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Monday, April 26, 2010

just an update

look at that mug. so cute! he has the best lips EVER.

yup, anything goes.

my legs are so much leaner! no idea what shirt i was wearing, doesnt look familiar at all, weird.

like i said, anything goes. i told these kids not to piss me off! LOL

*I'VE NOW LOST 50 LBS! week 22 begins today.
*Jackson had Doug's I Pod the whole time. stole it out of his car. Korey & david took it back from him, along with a pack of cigarrettes, but "didnt want to stress me out", so I wasnt told. doug slipped and told me a week later. yah, he steals cigs and smokes in the woods at the bike jumps. i took the new bike away weeks ago, after he stole our cell phones and called hoochies until 3am, so he hasnt left the yard in weeks anyway. cant handle any freedom. any not strong enough. not for a long time.
* he hates the tournament basketball team he's on. too much "work". too structured. he has to put in effort. the coach actually, the nerve of him, has STANDARDS and demands conditioning. the guy makes them RUN. its not all just scrimmaging and shooting and goofing off playing street ball. too bad. you made the committment and we paid $200.00 so you will stick it out until it ends in July. anything that requires any thought or effort(aside from stealing and lying, that is)-forget about it. we were at basketball games an hour away all frikking weekend -9 games in 3 days-but he hates it. better than sitting home grounded! whatever. he also flushed a bottle of bed wetters drug down the toilet. he "likes wetting the bed".
according to all his fake paperwork, today is his 14th Birthday. does that mean that 4 years from today i can kick his ass out of my house and say "i like kicking you out of my house, so i did."?
he doesnt speak to us unless hes getting his way, yogi even let him sleep over a team mate's house sat. night after playing 4 basketball games(DUH!!!). he never slept the entire night (was afraid he'd wet the bed, i assume, and his anxiety took over, as usual)and slept on the couch all day yesterday, so was up all night again last night...... UGH. no school this week. he will NOT SLEEP TODAY. i dont care what i have to do to keep him awake. no sleeping! go rake leaves! its been a crappy 3 weeks with him.
*shawn is doing so great with the potty! he poops his pants every day, will NOT use the toilet, but hes pee trained-even overnight! he did this all by himself! its been one week.
*the smaller i get, the bigger my boobs look. its OUT OF CONTROL. im like a C+/D- but... i look like a DD right now. whats up with that????? usually they shrink when i trim down. like rachel welch says "shirts just arent made for a full crowd in the balcony!" SO TRUE! shopping may be an issue. especially financially! HA!
have you tried special K's low fat granola cereal? higher in calories but THE BEST FOOD EVER CREATED. I'm hooked. i may dream about it tonight.
shawn pooped his pants again. gotta continue with some pics later!

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Mike and Katie said...

Love the "full crowd in the balcony" comment. It was never a problem for me until I was making milk for three babies.
Congrats on all the weight loss! You have been working so hard.