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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thoughts from the trenches

me-after 50 lbs GONE! YIKES, loving my baggy arm skin, can you believe that was all fat before? cant i just go and have it all cut off? better start weight training FAST! eeww.

I read blogs every 3 or 4 days, Mostly the blogs you can see on the list to your right. these moms blog about their feelings and come up with all this deep, wordy, philosophical, inanely cool stuff. i tend to just write about daily life, current events and things that irritate me. HA! how I've managed to keep so many readers for 3 years, I have no idea. I don't think anyone reads my blog to actually hear or analyze my thoughts, take my crappy(non existent!)advice or learn anything new. I cuss, I often take a negative view, I spew my passive aggressive ways of dealing with Jacksonmy life's little ups & downs, yet you still read. I read some blogs that i used to love to read, but as readership grew, the ads went up, the pops up, well... pop up, their income grows along with the readership hits and BAM. 2 moms, in particular, have become soooooo stuck up, self righteous and braggy.... YUCK. they give LOTS of advice when they haven't even been parents for more than 5 years. religion, politics, foreign affairs, nutrition, potty training, homeschooling, special education, cooking, sewing, organizing, immunizing(or not!)discipline, safety, marital issues, adoption, foster care, family planning, name it, they have advice for us. they KNOW how it should be done. is that what you guys are really out there in cyber space looking for? please, let me know! i'm so curious! I just don't think I am in any position to be telling other people how to do this life thing. Even after 21+ years of parenting full time, one of our 5 offspring smokes -which i NEVER EVER would have expected, we have never smoked-and dropped out of high school, another has a slew of mental and emotional issues that lead to smoking and dropping out of high school, my first husband didn't love me, left me & 2 babies, so i was divorced at 22 and re married at 25 to my former best friend-well, he still is!, none of my kids are in therapy because I hate it with a passion, (lets just say i'm not a fan of constructive criticism and leave it at that. its NEVER just about the kids, they drag you in too@@, and I am no longer interested), I'm not a nutrition expert, by any means..i just learned the difference between simple and complex carbs 6 weeks ago! i just mean that I wouldn't want MY advice! why should you? maybe you read me because I keep it so real. let it all out. dont hold anything back. I don't sugar coat anything, very often. nothing is taboo, 'cept maybe my sex life ...HA! maybe its the cute pictures of my dog that keep you coming back for more abusefun.
so...I promise that I will continue to hold back any and all urges to sway your thinking or get you to come around to my way of doing things, whatever way that is. i'll stick to my easy-on-the-brain way of blogging, for now.
you're welcome!


Corey said...

1-I bookmarked your post yesterday about the 50 lbs so I would remember to write and say CONGRATULATIONS!! Then I forgot. So, CONGRATULATIONS!!

2-You look like you are going to kick someone's @$$ in this picture. Remind me to stay on your good side.

3-My husband tells me NO ADS. He says people lose credibility with their readers when they put up ads, so I never will. But if I start becoming a know-it-all, please be a good NH girl and shoot me an email telling me so, wouldja?

4-All of that stuff about your kids'choices and your ex-husband and all that has nothing to do with you and the kind of person you are or the kind of parent you are. You know that, right? Cuz.. kids! Can't live with 'em.. and apparently can't send 'em back to Russia! HA!

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Girlfriend...GO CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE!! Yes, I'm yelling at you because YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!

I love that you keep it real and write about life. "Easy on the brain" blogging it is what works for me. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Mothering4Money said...

I love your personality. The way you deal with Mr Sticky Fingers. The unconditional love and acceptance of all your kids / live ins. Your openness. Your photography. Your mad painting skillz. Your kind heart. Your honesty. Etc. And now I'm all paranoid that you are talking about me. Cause I did just add ads. And I am kinda heavy on the assvice. And OMG you know it's always about ME. LMAO I'm totally doing a post on marriage tips now. Muwahahaha

Mothering4Money said...

Oh, also meant to say CONGRATULATIONS on meeting the 50 lb goal. And stop hiding the girls behind baggy black tshirts! xoxo

Leslie said...

Great job, Ali!! I agree with others--I read because you keep things real and becasue I like hearing about your family, not because I'm looking for advice about whatever. :)