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Thursday, July 31, 2008

good news!

shawn weighed a whopping NINETEEN POUNDS today!!!!! that, by itself, made my entire day! he's now in the 5th%ile! woohoo! he's ON THE CHARTS!!!! his head is in the 97th LOL and his height in the 70th. yay for my big headed skinny white-ish guy.
doc is 80% sure shawn is, in fact, an albino. we don't know for sure yet though. leave it to me to adopt the only albino in all of arkansas LOLOLOL, for some reason the whole thing is kinda funny to me, i know, it sounds mean. i find humor in the irony of it all. i almost look forward to the diagnosis, only because i am tired of people accusing L. of lying to us and people thinking she was sleeping around. i love her.
anyway, he got his MMR shot and we went on our merry way. he barely noticed.

just watched vantage Point. liked it. made my heart race too much though lol


my RAD son leaves for HIV camp on Sunday. i miss him when he's gone, but it sure is a nice break from his EXTREME noise(if the cabinet shuts too quietly the first time, open it and slam it again, there. that's better.), his daily pile of soaking wet bedding, stuffed animals and clothes(he is still not potty trained)and his obsessive "singing". he gets fixated and repeats the same words over & over & over & over...... it's very tiring. i look forward to the light laundry while he's away, but i curse the pile he brings home! especially the sleeping bag UGH

good riddance manny Ramirez. enjoy playing for such a crappy team. you & Nomar deserve each other! i hope they make you cut your hair and wear your uniform correctly fitted. neener neener neener!

anybody make chili mac yet? when ya do, let me know if you loved it. by the way, the KRAFT blue cheese crumble tastes the best!

I've been asked to speak at the middle school about living with HIV. i am a lousy public speaker, so i may chicken out LOL

can someone(or a bunch of you) share with me WHY so many blogs use fake names for their kids now? i guess i just don't get it. why the secrecy? i can understand if they are foster kids, but the rest confuses me. not judging, just curious. what is the worry? i just can't make myself blog about "trinket", "tiddly wink" & "betty boop"...... ya know what i mean? enlighten me. i am from NH, maybe i am naive & spoiled by the safe state i live in(no. 1 by the way LOL)

i am missing Doug lyle sooooooooo much now, i want him home. oh.. i meant to say i miss 'Diddly Doo' lolol

my dog doesn't seem much better. damn.

i want to adopt again LOL Yogi will freak out when i admit it to him. the agency we adopted shawny from is desperate for new couples. there are only TWO couples on the "babies of color" list and many babies due pretty soon! if you are home studied and don't care about color, and ready to adopt soon...let me know! they like couples(and singles) who attend church, but it's not imperative. ( i do not enjoy church). based out of little rock arkansas. we were very happy with them.

guess i better crash, shawn has been waking me up for the day between 450-505 am all week. LORD HELP ME!!!!!! i am a zombie til like.. noon every day! wish i could stand coffee. ho hum. good thing he's cute & fun.

how is everyone? fill me in!


Fawn said...

Geeze 'o Pete. I will never ever complain again about anything. (That probably isn't true.)

I love and will miss Manny. He's a riot. (but yes he does need a haircut)

I would oh so happily adopt an infant of color. If that is ever to happen, God will have to drop him or her into our laps. My husband can't get excited about adoption which I find strange because he is so loving and so giving.

I did not use fake names until a friend had a weird comment from her pastor of all things. Then he seemed to be cyber stalking her by the looks of her livefeed tracker thingy ma' jig. Not sure how fake names will prevent anything, but it makes hubby happy.

Almost bought a 150 year old farm house in NH about 5 years ago. Very pretty out there. Glad I didn't do it though-no where to work.

Candis said...

I just found your blog through Heather's. (She and I both adopted from Haiti.) The difference is my family is African American. Which brings me to my reason for writing...
I read your entry about your son possibly being albino, the doctor's 80% positive staement, and Black woman's comment about, "You know he's albino..." Hmmmmm. I'm no medical professional, but as a person whose maternal family is very light-skinned, I would have to strongly disagree with them. My daughter is lighter and has blonder hair than your Shawn. In fact, she has blue eyes. This coloring may not be common, but neither is this gene "throwback" rare in African Americans.
I went to school with two kids who had albinism--one male, one female, but both lacked pigmentation, had white/straw-colored tightly-coiled hair, and very poor vision. They both had the pheno-typical "red" eyes.
Being black, I have always been sensitive to the extreme variations in skin/eye color and hair types of black folks. Because I know two sentences in Spanish, I have students TELL me I can't be Black, I must be Cuban, or Dominican, or whatever. ( I get tired of explaining the Black is considered a race, not a nationality-heehee.) Blonde Blacks, Catholic Blacks, Japanese-speaking Blacks, are all out there. Makes one wonder what being Black means exactly, eh?
Nope, I think your little Shawny is just perfect. He's just a little on the lighter end of the continuum. And if that woman were more circumspect, she would have just complimented your little
man and gone on her way.

The best to you and your handsome family,


Erin said...

OH MAN on the doggie Ali... What is wrong with him. CRAZY about the waiting list for colored babies being so short! Wish I could convince my dear hubby! LOL! OH WAIT... I CANT DO THIS EVER AGAIN.
Oh and the "fake names" I dont get it either. I dont call them by nicknames by shortening their names (except CJ) so why come up with something... what would I make them? "Slim"... "Shaky" ... "Redneck mouth".... how bout them for the 3 girls?

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Ali,

We are gearing up for another adoption, but we're not sure when. Hubby want to enjoy the first baby before we add another to the mix. I like having my boys close because it makes homeschooling easier.

Are you nursing with a supplementor? Would you write more about you nursing experiences or point me to that post on your blog?

I thought it was pointless to use fake names since we use really names on our adoption website with a phone number and our ages and everything.


dharmamama said...

When I blogged I used fake names because we started our blog before our daughter came to us and our agency had told us not to use the kids' real names on the web until the adoption was final and the child was with us. I continued to use fake names because the pseudonym I gave my bio daughter was the name I had always wanted to name her anyway. ;)