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Thursday, April 8, 2010


so... the night Korey & David went to get Doug's car, Korey's girlfriend wanted to go too. she was over at her Mother's house, so the 2 boys picked her up on their way out of town. David took Shawn's brand new car seat out of the back seat and threw it in the back of the SUV so Jessica could sit back there. Then, he tried to re-install it without help, had no clue how to do it, and blew it. nobody said a word to me. 2 days later I'm rounding a corner and shawn falls over. no lie. I AM SO MAD. The seat wasn't attached to the anchors at all. it was just sitting there. David feels bad, but doesn't understand the gravity of it. in an accident, Shawn would likely have been ejected. Not only that, I would have been convinced that the new Britax Frontier 85 seat failed, I never would have known it was operator error. Im still mad. Funny how I never heard that Jessica went with them. MEN.


Mike and Katie said...

ugh! my mom accidentally pushed the button on the belt that held Amanda's seat in place instead of the one that held my grandma in place and she didn't say anything. I'm not sure how much driving we did before I discovered the error but I was pretty disturbed and thankful when I found out.

Are you happy with the Britax? We need to do some rearranging soon because Amanda is at the rear-facing weight-limit for her seat. I can't decide if we should go with a Britax which would allow her to be rear facing for 5 more lbs(safer) or just move her to forward facing in the booster seat we already own(cheaper and more convenient.)

Mike and Katie said...

We don't have a Britax. We have an Evenflo convertible and a Cosco booster plus to buckets seat for the babies. We are going to have at least two kids rearfacing for sure, possibly three if we get one with a higher weight limit. It will be a trick to fit them all our van and getting the girls buckled in and out. I certainly need to remember to add more time to our getting out the door routine.