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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wish i wasn't right!

A few weeks before my trip to Costa Rica to visit Kristin, she jumped off a cliff into a waterfall and landed wrong, slightly injuring her back, a pulled muscle, perhaps. i wrote about it here. As my post at that time stated, she waited quite a while to tell me about her fall/odd landing and then, when she did tell me, it was in an evasive email that left me full of more questions than answers, so i kept e mailing her back asking the questions and then i would receive another short & sweet email back from her. i read her e mails, out loud, word for word, to the other adults here, and when i mentioned my fears that she may not be telling the whole story or may be hurt more seriously than she was letting on, another adult in the house accused me of being OVERLY DRAMATIC. nice. my feelings were really hurt. so... i let it go, but in the back of my mind, i wondered. I was glad i would be seeing her for myself, very soon. while in Costa Rica, Kristin took some Motrin on & off, but seemed to feel ok and claimed it hurt less every day.

2 more e mails have come since I got home and her back hurts 24/7. her back has gotten worse and worse, instead of better and better. I was right the whole time. far be it for me to say I TOLD YOU SO, but I TOLD YOU SO! the person who called me DRAMATIC has also seen these e mails from her too. no apology yet. that's ok. I can wait. I'm a big girl. i would rather have been wrong, but MOMS JUST KNOW these things. i know her. i know her better than anybody else in this house.


i have her set up to go see my chiropractor on may 10th. he's ready for her and we'll start with x rays. OY. i hope shes fixable. a lifetime of back pain is NO fun. My Dad, my Sister, my oldest nephew... they all suffer from back issues. I dont want her to have to suffer because of ONE otherwise fun day trip.

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