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Friday, April 30, 2010

new pics

my friend over at Mothering 4 Money said she wanted to see my boobs. so, here ya go! ROFL!
we didnt notice the sun orb until later, so .. enjoy! i think he makes me look better!

just started weight training this week, so as far as any muslcles, these are BEFORE pics.

here ya go, M4M! crazy sun orb. hes in love with me, i think.

jenny crimped my hair. it took a long long time, i have TONS of hair, then i ruined it at my workout and needed a shower, so.. you wont see my hair like this for a while. i like it!
i'm gonna miss my Jenny :(

last night was Make Your Own Pizza night here at Crawford Brimberry. the kids had so much fun! jack hates it when i take his picture so.. none of him.

isnt she so cute?

Jenny wanted a pic of her first ever pizza makin' experience.

so.. what does YOUR husband do after a 10 hour day, on a roof, up & down a 60mph winds? this is what mine does. crazy? yes. but extremely sexy and endearing.

the winds died down a bit


Justju said...

Love the look freaking GREAT! OMG....look how small your legs diggety dog you are one hot mamma, girlfriend. Yogi man must have a tough time keeping his paws off of you girlfriend. Way to go. Love your hair crimped, too! Wish I had a Jenny...oh wait, I have a Martin. lol...but he doesn't do my hair very often....actually has only fixed it for me twice. Damn...what's up with that? lolol

Mothering4Money said...

Umm, HAWT. Love the hair! Love the posing! Love the energy! You're such a MILF. <--- your other readers are gonna think i'm all creepy now. oh well. LOL

TheHappyNeills said...

you look great!!! love the hair, too!

Kristin said...

you look SO GOOD!! and i love the photos of daddy playing ball with the babies. i can't wait to see everyone.