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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


a friend gave us a bigger trampoline. SO FUN! of course the kids now jump from one to the other. scary!

see? i dont look much different!



my Jenny

My Ken Ken


ken, shawn & lexi

Brody, kissing kendyl goodbye, an hour before his mom called to tell me his strep throat test came back positive. mmmhhmm.

thats how he rolls

so cute!

kendyl's 2 bestest friends. lexi & brody. they are only 4 weeks apart! she weigh 35 lbs-he weighs 55 LOL
uncle tim brought the stupid donuts@@ i made all the kids eat them right away.

Yogi's reaction to the census lololol

the beautiful jack dempsey at my chiropractors office. i LOVE him.

*the census took me 45 minutes to fill out. time for an intervention! ROFLMAO!
* its sad when something as simple as a new .. ok...clean shower curtain liner impresses me so much. BLISS.
* Doug's new job at the diner? FIRED for texting. siigghhhhhhh. he has a new job at Friendly's, but he's not sure when he starts.
* Doug's car finally passed inspection yesterday. Doug's Birthday is in DECEMBER, so do the math. its been a long, frustrating 12 weeks and we've handed him a total of about $600 to get it to pass. Our tax return is slipping away, just like I knew it would.
* Yogi bought a Mac Book Air from my friend. i cant figure out the whole Macintosh way of life, but hes enjoying it. more money-gone. but its a business computer so it'll pay for itself, and we got a good deal on it.
* Kristin hadnt e mailed in a few days, i knew something was up. she finally had to fess up and tell me she JUMPED OFF A CLIFF, into a waterfall and "landed wrong". shes being evasive, holding back details and is generally scaring the crap out of me. shes used words like "paralyzed at first" , "writhing in pain" and "Im mobile now" (what were you before???) "my host family is nursing me back to health". i see from pics on Koob Face that she did take a trip this past weekend, and atleast wore the helmet required for doing the zipline, but im not sure if she participated or not. Her boyfriend (kenny-more K's)is on a flight to see her as we speak, and he has been instructed to text me IMMEDIATELY upon looking her over. i want to know she's truly ok. Their EMT friend Shaun is with him, and he will be giving her a full assessment, he says lol. i feel better now, but the fact that neither Kenny or Shaun even knew of this accident terrifies me. what is she hiding???? I leave to go see her on the 29th. i still need a swim suit that fits! i think i need a 13/14 WITH A SKIRT LOL
* The Princess And The Frog was a dissappointment. I wanted more.
* It's cold and pouring today. I took the little ones to Payless Shoe store for Shawn, he outgrew all his size 8's! and then out for Happy Meals. Now we are watching Red Box movies up in my bedroom on the nice TV i caved and bought last month-not sure if i mentioned it. i needed a place to be alone so i bought it, even though we said we'd never have TV in our bedroom. things change! We are hiding from the noise downstairs.
* Daddy works too much. We miss him. Business wont die down until July. Last night he was in his office corner of the basement, next to the dryer, lets keep it real LOL- until 11pm, after working all day out there. cant complain, but i will!
* Shawn just crashed out. ahhhhh. a break.
* im down about 46 lbs now. Im on lower body rest today, but may do something else.
* i need clothes SO BAD!!!!! im down to ONE pair of pants and theyre too short. i look stupid in them. gotta hit some thrift stores before i go south.

shoot i better go, movie is over. laundry is calling!

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adoptyaroslav said...

Awesome on the weight loss! And welcome to the Mac world, I love mine, but son still has PCs which he screws up on a regular basis. He can't understand why my computer doesn't crash every month. I won't show him the two trampoline thingy, either, or he'll start annoying me for another one.