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Monday, April 5, 2010


As I said, we pretty much ignored the holiday. it costs too much and revolves around junk food. It's so commercialized. my parents surprised us with a visit after dinner, they brought a basket full of chocolate from The Kandy Kingdom! i ate one piece. she also brought eggs she had colored all by herself lol and jenny hid them all over the yard for the kids. they enjoyed it. im just not into holidays i guess. is that bad??? I plan to make eggs salad LOL
i made chocolates for Easter though, as i always do, i give it all away to family and friends. Kody got into it overnight, boy can he climb! hes outside puking and pooping right now. dogs never learn! not sure how much he ate, dippy dog. he also ate the plastic bags and some paper easter grass@@. might be a very long day or 2.
Doug left for his 2 weeks away at 4:30 am. hoping for a quiet, settled, drama -free week.
hugs to all!

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Mothering4Money said...

It doesn't have to be about candy. You could get the kids a sand bucket with shovel, bathing suit, sunscreen and towel. Or do a garden theme with a watering can, gloves, seed packets, kid sized shovel/rake/hoe. Or you could fill the easter baskets with underware, outfits, socks, hairbows, etc. Or a movie theme with a DVD, popcorn, mints, etc. Or an art theme with playdoh, finger paints, coloring book, crayons, etc. For teens, gifts cards to fast food, shopping stores, itunes, etc. Our Easter Bunny fills the kid's plastic eggs with money instead of candy. I'm talking small change, pennies, nickels, dimes. The "prize egg" might have .50 cents or a dollar. They get candy from everyone else in the family.