will need to be towed. 125$ to take it if we went last night, another 50$ if we go get it today, another $50 if we go tomorrow. our neighbor has a tow dolly-whatever the hell that is.The place is open, i'm just not sure i feel like doing that today. I told doug that if WE go get it and pay the bill, he is selling the car. he already owes us a fortune for the work it needed to pass inspection, now he has no license to drive. hes going off to *band camp soon anyway, the car is going. the profit will pay us back, and keep doug afloat financially while he awaits departure. hard to keep a job out here in the sticks without a car. Konor is doing it though... doug is depressed, angry, volatile & a mess. i am so glad hes leaving tomorrow. want a better life? stop speeding. get a job. get rid of your bitchy, combative, critical, user of a girlfriend. stop getting in trouble with the car. pay your bills....... I GIVE UP.
the bunny didnt come this year. its all about junk food. it costs a fortune. jack got his bike, the littles will get their wooden swing set very soon. Happy Easter! ken mentioned that he didnt come, but didnt seem disturbed. i told her i asked him not to come, because we had too many stuffed animals and we are eating healthy :)
i am counting the minutes till the ball game tonight. Opening Day, especially when we open at home, at Fenway park, is WAY more important than any rabbit, in my humble opinion. so excited. we hired some great new players, have some awesome pitching, a new shortstop.... cant wait!
The Y is closed today, i am trying to figure out how to squeeze in a workout at home. blogging does NOT count!
Yogi & I went out to dinner last night. we tried not to talk about all the kids, but, of course, the thing with Doug had just happened. UGH. we still had fun, but we both felt so... defeated. what have we done wrong? where are the mistakes? what can we do? we think hes suicidal, at this point, and has been several times in the past. if he doesnt change, life will continue to suck for him. its that simple, and that complex. he likely will not earn his license back until after *band camp. hes going to go insane. atleast he will be in the structured, military environment for the next 2 weeks. Lots of PT, he will stay busy and hopefully, off his phone. But, i am concerned.
the weather is gorgeous, best opening day in years, we are grilling steaks later & just spending the day here, with just our 4 local kids and jenny & konor. mmmm, steak.
sorry this post was lame and boring. writing helps me think, focus,'ll thank me later lol

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Mothering4Money said...

Who pays for his cell phone? How can Doug afford to pay for a phone, gas for the beach trip, etc with no job?

Is he on antidepressants? Has he ever been to counseling?

Looks like you had a nice trip. K & K look cute together.